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June 26 2019 By virtueonline It is no longer the Anglican Communion but the "Canterbury Communion", says Anglican Archbishop

Bishops and the archbishop of the diocese of Sydney have decided they cannot in good conscience attend the Lambeth 2020 Conference. Archbishop Glenn Davies wrote: 'It is highly regrettable to say this, but I believe the Anglican Communion has lost its moorings and has become, effectively, the "Canterbury Communion".

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June 24 2019 By virtueonline PLANO, TX: ACNA Leader says Anglican Communion Faces New Dark Age and New Reformation

"This time the presenting issues are around the meaning of human identity and "human flourishing." At the same time, we are in a time of unprecedented persecution and martyrdom of Christians.

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June 21 2019 By virtueonline PLANO, TX: ACNA Annual Assembly Draws over 1,100 Anglicans including Global South Primates and Bishops

"Passion for the gospel and people must stand for truth against western secularism but in their own cultures," he said.

Beach praised the new extra provincial diocese in New Zealand and said a new bishop would be consecrated in October this year.

"Since the Sydney meeting of GAFCON primates we have seen the Diocese of Sydney not going to Lambeth with the province of Kenya (also) said it is not going. The ACNA bishops will not to go as observers," he said.

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June 20 2019 By virtueonline U.S. Episcopal Priest only has six-month remit to stay in South Sudan

The Sudanese Episcopal Church repudiated the election of Bishop V. Gene Robinson to the episcopacy and the recent same-sex marriage resolution (B012) passed by the Episcopal House of Bishops.

"We already have a permanent bridge that connects us with all provinces of the Anglican Communion. That strong bridge is the Lord Jesus Christ who himself said 'My mother and brothers are those who hear God's word and put it into practice,'" (Luke 8:21), wrote Badi.

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June 14 2019 By virtueonline ALBANY: Bishop Love says Diocese is in the midst of a Battle with uncertain outcome

But then he said this: "We have all read the final chapter. We know how the war ends -- God is triumphant! The question is -- whose side will we be on when that final day comes? Will we "Stand Firm in the Holy Spirit, striving together as One in Christ and His Holy Word, or will we cave under the pressure of political correctness and special interest groups, being driven by the shifting winds of culture and society?

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June 03 2019 By dvirtue Episcopal Diocese of Michigan Elects a Lesbian Bishop

This was Perry's third attempt to become a bishop. She will be the second partnered lesbian in the Episcopal House of Bishops. The diocese had an all-female slate of candidates. The first lesbian bishop is Mary Glasspool, now assistant bishop in the Episcopal Diocese of New York.

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June 03 2019 By dvirtue Church of England Bishop refutes Vicar John Parker's allegations in escalating transgender war

The British tabloid reported on May 25 that the vicar "resigned following a bitter dispute with his bishop over the way a Church of England school handled an eight-year-old pupil's plan to change gender."

However, Stephen Cottrell, Bishop of Chelmsford, responded categorically on Saturday, stating that he "had no conversation whatsoever with JP on this matter, or any other for nearly a year."

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May 28 2019 By dvirtue ENGLAND: Biologist vicar resigns after clash with Bishop and Headteacher over transgender indoctrination in church school

The vicar was a victim of an arrangement bringing together Bishop Cottrell, Diocesan Director of Education Reverend Tim Elbourne, Headteacher Ceri Daniels and a transgender campaign group called Mermaids, a source from the village school in Essex told VOL.

When an eight-year-old child announced he was transitioning to become a girl, Parker raised concerns that the school had no formal policy on how staff should deal with a child who wanted to change gender.

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May 28 2019 By dvirtue Homosexual and Transgender Behavior is Worse Than You Think

"God himself judges such behaviors to be severely wrong, according to the consistent witness of Scripture. Jesus viewed a male-female prerequisite for sexual ethics as foundational for other standards, like the limitation of two persons to a sexual union (based on God's intentional design of binary sexuality). Jesus intensified God's demand for sexual purity, reaching into adultery of the heart and rejecting divorce and remarriage after divorce. In the midst of doing that in Matt.

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May 19 2019 By dvirtue GAFCON Marches Relentlessly Forward even as Welby's World Withers

It happened again this week. Twelve parishes formerly in the province of Aotearoa, (New Zealand) fed up with their province's drift into the formal acceptance of homoerotic marriage, declared their independence. They announced they were installing their own bishop and would head out on their own to reclaim New Zealand for Christ.

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