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June 11 2019 By virtueonline TASMANIA: Disciplinary action against former Anglican Bishop Philip Newell halted

The Anglican Church in Tasmania has been ordered by the Supreme Court to stop its proceedings against the Bishop.

In its 2017 report, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse highlighted failures of the church in Tasmania and criticised Bishop Newell, who allowed a now-convicted paedophile to stay in the church.

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June 11 2019 By virtueonline Frances Whitehead, Secretary to John Stott for 55 Years, Goes to Glory

While Frances and he both came from privileged backgrounds, they always served with humility. There was a modesty about their Weymouth Street centre of operation which could take people by surprise. They were frugal and unpretentious, focused and exacting: a team of two, later joined by a study assistant.

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June 08 2019 By virtueonline JAMAICA: New archbishop says women bishops now a possibility

At a press reception at the NMIA, Gregory expressed appreciation for the support and advised that the synod, usually held triennially, had been productive.

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June 07 2019 By virtueonline Proud Anglicans Kick off Season of Gay Pride Parades in Canada

The Facebook page of the Anglican Parish of St. Francis has 28 photos celebrating its participation in the event. Particularly interesting is the tagline "Proud Anglicans! Marching with all of our siblings in Christ! God IS Inclusive!" These words provide a key to the mystery behind this insolent affront to orthodoxy and other expressions of traditional faith. On the other hand, they also provide the critics with ammunition to confront that affront.

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June 07 2019 By virtueonline UGANDAN PRIMATE: "We Would Rather Die Poor Than Accept Gay Money"

The Church of Uganda resolved that we are not going to Lambeth 2020 because we can't move with people we don't agree with. It is good that our brothers in Kenya have joined us, he said.

"The High Court of Kenya has also defended the laws and we want to thank them for standing firm. We thank God for that great move," he added.

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June 06 2019 By dvirtue Females continue to increase their numbers in the Episcopal House of Bishops


The election of Bonnie Perry, rector of All Saints Episcopal Church in Chicago, as the XI Bishop of Michigan, generated the most media interest. As victor, she emerged from a slate of four women priests. This is Perry's third, and successful, attempt to become bishop. She is also the second partnered lesbian to be elected to the HOB.

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June 02 2019 By dvirtue Anglican Diocese of Montreal Membership is in Free Fall

The English-speakers are a minority in Montreal, at about 22%. How sound is the strategy of targeting minorities within that minority, to say nothing of its Biblical soundness? In a city of 1.7 million inhabitants, 22% equals 374,000 people. The number of registered Anglicans is thus a paltry 2% of the number of Anglophones in the city. A large number of the Anglophones in the city are immigrants, who tend to have more traditional values than those who are not immigrants.

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June 02 2019 By dvirtue BEDFORD, TX: Diocese elects the Very Rev. Ryan Reed

The special convention opened with the report of the Nominating Committee, which officially placed four names in nomination. Balloting began after a worship service. The election was confirmed on the third ballot, when Dean Reed received a majority of votes from both the clergy and lay orders, as required.

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May 31 2019 By dvirtue Gene Robinson Chapel Dedicated for Retired Gay Episcopal Bishop

The May 30 consecration service was led by Robinson, Episcopal Diocese of Washington Bishop Maryann Budde, and St. Thomas Priest-in-Charge Alex Dyer. Backed by twin windows of rainbow-hued stained glass and a metal Celtic cross, Robinson prayed "deliver your servants, when they draw near to you in this place, from coldness of heart and wanderings of mind, that with steadfast thoughts and kindled affections, they may worship you in spirit and in truth, through Jesus Christ, our Lord."

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May 31 2019 By dvirtue Citing inclusion of LGBT clerics, Anglican bishops in Africa to shun Lambeth Conference

After delaying the Lambeth Conference, normally held once a decade, for two years, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, the global leader of Anglicanism, has invited all active bishops and their spouses to the United Kingdom in July and August of 2020 -- except the spouses of bishops who are in same-sex unions.

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