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July 03 2015 By dvirtue A Plague on Both Their Houses by Christopher Brittain

In preparation for this book, Dr. Brittain visited the two resulting dioceses from the 2008 split. He made five visits between summer 2009 and spring 2013. While he visited many churches and interviewed many people, his primary research centered on four congregations -- two remaining in the Episcopal Church and two joining the new Anglican Church in North America (ACNA).

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May 31 2014 By virtueonline SPIRITUAL RENEWAL IN 'THE COURAGE TO BE PROTESTANT' - By David Wells

The book concludes with an outstanding peroration:

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April 30 2014 By virtueonline The Living Prayer Book: A Review of Alan Jacobs’ The Book of Common Prayer

The principles of evangelical theology are in neat sequence here: Read the Bible and you will learn of the “misery of all mankind,” that since Adam’s fall all suffer under the power of sin; you will also learn that God has made one plan for ‘the salvation of all mankind’ in the death and resurrection of his son Jesus Christ; and you will further learn that the only way to grasp this salvation is by having a “true and lively faith” in Christ as your Savior.

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April 10 2014 By virtueonline FIFTY DAYS OF GLORY: from Easter Morning to the Eve of Pentecost

"I wanted it to be somewhat scholarly," Pearson told Virtueonline. "But I wanted it to be readable and profitable for the average Christian." Pearson found the solution: put into the book's endnotes brief scholarly discussions and links to further materials, but write the text itself in simple language.

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December 04 2013 By virtueonline REAL IDENTITY: Where Bible and Life Meet

Author Thad Barnum has achieved this in a very remarkable way. Through a series of life stories, many of which are drawn from his own life, Bishop Barnum leads his readers in a series of devotional reflections that are truly engaging, biblically affirming and takes the reader into the souls of other peoples' lives and how they engage God in times of triumph and tragedy.

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June 28 2013 By virtueonline A WONDERFUL RESOURCE - Essential Truths for Christians - John Rodgers

John Rodgers has had a distinguished career as a theologian and professor at Virginia Theological Seminary and then as Dean/President of Trinity School for Ministry, Ambridge, Pennsylvania. He earned his doctorate of theology summa cum laude at the University of Basel in Switzerland where he studied under Karl Barth and Oscar Cullmann.

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June 05 2013 By virtueonline Honoring the Martyrs of Uganda

Many of these young martyrs had become Christians through the missionary work of the "White Fathers," the Roman Catholic Society of Missionaries of Africa, founded by Charles Cardinal Lavigerie, an ardent foe of slavery and the Archbishop of Algiers. Enough converts were baptized and shared the faith with others that Christianity soon threatened the influence and power of the witch doctors and the Arab Muslims who operated the slave trade in Uganda and promoted Islam to the king.

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February 15 2013 By virtueonline Sydney Anglicanism - Michael P. Jensen

How well based are these criticisms? Not at all, argues Michael Jensen. The son of the present archbishop of the diocese (Peter Jensen), the nephew of the influential dean of the cathedral (Philip Jensen), and a faculty member of Moore where he was formed as an Anglican minister, Jensen writes as a true insider. His book is rightly subtitled "An Apology" (that is, a defense).

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January 03 2013 By virtueonline A FREE PEOPLE'S SUICIDE - Os Guinness

Guinness points to the current international economic crisis which is due not to hostilities between European countries, but within them - perhaps most notably, a refusal on the part of one generation to curtail current benefits or entitlements even if it bankrupts those around them - which is as much a matter of character as of economics.

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March 22 2012 By virtueonline Beyond the Flaming Sword by Jay Haug

Searingly honest reflections that confront the painful truths of human existence within the embrace of God's redemptive forgiveness and family love. A healthy antidote to spiritual perfectionism and self-righteousness.

Ted Schroder, pastor and author of Real Hope.

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