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January 12 2022 By dvirtue Theo Hobson's Fictional Church of England Future

He goes on to besmirch the newish Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell for "promoting an uncritical embrace of the evangelical model of mission, with its grim middle-management diagrams and cheery facile slogans. Evangelicalism remains ebullient as ever, but thankfully its reputation for trend-bucking success is now fading: a recent report showed that its latest church-planting efforts were largely fruitless. This makes it easier to put it back in its box." Oh, the snobbery.

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, January 08 2022 By dvirtue Lambeth Deputy to become Archbishops' Appointment Secretary is a Married Homosexual

On hearing the news, an Anglican sociologist and social critic wrote that it is yet another example of perversity competing with insanity to produce wickedness! Kyrie eleison!

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January 06 2022 By dvirtue ANGLICANISM: GOOD NEWS FOR 2022

GAFCON. Dioceses formed in New Zealand and Australia offer hope for faithful Anglicans down under. They will grow and thrive in the coming years and are growing against all the odds. There are slivers of hope for Ireland, Wales, Scotland and, in time, England even as their national churches decline. Other GAFCON initiatives include Caminemos Juntos (Let's Walk Together), an Anglican Latino network and church planting movement in South, Central, and North America, begun in 2010.

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January 03 2022 By dvirtue Former Southern Baptist Preacher Beth Moore Joins the Anglican Church in North America

This amazing discovery brought her to the Anglican Church in North America, a group of Anglicans who had broken away from The Episcopal Church because of its growing list of heresies, finally resulting in its attempt to legitimize homosexual marriage by General Convention fiat.

That she knows next to nothing about denominations in America, has no theological degree, only a BA in political science, might account for her ignorance. It does not excuse it.

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December 31 2021 By dvirtue 2021: VIRTUEONLINE'S TOP 10 ANGLICAN STORIES

Nones, (people with no religion) are growing faster and emptying pews of the Church of Jesus Christ in all its myriad forms. Evangelicals and Roman Catholics are feeling the heat as they watch the number of unbelievers shoot past them. Secularization, bad theology, catechetical failure, pansexuality, isolation, loneliness and the irrelevance of church life is emptying churches faster than the Titanic sinking. New reports say that our minds and bodies will pay the price.

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December 29 2021 By dvirtue The Wokeness of the Episcopal House of Bishops

Dioceses which have recently offered female-only elections include: Kansas, Colorado, West Tennessee, San Diego, Iowa, Vermont, Montana, Michigan, and Texas.

Other dioceses offering a token male for election include Central New York, Indianapolis, and Alabama. Women won in those elections also.

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December 27 2021 By dvirtue Arab Islamists not Orthodox Jews Pose Biggest Threat to Middle East Christians

It is a charge that has no basis in fact and will only cause continued harm to Christians in the Middle East who experience persecution not from extremist fringe Jewish groups but from Arab Islamists who want nothing more than to rid the Middle East of any Christian presence.

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December 24 2021 By dvirtue Diocese of Albany Promotes False Unity as it Abandons Biblical Marriage with Fly-in Bishop

It was that LGBTQI steamroller that burned Bishop Love's letter to the diocese saying he would never accept B012. The burning of the letter made VOL's front page. You can read it here.

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December 19 2021 By dvirtue INDIA: Anglican Ad pushes false claim of GAFCON inspired conference

The ad featured GAFCON Chairman and ACNA Archbishop Foley Beach and international ACNA Bishop William Atwood supporting the occasion as speakers at the conference.

On hearing the news, Archbishop Beach said the invitation was put out without any consultation with the parties listed and I don't know of any who will be there -- if this event is really happening. We were invited but declined to attend.

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December 14 2021 By dvirtue TEN TRENDS TO WATCH FOR ANGLICANS IN 2022

First, the rise of the Nones, people with no established religious tradition continues. Nones have grown from just about 5 percent in the early 1970s to at least 30 percent in 2020, and their numbers are rising. There is no indication they are falling off.

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