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April 14 2020 By virtueonline South Sudan Anglican Archbishop says this is not the first unique Easter

However, he called on Christians to be strong in their faith and continue to pray to God to bring an end to COVID-19. He said that although Christians are not able to celebrate Easter together in big numbers, they can pray in their homes.

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April 13 2020 By virtueonline Historian Blasts Church of South India Leaders offering fake help in face of Coronavirus Pandemic

Diocesan news sources say that school and college buildings have opened to reserve beds to treat or quarantine Coronavirus patients. While that is to be applauded, the truth is there are enough beds in the custody of the State Governments. Tamilnadu has 28,000 beds which is more than required at the present time. The State has reportedly about 1000 cases of Coronavirus affected persons. Offering something which people do not require is not 'charity'.

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April 11 2020 By virtueonline 'Now is the time to revolt!' Rebel vicars defy church edict and stream Easter services from churches - UPDATED

"Now is the time to revolt," one vicar told The Telegraph. "Ever since the lockdown, I have been going into my church, and I will be doing it again at 10.30am on Easter Sunday," another added.

Warnings of a revolt come after the Most Rev Justin Welby issued a stern warning to members of the clergy and laity in a Youtube message earlier this week.

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April 10 2020 By virtueonline Good Friday at Home 2020

Out of the death of Jesus on a Cross comes the greatest of all good, which is the defeat of the power of sin to separate us from God, and therefore the Resurrection on Easter Day in which God wants us all one day to share. On Good Friday Jesus paid for the redemption of sinners with the highest price of all, his own blood.

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April 10 2020 By virtueonline The Postponement of the Lambeth Conference

Ongoing concerns about the transmission of the virus may well mean that international travel and hospitality, funded by the economically well-off churches, will become a less dominant factor in the meeting and discussion of Anglican bishops for the foreseeable
future. Thus the agendas of those churches will take their place on a more level playing - field in such international discussions.

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April 10 2020 By virtueonline Spread of Coronavirus threatens Africa

Pastor Campos Afonso's report from churches in Angola is repeated throughout the continent where most states are in lockdown. The President of Angola declared a quarantine and State of Emergency from 27 March-11 April. All church meetings are closed. Pastors, leaders and members are observing the measures in their homes to combat the virus from spreading.

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April 09 2020 By virtueonline Youth in Burundi trained by Anglican Church to Promote Peace and Reconciliation

Burundi is supposed to hold presidential and general elections in the near future and the Anglican Church does not want what happened in the past to occur when youth were used by politicians to cause mayhem during and after the elections. Many lives were lost in past elections because people belonging to different political parties attacked one another with machetes, bow and arrows, spears and guns.

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April 08 2020 By virtueonline Archbishop Geoffrey Smith elected Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia

A second round of electronic voting opened yesterday and concluded today. The Board of Electors cast their votes electronically, with the polls open for 24 hours. The General Secretary of the Anglican Church of Australia, Anne Hywood, announced the news shortly afterwards.

Archbishop Geoffrey will serve for an initial term of six years.

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April 03 2020 By virtueonline Two Gay Anglican Priests Got Married in South Africa

The wedding ceremony was held in South Africa with Mwaura's church members in attendance. The couple was greeted with cheers and applause after saying "I do." That said, that warm reception doesn't mean everyone's happy with the marriage. In fact, Mwaura's and Maierepi's wedding has been covered by several anti-LGBTQ religious news sources such as Reformation Charlotte or Benin Web News TV. Despite that negative perspective coming down on the couple, the pastors share a message of love.

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