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September 21 2021 By dvirtue The Life and Loves of Freddie Mercury

Freddie Bulsara moved to England in 1964, aged 18 yrs. His earlier years had been a painful experience, which he felt were best forgotten, as he rarely talked about them. The celebrated film, Bohemian Rhapsody, which earned some $1billion at the box office, deliberately avoided his upbringing. Born in Zanzibar in 1946, Freddie had a volatile relationship with his father and was dispatched at the tender age of eight to an Indian boarding school 3,000 miles away, across the ocean.

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September 02 2021 By dvirtue UK: Bleeding for Jesus: John Smyth and the cult of Iwerne camps

What became known as 'Iwerne camps' (pronounced you-in) began 90 years ago, bringing profound benefit to the church. They were founded by a man called Eric Nash, nicknamed Bash, and were often known as 'Bash camps' or simply as 'Iwerne', after Iwerne Minster in Dorset, where they were held. Former Iwerne campers include senior leaders in the military, in business and in education, and well-known church leaders like John Stott, Dick Lucas, Nicky Gumbel, Michael Green and Justin Welby.

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July 27 2021 By dvirtue ROMANS

The Book of Romans is the Apostle Paul's gospel raison d'etre. Paul's life and message is summed up in this single NT book. Paul urges the Romans to live not "according to the flesh" but rather by the Spirit (8:4). Through the Spirit, all believers become spiritual children of God, called by God to glory.

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June 23 2021 By dvirtue The FIRST and the LAST: The Comfort of the Triune God in Revelation

Theologian Melvin Tinker has grabbed this book by the horns bringing to life its mysterious language to us. He demystifies the signs and symbols, unfolding the deep complexity of the book to the modern reader. He reveals God the Father, who was and is and is to come; God the son, the Lion who is the Lamb; and God the sevenfold Spirit.

I can do no better than let the book speak for itself. Here are some lines from the volume that caught my attention:

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There is a great variety of contributors and topics, but each has the vividness of being painted in the months following JS's death in 2011, while the collection benefits from a reflective distance.

Easily read in an hour or two, it opens up the story of Stott's life and his remarkable contribution, under God, in five parts.

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The book -- published by Morning Star -- details the significant impact of this unassuming, working-class, cricket-loving minister. It follows his ministry in the Anglican church from parishes in Sydney, to outback South Australia with Bush Church Aid and the Brisbane diocese, to his progression as bishop of Wollongong diocese in NSW, and culminates in his years as archbishop of Sydney.

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March 11 2021 By dvirtue Leaving DarkLand -- Book Review

Wallen approaches the reader as an able pastor of long and varied experience, and also as a sympathetic friend with keen fellow feeling and genuine kindness. But he also effectively ministers and uplifts with a bracing biblical realism and strong encouragement from the word of God, his main source of help for the troubled.

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February 24 2021 By dvirtue COVID: WHERE IS GOD?

Contributors: Greg Forster, Caris Grimes, James Haslam, Michael Langrish, John Pilling
Edited by Chris Sugden
Grove Books Limited. 27 pages. £3.95
ISBN 978 1 788 271 394

The essays draw on Biblical truth integrated with a strong evidence base, along with the wisdom of eminent Christians and an accomplished editor.

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January 01 2021 By dvirtue That Hideous Strength: How the West Was Lost (Expanded Second Edition)

A number of reviewers rightly said it would have been helpful to have had the works quoted referenced and expanded with footnotes. That has now been corrected.

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December 17 2020 By dvirtue The COVID-19 books have arrived: From Pope Francis, John Piper, N.T. Wright and more

Here are a handful of books offering a spiritual perspective on the pandemic.

"Virus as a Summons to Faith: Biblical Reflections in a Time of Loss, Grief, and Uncertainty" by Walter Brueggemann

As a Bible teacher, Walter Brueggemann writes that he believes "any serious crisis is a summons for us to reread the Bible afresh."

"I think that is now a summons to which we must and can respond," Brueggemann begins his short book, "Virus as a Summons to Faith."

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