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August 10 2019 By virtueonline Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali on the Needs of Pakistan's Christian Minority

Bishop Nazir-Ali, who was born and ministered in Pakistan, said that the story of Christianity in South Asia began "very early," and "quite likely" with the apostle Thomas. Later, the Jesuits established "dialogue with the Mogul emperors, who were at that time sympathetic" toward Christians. "The Moguls employed many thousands of Christians" in their army and civil service.

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August 10 2019 By virtueonline Archbishop defies the terrorists on Nigeria's front line

Last year the Global Terrorism Index called the Fulani the fourth deadliest terrorist group in the world, killing six times more people than Boko Haram. Some 6,000 people died in the first six months of 2018 and two million displaced people were forced to flee.

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August 03 2019 By virtueonline INDIA: CNI Bishop booked for selling church properties worth Rs 10,000 crore = $10 billion US

The case has been registered at Civil Lines police station here in Uttar Pradesh.

The accused have been charged with using fake documents to transfer properties belonging to Indian Church Trustees.

The complaint has been filed by Bishop John Augustine of the Lucknow Diocese of Church of India, Pakistan, Burma and Ceylon (CIPBC).

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July 31 2019 By virtueonline ACA & Communion Partners Canada: Vancouver Statement on General Synod 2019 & the Marriage Canon

We acknowledge together that this painful process of discernment has challenged us to consider how we have treated those who have felt rejection or experienced cruelty on the basis of sexual orientation. We want to affirm the commitment of the Anglican Communion to listen to the experience of sexual minorities and to say again that we are all loved by God and that all baptized, believing and faithful persons are full members of the Body of Christ.

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July 31 2019 By virtueonline SAN DIEGO, CA: Episcopal Diocese Responds to Misconduct Allegations

The Episcopal Diocese of San Diego will follow the rules and guidelines of the clergy disciplinary laws of the Episcopal Church (Title IV), which are outlined here: The Diocese scrutinizes all potential clergy members who wish to exercise ministry in our diocese. All clergy and lay leaders must undergo extensive misconduct prevention training before they are allowed to exercise any office of pastoral ministry.

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July 31 2019 By virtueonline Dioceses Make Progress in Their Stewardship

The overall story is positive, as the number of domestic dioceses in compliance has grown sharply. The Rev. Mally Lloyd, who chairs the finance committee of the Executive Council, told TLC that in 2013, TEC was asking each diocese to contribute 19% of their revenue, but only 44 dioceses were doing so. The "ask" has since been reduced in stages to 15%, and more than 90 dioceses are expected to comply for 2019.

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England's second oldest cathedral after Canterbury opened its "educational adventure golf course" on July 27 to give people "the opportunity to learn while they take part in a fun activity, in what for many might be a previously unvisited building," the Rev'd Rachel Phillips, Canon for Mission and Growth said.

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July 25 2019 By virtueonline UGANDA: Archbishop Ntagali launches EFAC in Uganda

On 20 February 2019, the House of Bishops resolved to allow EFAC to be born in the Church of Uganda. The Bishops appointed the Rt Rev Henry Katumba Tamale, the Bishop of West Buganda, to lead this new body.

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July 24 2019 By virtueonline South Carolina Circuit Court Hears Arguments on Betterments Statute and Orders Mediation

The motion previously filed by TECSC asked for the dismissal of the case, primarily on the basis that it had not been filed in a timely fashion and that they were not actually taking ownership of the churches but merely exercising their trust interest in the property. The Diocese maintained that the court needed to decide which, if any, of the 29 parishes agreed (acceded) to the Dennis Canon before it could decide whether this case should proceed.

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July 22 2019 By virtueonline 'Culture of impunity' over violence in Nigeria, says Archbishop of Jos

Clashes between Christian farmers and Fulani Muslim herdsmen have killed hundreds in recent years (News, 6 July 2018). They are, Dr Kwashi argues, part of an agenda to "wipe Christianity from the face of northern Nigeria". Last year, the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, said that the violence was caused by "temporal" problems, not by religion (News, 30 November 2018).

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