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KENYA: Anglican Archbishop decries corruption and tribalism in the country

KENYA: Anglican Archbishop decries corruption and tribalism in the country

By Godfrey Olukya
VOL African correspondent
December 12, 2023

The Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit has attributed the problems faced by Kenyans to corruption, poor planning, tribalism, and political bickering.

According to the Standard newspaper, he said these vices have resulted in low agricultural production, food insecurity, and a sluggish pace of development.

Speaking in Voi town on Sunday during a celebration marking the 30th anniversary of the Taita-Taveta ACK Diocese, Sapit criticized elected leaders for their failure to provide leadership and mobilize Kenyans to enhance food production.

"Poor planning has led to flooding, food insecurity, and low agricultural production. We are unlucky because county and national governments do not plan things well, and that is why Kenyans are facing perennial hunger and floods," he said.

The Primate said, "We do not rely on weather predictions and information given by experts which has had devastating effects. The principle of planning is to be ready for hard times and create food reserves to avert famine and food insecurity."

Sapit criticized county and national governments for their failure to mobilize Kenyans to work and produce more food to address hunger.

"We have government allocations, but we do not use the funds to produce more food and create strategic food reserves for future use. Instead, we depend on loans and donor funding, which are not sustainable," he said.

Accompanied by Diocesan Bishop Liverson Mng'onda and Bishop Emeritus Dr. Samson Mwaluda, Sapit urged church leaders to mobilize Christians and Kenyans to plan effectively for challenging times.

"We cannot get rich by taking loans from foreign countries, which have become exorbitant and unsustainable. As a country, we should have the ability to save, as this is the only way to realize meaningful development," he said.


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