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March 05 2022 By dvirtue SPECIAL UKRAINE REPORT

Under Putin that all changed. In the intervening years, he has transformed Russia back into an imperial power with global ambitions. One of his key tools in that transformation has been the Russian Orthodox Church.

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February 26 2022 By dvirtue Russia vs Ukraine a Religious Perspective * Reformation Anglicanism * TEC is Losing Gray Heads * Lutherans and ACNA Bishops Meet * Fallen Leaders Hurt Us All * Nigerian Anglicans Face Continued Killings * APA and TAC in Concordat * ACoC Silent on Truckers

So here's a little free advice. Before you get furious at the next thing the conflict merchants want you to get furious about, remind yourself of the simple fact that this is a fundamentally good and decent country, in which all manner of good things have happened and are continuing to happen even though no one wants to tell you about them. More importantly, the only thing that can actually ruin this country is believing the people peddling despair to you for their own power or profit.

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February 12 2022 By dvirtue Religious Discourse Grows Uglier * Another CofE Bishop Flees to Rome * Covid and Brexit Bishops for CofE * CEEC Weighs Future in CofE * Church Society Director Raises Questions about Future in CofE * Oxford Dean Resigns.$27 Million in Costs Raises Heckles

Contemporary liberalism has no way of looking death in the face, no way of answering it back with the words "where is your sting?", no way of singing the Nunc Dimittis. No wonder we are all so afraid. --- Giles Fraser

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January 30 2022 By dvirtue Anglican Consultation on Future CofE Leadership Provokes Outcry *: Christians Most Persecuted Group in World * Climate change is the Gospel say Two Bishops * CofE Diversity Mission Has Gone Too Far * CofE Clerics Resign Over Ghana's anti LGTBQ law * More

Church attendance in the US: seldom/never; monthly/yearly; and weekly or more.
Nearly 2/3 of Latter-day Saints report attending services weekly or more.
About half of all Southern Baptists attend weekly or more. For most mainline denominations (PCUSA, TEC, ELCA), weekly attendance is about a third. Only 28% of Catholics go to mass weekly. 1% of atheists attend some sort of service weekly! --- Ryan Burge

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January 15 2022 By dvirtue ABC Welby Meets Online with Six Nth. American Homosexual Bishops * CofE Appoints Married Homosexual in Key Appointments Position * Good News in 2022 * Southern Baptist Leaders Joins ACNA * $2m Bequest Fought over in Ft. Worth * CofE LLF Exposed

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
January 14, 2022

If you had any hesitation why the Anglican Church in North America and GAFCON was needed, then what took place this week should remove any doubt or uncertainty in your mind.

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January 01 2022 By dvirtue 2021: VIRTUEONLINE'S Top 10 Anglican Stories * Trends for 2022 * HOB Wokeness * Christianity Under Threat in Israel. Welby blames Jews * Albany to Allow Homosexual Marriage with New Bishop * Tutu Dies * Fake Indian Ad Promotes Modi and GAFCON

VOL's No. 1 story of the year was the revelation that Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury had tried, unsuccessfully, to manipulate the Anglican Communion into accepting homosexuality, but met resistance in the person of Nigerian Primate Peter Akinola. It was all documented in a book by the African Archbishop; Who Blinks First?: Biblical Fidelity Against the Gay Agenda in the Global Anglican Communion. Williams lost.

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December 18 2021 By dvirtue 2021 Annus Horribilis * 2022 Trends * Persecution of Christians * Advent Cathedral Hosts Homosexual Ordination * Church in Wales 'moves with the times' * Scottish Episcopalians and Presbyterians Unite to Fight Decline * Christians Imperiled in Holy Land

As a percentage of the population of England, the Church of England was at its high point, when there were accurate records, in the 1851 census when we were about 20 per cent of the population, roughly a couple of percentage points less than what were then called the non-Conformist churches. We are today around about a little less than two per cent of the population. -- Archbishop Justin Welby

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December 04 2021 By dvirtue Forty Anglican Primates talk up Climate Change and Covid * CofE; a Grand Operatic Death * Anglican Church of Canada is Collapsing * Kenya Province Poses Problems for GAFCON * ACofC Upholds Conversion Therapy Ban; Supports Gender Transition...More

The Gospel has brought hope, as it has done throughout the ages; and the Church has adapted and continued its ministry, often in new ways - such as digital forms of worship. --- Her Majesty The Queen

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November 13 2021 By dvirtue Americans Are Giving Up on Church * COVID Fallout Hits TEC; ACNA Not So Much * Welby Says Partnership not Jesus in Climate Change Controversy * Welby Worst ABC in History? * GAFCON Australia and Ireland Score Nazir Ali's Defection * ACNA bishop in trouble

Half of young people ages 13 to 25 surveyed said they don't think that religious institutions care as much as they do about issues that matter deeply to them, according to a report released by the Springtide Research Institute, a nonpartisan nonprofit. Those issues include racial justice, gender equity, immigration rights, income inequality and gun control. --- Wall Street Journal

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October 23 2021 By dvirtue Anglican Bishop Defects to Rome * Global South Bishops Affirm Faith; Repudiate Homosexuality & Revisionism * Church of England Closures * Church of England Poll -- No change on Sexuality Issues * TEC Diocese of Albany to vote on Canon Amendment * More

The Pharisaic spirit still haunts every child of Adam today. It is easy to be critical of Christ's contemporaries and miss the repetition of their vainglory in ourselves. Yet deeply ingrained in our fallen nature is this thirst for the praise of men. It seems to be a devilish perversion of our basic psychological need to be wanted and to be loved. We hunger for applause, fish for compliments, thrive on flattery.

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