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The Faith that Anglicans Have Always Believed, Taught, and Practiced
Becoming a Fisher of Men
Anglican House, 151pp. $13.95

By Bud Davis, PhD
Forward by Archbishop Emeritus Robert Duncan

Reviewed by David W. Virtue, DD
December 10, 2021

Anglicanism is rooted in history with a liturgy and gospel that is both ancient and modern. The Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) is a vital part of the second Great Reformation of the one, holy catholic and apostolic church -- which is much alike the Reformation of 500 years ago.

Celebrate Anglicanism is an accessible introduction to Anglicanism and in particular to its North American expression.

Bud Davis describes himself as a layman for the laity of the Anglican Church, and, as a layman myself, I appreciate this robust little volume.

Davis wants to make committed disciples of Christ within the Anglican tradition. His book does this with style and grace.

The book is divided into eight chapters. It encourages use by groups -- classes -- where together inquirers can discover the treasure that is the Christian Faith in the Anglican Church. There are lots of questions to connect what is being learned to personal reflection or group discussion.

Celebrate Anglicanism is particularly useful in describing the way in which historic and global Anglicanism has been recovered and renewed in the ACNA. Among the stories that are told is how the Global Anglican Future Conference of 2008 called for the foundation of the ACNA as part of the re-centering of world-wide Anglicanism on the "Faith once for all delivered to the saints."

Chapter titles include, Leaving our Nets; celebrating the Anglican Church; What is an Anglican? Belief, Doctrine and Tradition; The Liturgy and More; The Role of the Laity; Happenings beyond the Local Parish and Becoming a Fisher of Men.

An Appendix includes the three creeds; ACNA Fundamental declarations, the BCP 2019, the new ACNA catechism, The Oxford statement; the Nairobi Commitment; The Letter to the churches; The Global South fellowship of Anglican Churches; Praying to receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord; Secrets for Group Leaders and Readings for further study.

The volume is a simple, straightforward, uncomplicated primer, that can be read by any person wanting to enter Anglicanism for the first time or from any other tradition, especially those from an evangelical non-liturgical background who crave something more than a few hymns, some praise choruses, and a mediocre sermon.

Beyond this volume lie the riches of Cranmer, Ryle, Hooker, Stott, Packer and more; but this volume is an excellent starter. I cannot commend it too highly.

The book concludes with God's call to us and asks the question, what will you do?

Dr. Davis has done not only the ACNA a great service with this volume, but also has produced a volume you can give to anyone with a smattering of Anglican knowledge, even and including -- disenchanted Episcopalians.

You can buy this book at Anglican House https://anglicanhousepublishers.org/ or at AMAZON here: https://www.amazon.com/Celebrate-Anglicanism-Bud-Davis/dp/0986044113

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