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The C of E has been described as "ungovernable" in a report into safeguarding and institutional failings in the handling of abuse allegations.


Perhaps mindful of the failures in safeguarding both in the Church of England and TEC, not to mention its own shortcomings, a Governance Task Force of the ACNA has submitted and proposed five (5) amendments to the canons of the ACNA for consideration and comment.

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February 26 2024 By dvirtue Jesus, the Twelve and General Synod

PETER: It's a new world order my Lord, and with the Romans pushing sodomy we can hardly get left behind. The culture moves on and so must we.

THE LORD: My kingdom is not of this world. Who said anything about compromise. I affirmed the Torah about male and female, I have not changed my mind.

JOHN: But Lord it is important that our homosexual brothers and sisters are not disenfranchised. They are hated by the Jews. And they think we hate them even though we don't.

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February 24 2024 By dvirtue Britain, Royalty, the Church of England, and the War in Israel

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has made it clear that all the hostages must be released, and Hamas lay down its arms and surrenders. Apparently, that is not going to happen. Stalemate.

All the diplomatic back and forth-ing will change nothing. Netanyahu will not cave into world demands for a ceasefire. There is nothing in it for Israel if even one Hamas survives. There must be a new political dawn for Gaza.

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February 21 2024 By dvirtue Archbishop Welby blasts Vladimir Putin over Tucker Carlson Interview on Ukraine War

President Putin has advanced religious arguments in an attempt to justify the invasion of Ukraine, most recently in an interview with the American political commentator Tucker Carlson, Welby said.

Archbishop Welby, however, dismissed such arguments: "There is an argument in favour of debate, discussion, appeal, but there is no argument in favour of armed force: the invasion of Ukraine was a self-chosen, unjust, unjustifiable attack on a neighbour. This war is evil."

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It is Israel which has been losing now on three fronts. It has lost the narrative war over Gaza: Even though Hamas murdered and raped Israelis, it is Israel that has gotten hauled before the International Court of Justice in The Hague for the civilian casualties it has caused in Gaza while trying to root out Hamas fighters who embedded among civilians.

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February 06 2024 By dvirtue North American Nigerian Anglican Bishop Sues Nigerian Primate for Libel: Seeks Reinstatement and $707,000

In a letter VOL received; Femi Falana of the Law Firm of Falana & Falana, argues that there is not a "scintilla of evidence" that the bishop made the alleged utterances and actions and that no basis exists for the suspension.

The bishop argues that he received no "fair hearing" and that the archbishop lacks the power to unilaterally suspend him under the unambiguous provisions of Article XVI of the Constitution and Canons of the Church of Nigeria.

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February 05 2024 By dvirtue CONTEXTUALIZING THE GOSPEL (Part 2)

Paul was an educated Jew, a sharp upgrade on 12 fishermen, the early disciples of Jesus. He would be charged with taking the gospel to the Gentiles and in doing so it demanded that he would need to know who he was talking to, and, while maintaining his complete and total Jewishness, erudite pedagogical learning and birth, he would have to adapt all his learning to his audience within the context of his hearers.

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January 31 2024 By dvirtue Calvin Robinson Declared to have a "Deceiving Unclean Spirit" by ACNA Bishop

Speaking from the pulpit of the parish church, he said; "Recently I was at a conference up in Charleston -- maybe some of you have heard about it -- and a brother got up and began to speak, and it sounded as if he might be speaking a word of truth to the congregation. But the more I listened, there was no love in his message, there was no compassion, no grace.

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January 25 2024 By dvirtue Anglicans Clash Over Anglo-Catholic Priest's Disinvitation from Mere Anglican Conference

First of all, he was not disinvited from the conference. He gave his speech and was only disinvited to a final round table. He got fully paid and probably won't get another invitation back again. And he shouldn't. If the conveners had wanted to have conference on the place of women in ministry, then that would have been another matter. It was not. The conference centered around apologetics not the ordination of women.

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January 24 2024 By dvirtue Contextual Intelligence could well Determine the Western Church's Future

According to Barna and Pew, 50% of Trump's evangelical followers attend church only once or twice a year, hardly a recipe for commitment.

Image is replacing the written word. Tik Tok has millions of followers. Facebook, Meta, WhatsApp, X formerly Twitter, dominates social media. We are a nation of voyeurs. Bible reading is down, ignorance of Scripture is up, Biblical literacy has reached a crisis point.

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