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October 30 2019 By virtueonline Uganda Archbishop says same-sex marriages are 'demonic'

He said this while delivering his sermon during his farewell service at St. Peter's Cathedral in Soroti.

You can see a video here:

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October 24 2019 By virtueonline WAYNESVILLE, NC: Former Episcopal Priest Pleads Guilty to Multiple Child Sex Abuse Charges

Prior to returning to Haywood to face his pending charges here, he was held at a county correctional facility in Boston after pleading guilty to five counts of assault and battery related to the 1973 sexual abuse of a boy.

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October 22 2019 By virtueonline VANCOUVER, BC: St. John's Shaughnessy hosts a Halloween Spooktacular

St. John's belief in the reality of the occult is on much the same level as its belief in Christianity: close to non-existent.

Here is the ad for the show::

When: Oct. 25, 7:30-9 p.m.

Where: St. John's Shaughnessy Anglican Church

Tickets and info: by donation,

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October 19 2019 By virtueonline Graeme Lawrence, the former Anglican Dean of Newcastle, jailed for eight years

Lawrence was the Anglican Dean of Newcastle in 1991 when he lured his victim to his private accommodation next door to Newcastle's Christ Church Cathedral after a youth band concert.

The court heard how Lawrence led then 15-year-old Ben Giggins into a small room and showed him pictures of naked boys before forcing him to the ground and raping him.

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October 17 2019 By virtueonline The Seventh Trumpet: Communique from the 7th Global South Conference, Cairo 2019

4. We were encouraged by the presence of ecumenical guests at our opening dinner. Amongst them were the representative of H.E.

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October 12 2019 By virtueonline SOUTH AFRICA: Chief rabbi slams Anglican Church's support for BDS

Said Goldstein, "This is a lie, and it insults the victims of real apartheid."

Second, he said the BDS movement had been declared by the United Nations as anti-Semitic, and therefore the resolution's support for BDS was anti-Semitic in terms of international law.

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October 11 2019 By virtueonline NAMIBIA: Reformed Evangelical Anglican Church REACH Bishop is Consecrated

Since the passing of Bishop Peter Kalangula in 2008, REACH Namibia had been without a bishop for ten years. After a serious conversation with CESA about the state of affairs in the Global Anglican Communion, Ngubane Katenda (then a priest in the Diocese of Namibia) transferred his orders to REACH-SA Bishops, and became the leader of REACH-Namibia since 2017, leading to becoming its Second Bishop, this past Sunday.

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October 06 2019 By virtueonline The King of the Belgians grants two key permanent posts to Anglicans

After a process which has taken 20 years, begun by Dirk van Leeuwen and Robert Innes during their time as presidents of the Anglican Central Committee in Belgium, the current president, Jack McDonald, has managed to steer through the Belgian Parliament a clause in a bill which gives the Anglican Church a full-time salaried chaplain-president and a full-time salaried secretary.

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October 06 2019 By virtueonline Italian Prime Minister signs Treaty with Church of England

The Treaty ensures the full legal recognition of the chaplaincies and congregations in Italy. All the members of ACDI, i.e. chaplaincies and congregations in Italy of the Archdeaconry of Italy and Malta, Diocese in Europe, Church of England, will benefit from what is agreed in the Treaty (Intesa). Such benefits of the Treaty are numerous and include:

- The full legal recognition by the Republic of Italy of the Confessione Anglicana of the Church of England;

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October 05 2019 By virtueonline KENYA: Anglican Synod Pushes for Women Bishops

Clergy and lay delegates from the 40 Kenyan dioceses along with members of the House of Bishops meeting Sept 25-26 at All Saints cathedral in Nairobi, adopted proposals to reform the episcopal election process and to clarify language allowing and encouraging women priests to stand for election to the episcopate. The resolutions will now be sent to the dioceses for review. They will be reviewed at the next meeting of Synod in 2021 for action.

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