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June 05 2014 By virtueonline Hope & Future 2005

An international panel of Anglican bishops, from left to right, Luke Henry Okombi of Uganda, Emmanuel Kolini of Rwanda, Drexel Washington Gomez of the West Indies, Peter Jasper Akimba of Nigeria, Bernard Malango of Central America, Benjamin Nzimbi of Kenya, and Datuk Yong Ping Chung of Southeast Asia pray after a panel discussion at the Hope & Future Conference organized by the Anglican Communion Network headed by Pittsburgh's Episcopal Bishop Robert W.

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June 05 2014 By virtueonline TEC GC 2006

The following articles were published by VirtueOnline before, during and after The Episcopal Church's 75th General Convention which was held in Columbus, OH.
We have arranged the articles in reverse date order, with the most recent articles at the top of the page. You may want to use your browser's search feature to find articles of particular interest.

GC2006: Post-Convention Articles

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June 05 2014 By virtueonline TEC Financial Crisis

Episcopal Dioceses and parishes continue to spill red ink as they scramble to make sense of declining budgets, diminished Trust Funds, aging congregations and personal incomes ravaged by an economy in free fall.

The DIOCESE OF WASHINGTON took a hit and drastically revised its 2009 budget, largely because of paltry giving from the bulk of its congregations plus a drop in its investment income.

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June 05 2014 By virtueonline TEC GC 2009

The 76th General Convention
July 8 – 17, 2009
Anaheim, California

July 17, 2009

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June 05 2014 By virtueonline Anglo-Catholics Victoria 2011

SPECIAL REPORT: Congress of Traditional Anglicans

Victoria, British Columbia - June, 2011

They came from as far away as Australia, New Zealand, England the West Indies, US, and, of course, Canada. They gathered here as the leaders of the ancient orders of Anglicanism, true believers who have never wavered. 

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June 05 2014 By virtueonline AMiA Winter Conference 2012

SPECIAL REPORT: 12th Annual AMiA Winter Conference

Houston, Texas - January, 2012


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June 05 2014 By virtueonline PEAR Sacred Assembly 2012


Raleigh, NC - January, 2012


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June 05 2014 By virtueonline Diocese of SC vs. TEC 2013

The Diocese of South Carolina battles 815 2nd Avenue

VOL posted the following stories during the early weeks of 2013 relative to Bishop Mark Lawrence and his battle against The Episcopal Church from the national headquarters in New York.

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June 05 2014 By virtueonline Anglican 1000 Summit 2012

ANGLICAN 1000 | Plano, Texas - 2012

Anglican 1000 is a Movement to Raise Up New Congregations and Communities of Faith. Our third annual Church Planting was held March 6-8, 2012 in Plano, TX with featured speakers Scot McKnight, Mike Breen, David Taylor, and many more!  

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