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Archbishop of Canterbury faces calls to resign

The Church of England has approved blessings for gay couples for the first time. In a historic vote, the General Synod, the Church's legislative body, voted officially to recognize same-sex couples on Thursday.


In light of the recent situation in the Church of England to allow same-sex blessings, VOL is putting out a special digest of stories from around the Anglican Communion. Readers are free to post these stories to their websites and blogs with attribution. We believe the widest possible circulation of these stories is necessary, as the Church of England faces its worst crisis since Henry VIII requested an annulment of his marriage, and Pope Clement VII refused. In response, the Reformation Parliament (1532--1534) passed laws abolishing papal authority in England and declared Henry to be head of the Church of England. Final authority in doctrinal disputes rested with the monarch. Today, final authority rests with the CofE's bishops; and the authority of the Archbishop of Canterbury to lead the Anglican Communion is being challenged by the rise of the Global South. There is now a widespread loss of confidence globally in Archbishop Welby. The Anglican Communion is now at a crossroads. We will soon know if the Communion hangs together or falls apart.

"The paganization of the Church of England by persons at the very top adopting heretical positions on sexual ethics. This includes Archbishop Welby, who, had he been a bishop of the early church, would by now have been removed from office." -- Robert A.J. Gagnon, Theologian

We now want to ask the Church of England, "Do you have the integrity to step out of the Anglican Communion because you have departed from the Anglican faith?" God called you to preach a Gospel of repentance and faith. Instead, you're like Jonah. You have disobeyed and are running in the opposite direction. -- Uganda Archbishop Stephen Kaziimba

It is time for the Primate of All England to step down from his role as "first among equals" -- ACNA Archbishop Foley Beach

"Now we are used to this nonsense from trendy bishops all backed up with the idiot Archbishop Welby. But, frankly if they're going to go on going down this ridiculous woke route, we may as well just close down the Church of England." --Nigel Farage, Founder of Brexit Party.

The Church of England has departed from the Anglican faith and are now false teachers. We fear Jesus' words for them, "If you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place." (Rev 2.5b) It's that serious. -- Uganda Archbishop Stephen Kaziimba

"We cannot just deceive ourselves, saying: 'Fine, we are together.' We are not really together. We cannot break bread with bishops who betray the Bible." --- South Sudan Archbishop Justin Badi

By David W. Virtue, DD
February 10, 2023

THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND cut the Gordian Knot of orthodoxy over marriage between a man and a woman this week. It set historical precedent by allowing priests to bless homosexual couples in civil partnerships and marriages. The Faustian bargain fell just short of full homosexual marriage being sanctified by the Church.

Early Church Fathers would have been horrified. Thomas Cranmer would have been shocked; Martin Luther would have added a thesis to his original 95 and John Calvin would have done another Michael Servetus on Justin Welby with his own personal flaming torch in hand.

The decision came after a marathon emotional near-eight hour debate across two days ended in a vote for the motion - which still recognized the historic position on homosexual marriage. This means, that same-sex couples still cannot marry in church, but would allow the blessings of persons in same-sex relationships. Sin by any other name is still sin.

But this approval is a landmark moment for LGBTQI+ issues within the Church, which have divided Anglicans globally going back to the consecration of an American homosexual bishop -- V. Gene Robinson in 2004.

This action could set in motion the ultimate breakup of the Anglican Communion when GAFCON archbishops and bishops meet at GAFCON IV in Kigali in April. It will be the talk of the conference. If the communion does break up, it will be Welby's legacy.

As one headline put it: RIP Church of England? Long live gospel Anglicanism

So, this is the way the Church of England ends -- not with a bang, nor even a whimper, but with a somewhat tortuous and at times embarrassingly bad debate, wrote David Baker.

"It was hard to tell the precise moment the Church of England died. Like many patients which have been on life-support for some time, one moment it seemed to be there -- and then it just wasn't any more. Something had gone. Or so it seemed to this observer today."

"The classic, orthodox Church of England looked dead in the eyes of many when on 9 February 2023 its General Synod passed a motion which was, firstly, self-contradictory, and, secondly, a huge departure, it was plain to many -- except for those caught up in some of the Synodical groupthink -- from the doctrine of the one, holy, catholic apostolic church throughout history and across the world."

"The Synod approved a classic Anglican fudge involving sophistry, tortuous logic and, some might say, downright intellectual and theological dishonesty. It decided, at one and the same time, to support the introduction of prayers in relation to same-sex blessings which simultaneously clearly departed from C of E and global Christian doctrine while, at exactly the same moment, insisting that they did no such thing. Go figure. This way madness lies," wrote Baker.

The motion passed by the Synod and the thinking from the bishops on which it was based was not only Biblically illogical, theologically illiterate and intellectually lightweight, but also a clear departure from the majority view of the vast bulk of the worldwide Anglican Communion and other Christian denominations (Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Pentecostal etc. etc.) -- whatever might be said to the contrary.

It is ironic that by far the majority of churches in the C of E which (a) have young people and children and (b) are growing, are those which take an orthodox position on all these issues -- not a liberal, revisionist one. There's none so blind as those that will not see. Muslims will be laughing their socks off as they see the way clear for them to become the new alternative moral voice to cultural liberalism in the UK.

Many C of E evangelicals may now be considering their position in the denomination. The Church of England Evangelical Council (CEEC) has promised a "menu" of actions to bring about "visible differentiation" -- otherwise known as separation from ungodly error. This may or may not be sufficient for some, depending on the detail.

Others may look for alternative episcopal oversight -- perhaps from the Anglican Mission in England (AMiE) and Anglican Convocation in Europe (ACE), both GAFCON-affiliated under the Anglican Network in Europe (AMiE), or other bishops from GAFCON or the majority Global South. Still others may want to leave, while at the same time considering their parish responsibilities; or whether there is any possibility of securing long-term gospel ministry, which is important; and family commitments which may tie them in post. Again, there will be those who may try to take their congregations and buildings out of the C of E. Others may just instantly decide enough is enough and resign.

But then it all took a downward turn late in the day when the DAILY SIGNAL broke a story that revealed the true mind of Welby, reflecting the mindset of former American Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori.

Archbishop of Canterbury Promises LGBT Activists to 'Root Out' Certain People from the Church of England ran the headline.

Welby promised LGBT activists that he would "take action" against clergy and lay members of the church's General Synod who condemn homosexual activity.

The leader of Christian Concern, a group representing a General Synod member whom Welby has threatened to remove, condemned the remarks as "giving a green light for a witch hunt of any Church of England clergy who believe in the traditional view that marriage is between one man and one woman for life."

Welby responded to an LGBT activist who mischaracterized a quote from an African Anglican bishop, pledging to launch a "disciplinary process" against clergy and lay leaders who utter similar words.

"Here's a promise: you send me details of a church that is saying something like that and I will ensure that there is a disciplinary process against the clergy who said that," the archbishop promised. "We'll root 'em out! We'll root them out. Send me the details with that bit of paper and their names at the bottom of it, and I will take action."

He promised to take action against members of the General Synod, as well as members of the clergy. (An elected body, the General Synod considers and approves legislation affecting the Church of England when it comes to worship and the annual budget.)

There you have it. ANYBODY who dares to stand up and say sodomy is sinful will, in all probability, get chucked out of the Church of England.

If you haven't seen this all before, allow me to remind you. This is just what happened to the former Episcopal Bishop of Albany, Bill Love. He defied the homosexual marriage resolution (B012) and was forced out of office. You can be sure that Welby will exercise the same right in the Church of England.

Of course, one could argue that that might not be such a bad thing as it means dozens of evangelical clergy and thousands of laity could walk away from dying parishes and start anew under GAFCON bishop Andy Lines and the Anglican Network in Europe. Everything has a silver lining.

As Sir Thomas More might say today to the Archbishop of Canterbury; "It profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world, but for sodomy, Justin?"


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