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June 04 2020 By dvirtue ACNA College of Bishops Sentences Bishop Ron Jackson

According to Canon IV.8(2) it is the responsibility of the College of Bishops to impose a sentence when a bishop is guilty of an ecclesiastical charge. Meeting on June 2, 2020, the College voted to impose the sentence of deposition from the sacred ministry on Bishop Jackson.
His holy orders have been removed, and he is no longer permitted to engage in ordained ministry in the Anglican Church in North America.

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June 03 2020 By dvirtue DC Riots and Bishop Mariann Budde's Selective Episcopal Outrage

"I am outraged," Budde told the Post about Trump's posturing in an interview a short time later, pausing between words to emphasize her anger as her voice slightly trembled. She had nothing critical to say about the burning of one of her churches, which according to the parish vestry incurred about $20,000 in damages, mostly to the church nursery.

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June 02 2020 By dvirtue Church of Ireland document states there are males, females -- and 'non-binary' people

It is just the latest twist in a developing controversy within Christian culture, which goes far beyond issues like gay marriage to question the very existence of men and women as separate categories.

The consultation asks whether the scope of what constitutes a hate crime should be broadened by adding "gender" and "gender identity" to the list of protected characteristics (alongside things like race and religion).

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June 02 2020 By dvirtue ACNA Archbishop calls for a week of Prayer and Fasting

* Another senseless killing by a police officer of an unarmed black man, George Floyd.
* Hundreds of thousands of people participating in peaceful protests.
* The unleashing of a spirit of lawlessness where rioting, violence, destruction of businesses and properties (mostly minority owned), unbridled theft, personal assaults on bystanders, store owners, the elderly, and police officers.

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June 02 2020 By dvirtue Episcopal bishop on President Trump: 'Everything he has said and done is to inflame violence'

"I am outraged," Budde said in a telephone interview a short time later, pausing between words to emphasize her anger as her voice slightly trembled.

She said she had not been given any notice that Trump would be visiting the church and did not approve of the manner in which the area was secured for his appearance.

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June 02 2020 By dvirtue Noted Anglican Leader Passes from the Scene

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of a man whose love for you never wavered and whose willingness to see the potential of everyone he met was infinite. Comfort Sandra, Jen, Kate and David. In Christ alone, Amen.


The following is a message from the Rev. Al Zadig, Rector of St. Michael's Church Charleston, where Peter served as Scholar-in-Residence.

Saying Goodbye to a Hero

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June 01 2020 By dvirtue Fire set at historic St. John's church during protests of George Floyd's death

D.C. police said a small fire was deliberately set in the basement. Under police escort, D.C. firefighters quickly extinguished it. Fire department spokesman Vito Maggiolo said the blaze did not appear to cause any significant damage.

"I guess God was on its side," Maggiolo said. "It didn't seem to have spread very much."

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June 01 2020 By dvirtue Sydney diocese: Preparing and praying for return

Dr Davies said until there was an official lifting of numbers for churches "We should all be prepared to continue, as we have successfully been doing for the past two months, with our online services."

Dr Davies said he had assured the Premier of the preparedness for returning to Sunday church by outlining the measures that our churches will undertake when normal services resume.

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May 30 2020 By dvirtue Four ACNA Bishops Sign Letter Concerning the Death of George Floyd and So Many Others

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. (Gen 1:27)

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May 30 2020 By dvirtue FT. WORTH: Anglican Bishop Ryan Reed on Seeking the Gospel Amidst Litigation

"One of the things that we have learned is the spiritual handicap or weight that comes upon you even when you are defending yourself in a lawsuit," Reed shares. " This Sunday on Pentecost I am calling the entire diocese to a day or penance and of repentance.

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