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September 10 2019 By virtueonline THOUGHTS ON THE JERUSALEM DECLARATION 1: Gafcon and the Church

In this piece Rowan Williams speaks positively of the "tenets of orthodoxy" expressed by "those who met for prayer and pilgrimage," noting that these tenets were "shared by the vast majority of Anglicans worldwide, even if there may be differences of emphasis and perspective on some issues." (Issues like whether God ordained marriage exclusively between a man and a woman?

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September 01 2019 By virtueonline Why Science and Theology Need Not Conflict

Second, what have been some views of science and Christian theology that cause this conflict model to continue? Why do many scientists think science falsifies theology and why do many Christians think theology falsifies science? Also, why do some (many) Christians claim that the two--science and theology--are about entirely different subjects and therefore in principle cannot conflict?

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September 01 2019 By virtueonline 2019 Oxford Conference: "Scholars, pastors, policy makers gather to discuss Orthodoxy, sex, gender, and sexuality"

Some fifty scholars gathered from across the globe. They brought a diversity of professional expertise and experience, and represented a range of academic disciplines including theology, philosophy, church history, and canon law, and fields within the natural and social sciences. Orthodox clergy from multiple jurisdictions, LGBTQ+ activists, and clinicians were in attendance. A small number of ecumenical observers from the Church of England and the Catholic Church also took part.

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August 22 2019 By virtueonline Excavation at Mt. Zion yields evidence of the biblical razing of Jerusalem

The items are believed to have belonged to someone aristocratic, as it is assumed that any commoner in possession of such precious metals would never leave them behind. The materials and craftsmanship suggest that Iron-Age Jerusalem was a place of great wealth, which supports the accounts in the Bible.

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August 17 2019 By virtueonline Thoughts on Gender Equality

Some views on gender are shaped by the person's religious beliefs. I've had numerous conversations with proponents of the idea that male and female complement each other. That is, they supply for the other what the other may lack. In this conception there is more than inter-dependency; there is absolute need. This notion gained popularity during the 1990s when Evangelicals were elevating the married state above singleness.

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August 16 2019 By virtueonline Worthless Christianity

Consider for example verse 9-11:

Will you steal and murder, commit adultery and perjury, burn incense to Baal and follow other gods you have not known, and then come and stand before me in this house, which bears my Name, and say, "We are safe"--safe to do all these detestable things? Has this house, which bears my Name, become a den of robbers to you? But I have been watching! declares the Lord.

One can easily change things around a bit

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August 08 2019 By virtueonline FALSE TEACHING IN THE CHURCH -- Part 3

Kistemaker says,
While true prophets conveyed God's Word to the people of Israel (see 1:19), false prophets introduced their own inventions. Here are a few instances in which God reveals his opposition to false prophets:
1. He instructs the people of Israel to put to death a prophet who preaches rebellion against the Lord God (Deut. 13:5; also see 18:20).

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August 06 2019 By virtueonline DOCTORING DOCTRINE: (Part One)

Karl Barth has accomplished this feat of innovation with the doctrine of divine election, and some reputable Anglicans have been strongly influenced by him. The eminent professor and undeniably gifted scholar, Tom Wright, has altered the doctrine of justification with his new perspective on Paul. Fleming Rutledge has seriously revised the doctrine of the atonement in her elegantly written volume The Crucifixion.

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July 19 2019 By virtueonline Ancient papyrus offers fresh glimpse into everyday life of early Christians

It originates from the village of Theadelphia in central Egypt and belongs to the famous Heroninus archive, the largest papyrus archive from Roman times.

The letter was sent by Arrianus to his brother, Paulinus, and discusses day-to-day matters, from updates on the family to a simple request for some fish liver sauce.

"Greetings, my lord, my incomparable brother Paulus," the letter reads.

"I, Arrianus, salute you, praying that all is as well as possible in your life."

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July 11 2019 By virtueonline ++YORK ON INTERPRETING THE BIBLE: Moral Equivalence and Moral Equivocation

It is hard not to say Amen to that! Indeed that is exactly the kind of habits of reading, interpreting, and applying of the Bible which Archbishop Cranmer called for in his Scripture Collect:

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