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January 17 2020 By virtueonline VIRGINIA: Catholic Bishop Okays Consecration Ceremony of Episcopal bishopette in Catholic church

Area Catholics in the diocese of Richmond are outraged that a Catholic church, where Mass is regularly offered, would be used for a Protestant denomination's ceremonies.

Bishop Barry Knestout of the Richmond diocese addressed the pushback in a statement Wednesday, saying, "Use of space in a Catholic parish for the Episcopal Church to conduct their own religious ceremony is well within the accepted ecumenical teachings and norms of the Church."

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For a number of years, the TAC has been a worldwide federation of national churches within the historic Anglican tradition. The Anglican Church in America is one of those national churches. This decision changes the TAC from a communion of national churches into a single global church. The ACA will be a Province of this global church. National Church bodies within the TAC from all over the world are in a similar process of approving this change.

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January 16 2020 By virtueonline ZIMBABWE: Anglican Bishop arrested for bank fraud and theft

Worse, the bishop and his accomplices are accused of pocketing the loan proceeds.

A second count of bank fraud was levelled against the bishop for taking out a second loan from Agribank for $350,000, using church property as collateral, and then stealing the loan proceeds.

The third count alleges the bishop and his confederates in the diocesan offices overdrew the diocese's bank account at Agribank by $250,000 and stole the money.

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January 15 2020 By virtueonline Religious freedom group outraged over Space Force Bible blessing

A spokesperson for the cathedral confirmed that the Bible was used for the swearing-in of General Raymond on Tuesday morning. It was donated by the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C.

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January 15 2020 By virtueonline El Salvador's top Anglican bishop urges U.S. to not deport son

"If he returns, the gangs will go after him again," Bishop Alvarado said. "He fled because of the threats."

His son's U.S. asylum request was denied last month for lack of reasonable fear, according to a U.S. Department of Homeland Security notification seen by Reuters.

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A militant campaigner for overturning pro-life legislation in Ireland, Furedi bragged about defeating the Catholic position on abortion: "And with the stroke of a pen Catholic Ireland has an abortion law that is more progressive by 12 weeks than the U.K. Amazing!!!"

If Trump had been given an award in Canterbury Cathedral, the wokeness police would have complained and Canterbury would have immediately apologized.

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January 14 2020 By virtueonline ACNA College of Bishops Consents to New Bishop for Diocese of Northeast and Mid-Atlantic (REC)

Gillin succeeds the Rt. Rev. David Hicks, who announced his resignation in April 2019, noting he would return to congregational ministry as rector of St. Peter's Anglican Church in Butler, Pennsylvania, a parish in the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

Commenting on the decision of the College, Hicks said, "Bishop Gillin is a godly man. We worked well together when I was in the diocese. I am sure he will do well as God leads him. He and the people of the diocese remain in my prayers."

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January 14 2020 By virtueonline NIGERIA: New Bishops Elected for Nigeria -- Two new Suffragans will be sent to the US

Two diocesan bishops were elected: The Rev. Canon Cletus Tambari will become the Bishop of Gombe, and the Rev. Canon Benson Chukwunwike will become the Bishop of Awgu Aninri.

Dates for the consecrations have yet to be announced.

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January 13 2020 By virtueonline Anglican Realignment Strengthens in North America with Discipleship Conference

The highlight of the occasion will be with the appearance of ACNA Archbishop and GAFCON chairman Foley Beach.

"These two church bodies are coming together and we will focus on Jesus. We will be seen together to be the body of Christ as followers of Jesus," said Selbo.

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January 13 2020 By virtueonline KENYA: Anglican Church homosexuality case comes to a close

"In the event the parties are unable to agree on an amount then it shall be based on the plaintiffs' gross monthly pay at the time they were relieved of their duties payable in lump sum or monthly. Interest shall be applicable on the sum at court rates," stated Judge Mshila.

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