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December 03 2023 By dvirtue Israel and the Amalekites: a Study in understanding today's Middle East War

We can see parallels in today's war between Israel and Hamas.

Israel thought they could live at peace, or at least a peace of sorts with a tiny group people firing rockets into their land. An iron dome minimized their effectiveness. The world yawned. A border confrontation not worth mentioning in the hallowed halls of the UN.

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November 30 2023 By dvirtue Bethlehem pastors arrive in DC, urge lawmakers to embrace cease-fire, peace plan. But who benefits?

A "comprehensive ceasefire" that leaves even the remnants of Hamas in place is a non-starter for Israel. Sooner rather than later the rockets would start up again and no one, not even the UN will care if local Israeli towns, even Haifa is hit with a rocket. The world will yawn. This is a local squabble that Israel and Hamas can work out, they would say. Pay no mind.

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November 30 2023 By dvirtue END OF THE YEAR APPEAL

We are expanding our internal and external capacity by bringing in new staff to expand our current work and the future.
We are rebuilding our website and Viewpoints platforms to share our Anglican understanding of the gospel in a rapidly changing world.
We are expanding our international footprint and offering our global readers news they will not get anywhere else and that will not compromise the gospel.

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November 28 2023 By dvirtue The Smooth Sounding Heretics in the Church of England

Today that is no longer the case.

Today's heretics come with unctuous, smooth sounding words couched in the language of inclusion and diversity, with terms like 'generous orthodoxy' made famous by the late Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold and walking together amidst diversity, dripping from their lips.

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November 21 2023 By dvirtue Evangelicals must flee Church of England to Retain their Integrity

Church of England evangelicals need to know what happened in the US and Canada, and how a small coterie of shrill, strident, whiny pansexualists took over the church, driving out its evangelicals and Anglo Catholics. The final insult, the forcing out of a godly evangelical Catholic bishop from a diocese because he refused to allow homosexual marriages to be performed in his diocese (Albany), clinched it. This aging diocese will be gone in a decade if not sooner.

A little history.

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November 18 2023 By dvirtue Christian Leaders Want Ceasefire but That Only Benefits Hamas

"Hamas' actions and the Government of Israel's response in Gaza in no way advance peace," they wrote. What peace? Israel is not remotely interested in peace with terrorists who for nearly 20 years have been firing rockets into Israel.

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November 16 2023 By dvirtue Welby's Presidential Address is Wrong on War and Sex

He simply does not get it, or chooses not to get it, because he thinks he can reconcile the irreconcilable and lift the Law of Non-Contradiction. He is completely delusional.

His lackluster leadership is in tatters. He is taking hits from both sides of the sexual aisle.

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November 08 2023 By dvirtue Church Society Director says Archbishop Justin Welby should Resign

"That's not rocket science. What has been proposed is a heresy. I don't use the word lightly. It's a heresy against the teaching of the Scriptures, the early church fathers, and the formularies of the Church of England."

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November 07 2023 By dvirtue THE AGONY OF JUSTIN WELBY

Welby says he is now progressive on homosexuality, with "a radical new Christian inclusion," having abandoned his former ALPHA views which recognize sex only between a man and a woman in marriage.

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November 01 2023 By dvirtue Church leaders call for ceasefire but only for Israelis. No mention of Hamas to stop firing rockets

Where is the outrage at what Hamas has done to Gaza over the last twenty years and the continual firing of rockets into Israel for which the world and church leaders show no similar outrage?

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