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January 03 2013 By virtueonline A FREE PEOPLE'S SUICIDE - Os Guinness

Guinness points to the current international economic crisis which is due not to hostilities between European countries, but within them - perhaps most notably, a refusal on the part of one generation to curtail current benefits or entitlements even if it bankrupts those around them - which is as much a matter of character as of economics.

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March 22 2012 By virtueonline Beyond the Flaming Sword by Jay Haug

Searingly honest reflections that confront the painful truths of human existence within the embrace of God's redemptive forgiveness and family love. A healthy antidote to spiritual perfectionism and self-righteousness.

Ted Schroder, pastor and author of Real Hope.

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February 02 2012 By virtueonline WESTERN MICHIGAN: A Sidelined Cathedral

The images in The Sacred Castle capture moments of high energy and quiet ritual. In one, Black speaks to a packed nave. The Sacred Castle is light on text. Other than Black's one-page introduction, it offers only dust-jacket copy that quotes the Rt. Rev. Charles E. Bennison, fifth bishop of Western Michigan, who envisioned the cathedral as part of a larger complex of buildings.

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December 28 2011 By virtueonline Building a Church to Last: The Miracle in Pawleys

In 1997, as the crisis of faith and leadership was evolving within The Episcopal Church, Chuck Murphy invited 30 theologically conservative Episcopal bishops, priests, and lay leaders from around the country to a meeting at All Saints, Pawleys, in order to discuss the crisis and to discern what if anything could be done to combat it. A new day was about to dawn for Anglicanism in North America. As time showed, it would take many forms.

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December 28 2011 By virtueonline A Born Again Episcopalian: The Evangelical Witness of Charles Pettit McIlvaine

From an Anglican perspective the life, faith, and work of McIlvaine exemplify the main features of the legacy of the English Reformers bequeathed in the Cranmerian liturgy and the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion, hence this precious volume could well serve as a handbook to current enthusiasts of the same tradition of Augustinian doctrine and devotion.

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December 21 2011 By virtueonline A Review of The Triumph of Christianity by Rodney Stark

Image of The Triumph of Christianity: How the Jesus Movement Became the World's Largest ReligionBuy this from Amazon:The Triumph of Christianity: How the Jesus Movement Became the World's Largest Religionby Rodney StarkClick Here

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August 25 2011 By virtueonline A Clear Steer on Stott

On Steer

"Inside Story" provides lots of insights gleaned from Stott's personal diary and notes, interviews with friends and careful conversation. In fewer than 300 pages Steer has managed a distillation of 90 years and 50 books. He combines biography and bibliography.

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August 22 2011 By virtueonline Hood professor co-edits book of essays on C.S. Lewis and his contemporaries

"C.S. Lewis and Friends: Faith and the Power of Imagination" features essays on C.S. Lewis and some of his contemporaries by exploring reason and imagination and where they intersect within one's faith.

"Imagination is not divorced from reason," said David Hein, Ph.D, a humanities professor who has taught at Hood College for 28 years.

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August 09 2011 By virtueonline Scene by Selwob: Topical Cartoons (1998-2010) from Frank D. Bowles

Each cartoon comes with its own dateline and the historical context in which the cartoon was drawn with references back to Wikipedia.

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April 26 2011 By virtueonline MOTHERING MOTHER: A Daughter's Experience in Caregiving

Eischen's book is a deeply personal account of insights that only a caregiver can give. Even when her mother suffered a tragic accident that left her, at the age of 88, with third degree burns over twenty-five percent of her body and hospitalized for five months, her daughter was always "there" for her.

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