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May 12 2020 By virtueonline A CHOICE OF PASTORS: N.T. Wright or Martin Luther -- Part 4

Luther's humanity is so clear to see; his godliness evident. All of us can rage under sufficient pressure. All of us are driven by prejudice if the opportunity to vent presents itself. Those who rail against Luther are almost imitative of the character they deplore. He arouses hatred attributable to something beyond personality and behavior. He wields the sword of the Spirit with such adroitness that minds are disturbed and consciences wounded. Man's self-reliance and pride are offended.

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May 11 2020 By virtueonline A CHOICE OF PASTORS - Whom would each of us prefer as our pastor? Part 3

In Christ the two installments of the drama of salvation merge in united testimony to the will and ways of the Saviour God and the formation of the Israel of God, also styled as the Body of Christ. The way of inclusion in this people, this body, is delineated in the Gospel, and the preservation and presentation of this gospel is of the utmost importance. This is why the reading of Scripture is a matter of great care and holy caution.

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May 02 2020 By virtueonline A CHOICE OF PASTORS: N.T. Wright or Martin Luther - Part 2

This statement establishes the truth that sinners are only put right with God through trust in the merits of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ - his qualifications, achievements, and virtue accounted as ours and transferred to our credit.

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April 30 2020 By virtueonline N.T. Wright's Wrong Reaction

He set me thinking about the knee jerk responses -- including his own. There will be those like the worst of the American televangelists who seek to monetise every disaster by claiming that they have power over it (and please send them the money to use that power). The press can always find a pastor somewhere in the tens of thousands of churches who will solemnly pronounce that Covid-19 is because of abortion/same-sex marriage/Disney.

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April 12 2020 By virtueonline Richard Hooker and the Coronavirus

I would argue that this is a misunderstanding of Hooker on the sacrament--and therefore a misconstrual of the most weighty Anglican treatment of the Eucharist in the English Reformation.

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April 10 2020 By virtueonline A CHOICE OF PASTORS: N.T. Wright or Martin Luther

This is the avowed intent of all Anglican ministry, which is predominantly exercised in the parish and the daily life of its residents. The presbyter is to learn from, work with, and explain the spe-cialist to the congregation and interested enquirers. The onus is on the theologian to resource the ministry, educate believers, develop and strengthen the community of faith in its grasp and commendation of Christ. He is to fertilize holy minds with fruitful thoughts.

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April 04 2020 By virtueonline THE PROBLEM OF N.T. WRIGHT

Academics may like to play theological chess with him and glorify their reputations by clinging to his coat-tails but he is slowly impregnating the minds, even of intentionally loyal advocates of Ho-ly Scripture, with notions that ease them away from the truths of divine revelation.

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March 30 2020 By virtueonline PROVIDENCE AND PANDEMIC

The mention of sin is evacuated from the counsels of the church, and also from the comments of many individual professors of the Christian faith. God is portrayed as doting in a feeble-minded kind of way. The vocabulary relevant to human evil, reigning and raging in the human heart, rebelling against God, and ruling in the degraded nature of the entirety of mankind, is omitted from general discourse. The concepts of divine justice, the penalty due to the offenses

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In addition to historical argument, we also surfaced an etymological one. The modern meaning of four key words: church, deacon, presbyter, and bishop has changed significantly since the early centuries. To even begin to be in union it is necessary, we believe, to agree on the earlier meaning of these words. To try to build fidelity to Christ Jesus now on the back of meanings that these words did not have in the days of the apostles or their earliest successors is doomed.

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March 21 2020 By virtueonline Plagues, Panic and Providence

Exodus 32:35 Then the Lord sent a plague on the people, because they made the calf, the one that Aaron made.

Numbers 11:33 While the meat was yet between their teeth, before it was consumed, the anger of the Lord was kindled against the people, and the Lord struck down the people with a very great plague.

Numbers 14:37 the men who brought up a bad report of the land--died by plague before the Lord.

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