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March 30 2020 By virtueonline Anglican Communion Head Should be Elected from among Primates

The bishop of Egypt, a leading player among Global South bishops, reiterated the Windsor Continuation Group's belief that the Anglican Communion suffers from an "ecclesial deficit" in which the "diversity of theological judgment has exceeded (by far) interdependence among the churches of the Communion."

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March 28 2020 By virtueonline New Nigerian Primate says his Province will stand firm on Lambeth Resolution 1.10

If Archbishop Welby thought that a new generation of African Archbishops would submit to his charm offensive, he is gravely mistaken. They have demonstrated their loyalty to GAFCON and to its chairman, Archbishop Foley Beach.

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March 26 2020 By virtueonline One Man's Journey in the Episcopal Church

"After reading your book I see more clearly now how we come to the present state of affairs within the Episcopal Church. I had heard of Louie Crew many years ago, (I am 89) and I thought he was an aberration and not a driving force. How wrong I was."

He went on to say how much that pained him. "I didn't see it coming, or did I see it coming and just refused to believe what was happening?"

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However, British writer and columnist Judi Sture excoriated the Welby/Sentamu approach as A Masterclass in Moral Relativism.

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"My sense of God's communication to humanity is that it is designed to show his universal, unlimited, unredacted love for all humanity. We should not read His communique to us as anything more than a gentle wrist slap. I would say carry on and drink more tea; tea is designed to calm troubled nerves at times like these."

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March 14 2020 By virtueonline Episcopal Presiding Bishop decides to close churches permanently

We have sodomized ourselves into oblivion and it seems appropriate that we become a virtual church, where people can have their morning coffee whilst going through the motions of worship and nod off at the sermon without anybody seeing, he said.

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March 14 2020 By virtueonline Springfield Episcopal Bishop Defies Presiding Bishop on COVID-19 Pandemic

However, this is not the same as openly canceling public worship.

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March 05 2020 By virtueonline Global South Bishops will be rocked that American Lesbian Bishop will lead "inclusive Eucharist" service on eve of Lambeth Conference

Global South bishops will see this as a blasphemous act and will have nothing to do with it.

This act will not only embarrass Archbishop Justin Welby, who has been doing his best to persuade Global South bishops who disapprove of sodomy and homosexual marriage to attend the 2020 Lambeth conference, it will also confirm to African Anglicans that to attend such a gathering would violate both Holy Scripture and their consciences.

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March 04 2020 By virtueonline UGANDA: Archbishop Welby and Archbishop Beach -- Clash of the Titans

Welby had earlier in the year told Beach that he was welcome to the Lambeth Conference as an "observer", as though he were a bishop with leprosy, tolerated if he had taken his daily dose of Dapsone. But Kaziimba is squarely on board with Beach and he and his fellow bishops will boycott the Lambeth Conference precisely because Welby has ignored the mandate of Lambeth resolution 1:10 to discipline errant Western bishops over their adoption of sodomy and homosexual marriage.

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February 28 2020 By virtueonline Anglican Church in North America Solidifies Footing in Mexico

The bishop brings a wealth of knowledge to the job. Bishop Zimmerman spent fifteen years serving in Somerset, PA, first as rector of St. Francis in the Fields Episcopal Church, and then most recently as rector of Somerset Anglican Fellowship, where he started a Spanish speaking congregation. In 2014, he and his wife Cindy, moved to Albuquerque, NM to begin their new ministry. It was a jumping off point for the huge sprawling nation of Mexico that lay at his feet.

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