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May 25 2024 By dvirtue Christ the Author of Scripture

Each was the Savior's spokesman spreading the divine message of the Messiah throughout the documents of the Old Testament which retains its value and relevance more than ever. The OT is Christ's living word from yesterday to lighten our walk of faith today. It outlines the salvific purpose that he would perform so accurately according to forecast, and the message of Messiah impregnates and secures the content of the Abrahamic promise confirmed and concluded in the New.

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May 20 2024 By dvirtue THE TESTIMONY OF JUDE

This fact makes it possible to support, as F.F. Bruce happens to do, the contention that verse 5, referring to the Lord as Israel's Deliverer might also be rendered as Jesus by name as the Savior of Israel at the exodus, as is evident in two ancient scrolls and many literary offshoots. There is no absolute certainty but it ties in with Jude's desire to extol his unique sibling. Jude and James loyally bow the knee to the Lord Jesus fully apprised of any home truths about him.

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Despite being baptised a Christian, Katherine felt that she had lived many years no better than “the heathen.” Suffering from “great confidence” in the pope’s “riff-raff” remedies, she tried to cover her sins with a “pretence of holiness.” “And no marvel it was that I so did, for I would not learn to know the Lord and his ways,” having “regarded little God’s Word.” Content to follow the crowd in matters of religion, she was not concerned that the good news about the cross of Christ was “never

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April 16 2024 By dvirtue THROUGH HIS OWN BLOOD: HEBREWS 9: 11-12

The author of Hebrews evinces amazing skill in relating the gospel power and potential in the prophetic and temple tradition to Jesus Christ the God pledged Redeemer of all who look to him in trust. The features of the former covenant are the insignia of the Coming One and the apostolic teaching and preaching will match symbol to reality.

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April 01 2024 By dvirtue The Symbolism of Foot Washing

At the end "Jesus Didn't Teach Hate" flashes on the screen: "He Washed Feet." The gospel reduced to seven words. Simplistic though this message is, certain latter-day Pharisees have said the millions spent on the ad could have fed the poor immigrants at the border, housed the homeless person, or paid for the education of the pregnant woman's child.

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February 27 2024 By dvirtue DOSTOEVSKY AND DIALOGUE

Faith leads to righteousness Paul said. Without its prefix "self," we don't use the term righteousness any more. There is something smug about the word: lots of add-ons to the old English word "rihte" for "correct" actions or "direct" paths (both correct and direct deriving from the Latin "rectus" for straight). But to Paul, righteousness was the product of faith: because we believe, we act in a way that is "correct" without deviating from the path.

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February 12 2024 By dvirtue Transfiguration--and Transformation

Some traditions have just celebrated the feast of the Transfiguration when atop a mountain outside of Jerusalem Jesus' clothes "became dazzling white, whiter than anyone in the world could bleach them" (Mark 9: 3 NIV). The ancients didn't have chlorine bleach (the process wasn't discovered until the time of the American Revolution), and any whitening of fabric or filaments was done by "fuller's soap," a mixture of soda ash, olive oil and alkaline salt (see Micah 3:2). It took months.

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January 15 2024 By dvirtue THE LONGING GOD

When history has run its course, it will be judged with justice by its Creator who sees the reality of our human ambitions, achievements and failures. In every age, there is the same scramble to possess the things of this world and its kingdoms, rather than to serve God and his kingdom.

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January 15 2024 By dvirtue What Good Can Come

I thought of that long-ago association on hearing Sunday's gospel. "What good can come out of Nazareth?" asked the skeptical Nathaniel sitting under a fig tree when Philip approached him to meet the one "about whom Moses in the law and the prophets wrote, Jesus son of Joseph from Nazareth." In the northern district of Galilee, Nazareth was known for insurrection, poverty and not very good wine.

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December 18 2023 By dvirtue The Marriage of New Life

One thing not mentioned in any of these marriage-metaphor scriptures, but perhaps overarching all is the new life created in a marriage and by God's commitment to His people and His church. Of course, new life can be created without marriage and appears each spring by celestial ordinance. But it's not the same.

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