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August 20 2019 By virtueonline Clergy Sexual Abuse in the Roman Catholic Church just as Rampant in Church of England

"There are a number of serving bishops who stand accused of turning a blind eye to chronic sexual abuse by other members of the clergy. There are allegations of collusion, manipulation and complicity in cover-up for reputational preservation, and even of cover-up of the cover-up. And the evidence is persuasive and damning.

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August 09 2019 By virtueonline America is at War with Itself

Some incontrovertible facts:

America is 4.4% of the world's population and owns 42% of all the guns.

Ninety percent of the mass shooters are single, alienated, white males, not blacks or Muslims.

Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Morocco are safer countries to live in than the US. None of them allow the personal ownership of assault rifles.


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August 07 2019 By virtueonline CONCEPTION, MO: Eight Catholic priests credibly accused of abusing children includes former Episcopal priest, Bede Parry

How was it possible that a former Roman Catholic priest who had admitted to repeated abuse of minors under his care and who agreed to be laicized could have been received into TEC as a priest, was startling. Furthermore, the Diocese of Nevada acknowledged that it was aware of his past misconduct, including a police report, prior to his reception, but offered up reassurances that the bishop and Commission on Ministry had decided that he did not pose a risk to children.

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August 02 2019 By virtueonline "Sexual liberation is the prosperity gospel of progressive Christianity" -- Rod Dreher

Now, if the boot was on the other foot (as it was in the Episcopal Church) where queer marriages are the norm, opposition to such "marriages" was met with the harshest of punishments. Just ask the Bishop of Albany, William Love, about the hell he is being put through for defying Resolution B012, by refusing to allow such "marriages" to take place. He has been partially inhibited, resulting in he and his diocese suffering deeply as a consequence.

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August 01 2019 By virtueonline Women Bishops Continue to Grow in Numbers in The Episcopal Church

CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA: Audrey Scanlan -- XI Diocesan (2015-Present).

CENTRAL NEW YORK: DeDe Duncan-Probe -- XI Diocesan (2016-Present).

COLORADO: Kymberly Lucas -- XI Diocesan (2019-Present).

CONNECTICUT: Laura Ahrens -- Suffragan (2007-Persent).

EASTERN MICHIGAN: Catherine Waynick -- Provisional (2017-Present).

EASTERN OREGON: Nedi Rivera -- Provisional (2009-2015).

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July 22 2019 By virtueonline Anglicans For Life President Reflects on Abortion as the Leading Moral Issue of our Time

This new terminology is not based on facts or scientific evidence. It's based on an agenda that supports abortion on demand. "Embryonic pulsing," for example, is such a vague description that it is hard to understand precisely what it means. And it appears to have been used that way on purpose.

VOL: Is the issue of abortion primarily a legal one or is it more of a human issue?

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July 20 2019 By virtueonline TEC and ACoC would sooner go out of business than repent for embracing pansexuality

It's as though the primates of the two churches are standing on the deck of The Titanic after it has hit an iceberg, chatting about needed changes in the Prayer Book over marriage language, with drinks and rainbow flags in hand, hoping that someone will patch the hole as they contemplate a wonderful future for their respective churches. Like the Titanic, the two Churches' end will be the same.

Sadly, it appears, the Church of England is heading along the same trajectory.

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July 15 2019 By virtueonline Anglican Church of Canada bishops reject same-sex marriage; laity and clergy support resolution

Voting however was close. The laity voted 80.9 percent in favor, easily passing the required two-thirds threshold. The clergy voted 73.2 percent in favor, but the bishops failed to reach the requirement of two-thirds in favor, with only 62.2 percent voting yes. Two bishops abstained, 14 voted against, and 23 voted in favor. 

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July 11 2019 By virtueonline The Duplicitous World of Christian Apologist Ravi Zacharias

The first is that he claimed to have earned degrees from respectable institutions that he never obtained. Along with that are claims he made that he studied at a number of well-known institutions, claiming to lecture alongside academic men he claimed to have a relationship with.

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July 08 2019 By virtueonline Episcopal Jackals surround last remaining Orthodox Episcopal Diocese and Bishop

The jackals are circling the diocese.

Meanwhile, the Communion Partner bishops remain steadfastly silent in the face of this clear persecution of one of their own. Former jailed Maryland bishop Heather Cook had more friends in jail, than Bishop Bill Love has on the outside.

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