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December 25 2020 By dvirtue FT. WORTH: Diocese, Corporation respond to TEC Petitions of U.S. Supreme Court

The plaintiff (TEC) parties will have until early January to submit their responses to today's filings. It is expected that the submissions from both sides will be considered by the Justices in the latter part of January. The Justices could dismiss the case or ask for further briefing on one or more questions raised by the Petitions.

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December 24 2020 By dvirtue Intermediate Response: Allegations Against Ravi Zacharias

This misconduct is deeply troubling and wholly inconsistent with the man Ravi Zacharias presented both publicly and privately to so many over more than four decades of public ministry. We are heartbroken at learning this but feel it necessary to be transparent and to inform our staff, donors, and supporters at this time, even while the investigation continues. We will speak more comprehensively to all concerned after the completion of the investigation.

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December 23 2020 By dvirtue CHINA'S THREAT TO THE BIBLE

The supply chain was tested in 2019, when the Trump administration proposed broad trade tariffs to better balance U.S.-China trade relations. As the plan included tariffs against Bibles, America's Bible publishers found themselves alongside Beijing vociferously lobbying Washington against the measure.

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December 23 2020 By dvirtue UGANDA: Anglican Church Calls for Reconciliation as Country Faces Elections

Dr Kaziimba adds that the national dialogue and reconciliation process will kick off after the country holds general elections which will bring together people from all divides.

The faithful have also asked presidential candidates not to continue attacking each other while campaigning, rather preach what their manifestos state.

They added that attack language breeds divide and hatred among voters which is very dangerous for the process and future of the nation.

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December 21 2020 By dvirtue Church in Wales issues draft Bill on same-sex blessings

"However, with new social, scientific and psychological understandings of sexuality in the last one and a half centuries, we believe that same-sex relationships can be understood in a radically different way, and that the teaching of Scripture should therefore be re-interrogated," the Bishops write.

The move is the latest in a long debate within the Church. In 2015, the Governing Body voted in a non-binding indicative poll in favour of allowing same-sex weddings in church.

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December 19 2020 By dvirtue LONDON: St Helen's Bishopsgate announces 'broken partnership' with House of Bishops

Seven years ago the House of Bishops published the Pilling Report which called for 'facilitated discussions' on sexuality. Earlier this month the House of Bishops published the Living in Love and Faith book, course, and library of resources which call for yet further discussion. Living in Love and Faith demonstrates the division in the House of Bishops with some sections setting out the orthodox biblical teaching but others erroneous alternative views.

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December 18 2020 By dvirtue NIGERIA: Anglican Bishop Suspended After He Was Caught In Bed With A Priest's Wife

"Advent greetings in the precious name of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ."

"We write with a deep sense of concern and pain to suspend you from office as the Diocesan Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Ekiti West.

"This is sequel to your conduct giving just cause for scandal and abhorrent sexual behaviour with the wife of a priest under your employment and care. These facts were admitted by you in a meeting in our office held on Thursday December 10, 2020."

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December 17 2020 By dvirtue UGANDA: Anglican Archbishop Rails Against Gender-Based Violence

On launching the campaign at the Provincial Offices in Uganda's capital, Kampala, the archbishop said that many families in Uganda and Africa have a crisis because of absentee fathers. He said,'' They produce children, but many are not around to love and raise them. Not only do girls and women face (sexual) violation, but boys grow up with a big hole in their lives from unresolved fathers.''

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December 17 2020 By dvirtue Gay conversion therapy: Hundreds of religious leaders call for ban

They include South African cleric Archbishop Desmond Tutu and former Chief Rabbi of Ireland David Rosen.

Other religious figures said a ban could risk criminalising pastors.

A declaration calling for a ban will be launched at a conference sponsored by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) on Wednesday.

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December 15 2020 By dvirtue Southwest Selects Canon Steven Tighe as ACNA Bishop-Elect

Fr. Steven Tighe has been the ACNA Canon for Youth Ministry since 2016. He has decades of ministry experience with youth and for youth, mobilizing those who serve them throughout the United States and Mexico. Hailing from the Anglican Diocese of the Southwest, Fr. Steven has served in a variety of ministries over many years in El Paso, Texas.

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