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August 24 2020 By dvirtue Kaduna Govt. Files Criminal Charges Against Anglican Bishop, Rt. Rev. Abiodun Ogunyemi

Copies of the letter were forwarded to the Commissioner of Police and Director of the Department of State Services.

Following other protests from Church members and stakeholders, the government in a newspaper publication rescinded its order to demolish the Cathedral.

It was alleged that the governor was not happy with one of the Bishop's correspondences he sighted elsewhere, which he believed was offensive and directed the Commissioner of Police for discreet investigation.

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August 24 2020 By dvirtue Marriage According to the Book of Common Prayer

The topics for each week (31 August -- 2 October) are: Biblical Foundations of Marriage, Purposes of Marriage, Stages of Marriage, and Outside Marriage (the single life). In the final week, Dr. Noll is offering a supplement on Angels, in honor of the Feast of St. Michael and All Angels on September 29. The main theme of the devotions is marriage and the single life as particular vocations of following Jesus.

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August 24 2020 By dvirtue UGANDA: Trust God to fight corruption, says Archbishop

"Let us have our total trust in God. Hospitality and generosity are vital in our lives. The Anti--Corruption Unit staff should not fight each other but must work together as a team to defeat the enemy corruption," he said. He urged them to support one another. He was pleased to note that the ACU officers are disciplined.

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August 21 2020 By dvirtue Bishop cites progress in repairs to Southeast Florida apartment building after 177 residents displaced

"We are working on a phased re-entry plan that we anticipate will begin in the next two to three weeks," Southeast Florida Bishop Peter Eaton said in an Aug. 19 letter to residents. Because of the repair schedule, "some sections of the building may be habitable when others are not."

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August 20 2020 By dvirtue ACNA Archbishop Calls for Prayer for Nation

Another senseless killing by a police officer of an unarmed black man, George Floyd.
Hundreds of thousands of people participating in peaceful protests.
The unleashing of a spirit of lawlessness where rioting, violence, destruction of businesses and properties (mostly minority owned), unbridled theft, personal assaults on bystanders, store owners, the elderly, and police officers.

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August 15 2020 By dvirtue Uganda's President said Government will Rebuild Demolished Church

The president made the pronouncement today as he toured the site where he saw piles of debris of what was once an eye-catching church.

St. Peter's Church was destroyed last Sunday night, in what is thought to be a long-drawn out land conflict. The destruction caused a national uproar.

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August 15 2020 By dvirtue Critics Demand Young Life "Fully Affirm Queer Relationships"

The petition makes several demands regarding claims to intersectional justice, but those regarding sexual identity and expression are the primary focal point. Petition organizers specifically state that Young Life must "Normalize asking for and using correct pronouns" and "Fully affirm queer relationships and queer sexuality."

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August 13 2020 By dvirtue Bishop Rebels Against Church of North India

The Church of North India's synod responded to Baskey's July 17 declaration by asking him to go on leave. They described his declaration as "an act of serious indiscipline and insubordination" in a formal statement issued on July 21. The synod also appointed the Rev. Joljas Kujar, the secretary of Chotanagpur Diocese, to serve as "moderator's commissary," assisted by a committee, until more permanent arrangements can be made.

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August 13 2020 By dvirtue The Future of World Christianity Is African

Although The Lancet article didn't touch on matters of religion, that is, in fact, one of the arenas most affected by this shift. Last year, in an article I wrote for TGC, I discussed the intimate relationship between fertility rates and levels of religiosity. That's now the subject of my new book, Fertility and Faith: The Demographic Revolution and the Transformation of World Religions (Baylor University Press).

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August 11 2020 By dvirtue Anglican Church destroyed in Uganda

Located in Ndeeba village in the outskirts of Uganda's capital Kampala, it is on a prime price of land on which many developers want to construct commercial buildings. Late last night a group of people with an excavator destroyed the Church.

The Police said they are investigating circumstances under which St. Peter's Church of Uganda in Ndeeba, was demolished and have arrested several senior police officers for neglect of duty and aiding the destruction of the Church.

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