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June 05 2021 By dvirtue Pastors Face COVID Fallout * TEC-SC Loses appeal * Cathedral Dean Welcomes Hindus and Yoga * More Women Bishops * ACoC Inhibits Bishop * Tale of Three Anglican Archbishops * Albany Diocese Loses Two Parishes to ADNE * Winchester Bishop Urged to Step Away

"My beliefs don't have to be your beliefs. But my beliefs make me who I am. My commitment to God and to the truth of a book I believe to be His Holy Word is the defining premise of my life, the focus of my faith, and my guiding directive for my actions. If you ask me to separate that from my work, from my decisions, from my art ... I simply can't do that. Not just won't -- can't.

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May 08 2021 By dvirtue Archbishop Welby becomes more Woke on Pansexuality and Racism * GAFCON Primates Expand Vision * Who is York ABC Cottrell? * Transgendered Woman Priest Speaks * Ft. Worth Episcopalians Strip Churches as they Lose Legal War * ACNA gets New Bishop * More

It was two of weeks of mayhem in the Anglican Communion, with occasional shafts of light to lighten our way. The Archbishop of Canterbury demonstrated his wokeness in spades.

Justin Welby launched a film series exploring how Christians can be peacemakers and how Christians can cross divides in a complex and hurting world. The films unpack the themes taught in the Difference Course that was created by the Archbishop's Reconciliation Ministry team.

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April 24 2021 By dvirtue Global Christianity Divides Denominations * Leaving and Lies in Ft. Worth * Bishop Benhase sees the Light * St Mary Sisters Leave TEC with Bishop Love to join ACNA * Church of England Roils from Crisis to Crisis * ANIE Commissions * Remembering Stott

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
April 23, 2021

If there were any doubts that Global Christianity was now divided between those who affirm the gospel, decry revisionism and homosexuality, uphold traditional biblical sexuality, then one need only look at recent moves in the United Methodist Church.

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April 10 2021 By dvirtue GAFCON Dodges Bullet * Bishops Love and Herzog Join ACNA * Nigerian Anglicans & Methodists agree on Homosexuality * Christians now a Minority in US * Former Nigerian Archbishop Lashes out at West over Homosexuality * Jonathan Fletcher's Abuse Allegations

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
April 9, 2021

GAFCON dodged a bullet this week. Just when you thought that division between GAFCON chairman and ACNA Archbishop Foley Beach and Nigerian Primate Henry Ndukuba was irreparably damaged and a parting of the ways was inevitable, a compromise was reached.

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March 27 2021 By dvirtue Going Forward After Covid-19 * UK Evangelical Leader Exposed as Abuser * Vatican & ACNA on same page over Homosexual Marriage * Diocese of Eau Claire in Death Throes * Diocese of Nthn. Michigan faces Extinction * Four Bishops have Resigned from TEC * More

Back in March, 2020, many of us pressed pause on "regular" church, assuming we would be back in a few weeks. Four months later most churches are trying to sputter back to some form of in-person ministry, and we've all realized the impact of this crisis will not be measured in weeks or even months, but years. We must prepare for church after Covid-19, writes Derek Allen.

Three hard realities have emerged.

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March 13 2021 By dvirtue 20 Churches Close Each Day * ACNA Bishops Statement Causes Continuous Uproar * Welby Cherry Picks Lambeth Resolution 1:10 * C4SO Diocesan Positions Raises Eyebrows * Welby's Backyard Wedding * Diocese of Albany Parishes Leave for ACNA


A new survey finds churchgoers say they plan to return to in-person services. Many churches are already meeting in person, but attendance has typically been smaller to accommodate for social distancing. That will likely change, a Lifeway Research poll suggests.

A study of 1,000 U.S. Protestant churchgoers found 91% said they planned on returning to in-person worship when it is safe to do so.

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February 27 2021 By dvirtue Ft. Worth Anglo-Catholic Diocese Wins Court Battle Over Properties * ACNA College of Bishops issue Sexuality and Identity Pastoral Statement * Anglican layman Counters Statement of ACNA Bishops * Three New Anglican Movements Formed * New Anglican Entity

Please don't misunderstand me, I am not opposed to prayer and Bible reading. But the spiritual disciplines are either the means by which we reach God, or they are a joyful response to a gracious God who has already reached us. And Christianity is either primarily about our performance, or about Christ's accomplishments on our behalf when we didn't perform well (Be ye perfect!), and the death he died as our substitute when we deserved to die because of our sin.

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February 12 2021 By dvirtue 2020 Stress Test for Churches * Welby faces Double Standard on Safeguarding * Is Gender Neutrality really Neutral * Anglicans Mobilize for Life * Has Pandemic Strengthened Faith? * Archbishop Carey Has PTO Restored * Should Conversion Therapy be Banned?

We hope and pray it will not be so in 2021. But who knows? As Walter Russell Mead observed, "We are still in the midst of the greatest pandemic in 100 years, the greatest economic contraction in American history, the most polarizing president, I think it's fair to say, that we've seen certainly in my lifetime, a summer of racial unrest and polarization and the sort of Black Lives Matter and the police violence and other issues.

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December 12 2020 By dvirtue GAFCON Approved Anglican Network in Europe Formed * CofE Lesbian Erupts Over LLF Report * Split Threatened in CofE if Homosexual Marriage not approved * Anglican Church of Canada Uses Advent to Denounce Racism and White Supremacy *Truro Church Negotiation

Using feminine pronouns and names for a biological male or male pronouns and names for a biological female is comparable to agreeing with an anorexic that she is indeed overweight. It feeds a gnostic delusion and encourages further abuse to the body. -- Robert A.J. Gagnon

For revisionists and liberals, the afterlife is an afterthought --- Anonymous
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
December 11, 2020

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