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November 14 2020 By dvirtue Anglican Church of Tasmania finalises $3.65 million of compensation to survivors of sexual abuse

It says "all the assets of the Diocese" are on the table to secure the funds.

The Synod of the Anglican Church heard on Saturday that $2.225 million will be directed towards civil litigation settlements, with a commitment to pay $1.226 million through the National Redress Scheme.

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November 13 2020 By dvirtue Appellate Tribunal of the Anglican Church of Australia Blesses Same-Sex Marriage

The Diocese of Newcastle passed legislation in similar terms to the Wangaratta Diocese authorising the use of a blessing service. However, the Bishop did not provide his assent to the legislation within the required 30 days and, accordingly, the legislation lapsed. There is nothing to prevent the legislation being reintroduced at a subsequent synod and, if assented to by the Bishop it will form part of the law of the diocese of Newcastle.

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November 11 2020 By dvirtue Allegations of corruption against Gospel for Asia reveals links to GAFCON

In a nationwide raid at many States, the Income Tax department unearthed huge amounts of cash and more than 500 crores illegal (hawala) money swindling by the self-styled Christian denomination head K P Yohannan, who is running Believers Church and Gospel Asia.

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November 11 2020 By dvirtue Episcopal Church General Seminary Dean to Step Down

Dunkle stated his discernment that the "Holy Spirit is calling me to conclude that season and make room for the next person called to lead General. It's not about any particular event or circumstance." The seminary dean wrote that he did not know "who God might be preparing to call next to General nor do I know what God has in store for me."

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November 09 2020 By dvirtue Tunbridge Wells clergyman threatens legal action to government's lockdown ban on services

Mr Sanlon was the minister at St Mark's Church in Tunbridge Wells for six years before moving to become rector at the Emmanuel Anglican Church - part of the Free Church of England - in the town a year ago. The church holds its services at The Number One Community Centre in Rowan Tree Road.

He said: "There's been a long tradition in this country that there are certain institutions that the government should not interfere with - the Press, the Judiciary and the Church.

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November 06 2020 By dvirtue Anglican Church in Zambia Promotes Peace for Development

He said that politics and differences in cultural beliefs should not make citizens clash with each other despite having different political parties. "We are all Zambians and we need this peace to continue. We need this peace for development, we need this peace for the future of our children and our grandchildren. As we are having these thanksgiving prayers today, let us thank God for the peace that we have been enjoying.

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November 04 2020 By dvirtue Anglican Church in Kenya marks 50 years

The Primate of the Anglican Church of Kenya last month inaugurated a series of national celebrations from Mombasa Memorial Cathedral (MMC) to mark the anniversary.

ACK, then known as Church of the Province of Kenya (CPK), became a fully-fledged province in 1970.

Prior to becoming a province, Kenya alongside Tanzania were part of the Province of East Africa in 1960.

ACK has since established thirty-seven dioceses across the country.


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November 01 2020 By dvirtue PITTSBURGH: Bishop James Hobby Resigns over Mishandling of Serious Pastoral Matter

Mrs. Kristen Parise, our Communications Director, will be handling any media requests with the support of the Standing Committee. She can be reached at:

We know that the Lord is always faithful, and we have every confidence in His continued mercy.

Please continue to hold the diocese in your prayers.

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November 01 2020 By dvirtue UGANDA: Anglican Bishop Hailed as Saint by East Africans

It is for that reason that Anglicans from East Africa who turned up for the commemoration service at the spot he was killed at Kyando village, Mayuge district, requested the government of Uganda to make that day a public holiday.

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October 27 2020 By dvirtue Anglican Church in Uganda said Bishop elect had forged birth certificate

In a written statement of defense filed at the High Court by the registered trustees of the Church of Uganda, the Church maintained that the election of the Rev. Okunya as Kumi bishop was initially void and that he cannot base his claim or derive any right or benefit from an election that in law never took place.

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