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March 30 2021 By dvirtue Presiding Bishop's Statement on the Release and Removal of the Rt. Rev. William Love from the Ordained Ministry of The Episcopal Church

Deep in my heart I believe that as a church we are called, as Jesus once said, to be "a house of prayer for all people," where, as my slave ancestors used to sing, "there is plenty good room for all of God's children."

That conviction is not based on a social theory or capitulation to the ways of the culture. Rather, it is born of my belief that the outstretched arms of Jesus on the cross are the ultimate sign of the very love of God reaching out to embrace and welcome us all.

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She described her consecration and enthronement as the first woman assistant Bishop of Bondo diocese as something that was always meant to be. She said "It all began in my younger days when I was brought up in a Christian family and I was convinced that it was the path meant for me."

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There has obviously been much comment in response to the publication of these long awaited Reviews. We have collated the various articles, blogs and statements HERE, if you wish to read more.

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March 29 2021 By dvirtue UK: Scripture Union Report on the John Smyth affair released

The review finds that Scripture Union did not operate the Iwerne Camps. However, it does identify some significant failings, most of which relate to activity during the early 1980s, in SU's handling of the allegations and knowledge of the abuse. While the Review is broadly positive about SU's actions in more recent years, there are also some specific concerns relating to the handling of information in this period.

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March 27 2021 By dvirtue Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion not tied to the apron of Canterbury-Ndukuba

Ndukuba who is one year in office on March 25 as Primate said the Anglican Communion in Nigeria is not averse to relating with other churches across the globe noting that "In ministry, we are all united in one. We are linked up with other provinces outside Nigeria. We are working in partnership with the global south and other churches in Africa."

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March 26 2021 By dvirtue Eric Dudley, former priest defrocked for sexual misconduct, opening new Tallahassee church

"Our hope is to be a parish family who reflects among ourselves, and within the larger community of Tallahassee, the Grace, Mercy and Love of the Cross of Christ," he said.

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March 25 2021 By dvirtue 'Cancelled Until Further Notice': Episcopalians on Thin Ice in Northern Michigan Diocese

Population exodus and aging have brought about this decline, accelerated by a lack of evangelism attributable to pervasive universalist theology in one of the denomination's most revisionist dioceses. Diocesan statistics show seven baptisms in 2019, two confirmations, three received from other denominations and 13 marriages. In contrast, there were 35 burials that year -- representing 9% of the entire diocesan attendance in a single year.

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March 25 2021 By dvirtue Alumni, student group issues statement condemning racial incidents at Sewanee

Those of us who sign this letter are united in our care and concern for our alma mater, the University of the South, and of the University's spiritual home, the Episcopal Church.

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March 25 2021 By dvirtue NEW ZEALAND: Anglican bishops admit instances of abuse cover-ups

Archbishop Donald Tamihere said the abuse was horrific, shameful and completely unacceptable.

"Was carried out by cruel, manipulative and predacious people. They took advantage of the positions of trust they were given, and used these positions to prey on the weak and vulnerable. Such behaviour is indefensible and completely antithetical to the Gospel we believe in and the values we uphold.

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March 24 2021 By dvirtue NEW ZEALAND: Anglican bishop wants abuse redress left to individual churches

He wants redress left to individual churches, but suggests someone independent could have the final say, if required.

''I wonder if it would be helpful to have a government-appointed Ombudsman, or similar title, to be if you like an appeal person or office so if someone engaging with the life of the church, does end up not having a satisfactory experience they feel they can go somewhere that is beyond the control of the church.''

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