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February 11 2021 By dvirtue UK: Launch of the Shepherd's Academy

The programme will start on St Barnabas Day June 11 2021. It will focus on Bible knowledge, character development, spiritual and social formation, and reflection on ministry experience. It will be cost effective and retain people in their ministry and work situations, Dr Sookhdeo told the conference.

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February 08 2021 By dvirtue National Cathedral criticized for inviting Max Lucado to preach despite pastor's anti-LGBTQ views

Opponents of that decision also have circulated an online petition urging the cathedral to rescind its invitation to Lucado over his "fearmongering and dehumanizing messages." They point specifically to a 2004 article in which Lucado calls homosexuality a "sexual sin" and outlines a biblical argument against gay marriage while suggesting it could open the door to legalizing polygamy or incest.

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February 04 2021 By dvirtue Anglicans Advocate "Life-affirming Nonviolent Revolution"

"I want to challenge the schizophrenia, the disorientation of pro-lifers depending upon who is in the White House," Stonestreet said, quoting former Nixon Administration official Chuck Colson that "The Kingdom of God will not arrive on Air Force One."

In the image of God

In his opening homily, author and "40 Days for Life" founder David Bereit preached on how the Incarnation transforms life ministry.

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February 03 2021 By dvirtue Nearly A Third Of Americans Say COVID-19 Has Strengthened Their Faith

The U.S. had almost double the increase of percentage points of individuals who felt that their faith was boosted during the pandemic. Other countries, like France for example, only had a 10% increase in the number of people who felt their faith was strengthened.

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February 03 2021 By dvirtue Anglican Futures: A new Anglican organisation for confused and confusing times

"The last few months have been pretty busy," admits Susie Leafe, the Director of new charity, Anglican Futures, "In some ways we have had to start from scratch -- bringing together a group of trustees, registering with the Charity Commission, setting up a new website, a new office, bank account and all administration of a new entity. But at the same time, we wanted to keep the momentum of the Ideas -Exchanges that I had begun, when working for Gafcon.

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February 02 2021 By dvirtue Madras High Court asks Register of Companies to probe Church of South India over misuse of assets

Since the inquiry against CSITA had not proceeded swiftly since 2011, the Court has directed the Centre to take a call on the issue within three weeks after receiving the ROC's report. In the order, the Court said, any further delay would be viewed seriously, the judge ordered departmental action against those responsible for the delay in the last 10 years.

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February 01 2021 By dvirtue UGANDA: Anglican Church HOB disassociates itself from Adulterous Former Archbishop

In the statement to the media following the meeting, the provincial secretary, the Rev. Canon William Ogeng said; "The Church of Christ remains healthy and spotless. Ntagali has not been handled with highhandedness but in accordance with the laws of the Church of Uganda.''

He said that all cases of misdeeds are handled as they come.

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January 29 2021 By dvirtue UGANDA: Kaziimba reveals Ntagali case details to bishops

It is suspected that the woman in the adultery case, a one Judith Tukamuhabwa, tipped off GAFCON leadership after a house and car promised to her were not procured.

The House of Bishops, according to one bishop, was informed that Tukamuhabwa's husband Christopher Tugumehabwe, a reverend in Church of Uganda and an academic, was allegedly paid Shs30 million compensation.

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January 29 2021 By dvirtue KENYA: Anglican Church Leader Criticizes Politicians over Division and Corruption

He said that the politics brought about by the two has further widened the gap between the rich and the poor with the latter being referred to as "hustlers" and the rich being described as "dynastic."

The Daily Nation quoted Wainaina as saying, ''This is how anarchy starts and, soon, organized gangs will spring up demanding taxes from these dynasties. At present the Church is silent on what is going on in the country but I will speak out even if I am the lone voice."

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The petitioners urged Primate Ole Sapit to intervene and to withhold his consent to Onyango's appointment. They also said that some diocesan clergy agreed with them, but "would not dare talk,"

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