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Apartheid, South Africa, and the War in Israel

Apartheid, South Africa, and the War in Israel

By David Virtue, DD
January 15, 2024

In May of 1991, I was in Johannesburg, South Africa, when apartheid finally fell apart and then Prime Minister F. W. de Klerk announced a national peace accord ending all apartheid legislation. Apartheid was over. I wrote a book, A FLAME FOR JUSTICE on the life of a young black preacher by the name of Caesar Molebatsi at the time, and I was living in Soweto. The story outlined his near-death experience at the hands of a white driver who ran him over cutting off one of his legs. His life would change with a prosthetic.

Life for black South Africans began anew under the African National Congress (ANC) and hope arose that a new day would dawn for millions of blacks who outnumbered whites by four to one.

I had expected violent retribution and retaliation from the black community, but it never happened. A Truth Commission was established. The South African TRC provided the world with another tool in the struggle against impunity and the search for justice and peace. Peace reigned and life went on.

Fast forward to today.

Now we have a situation where South Africa is accusing Israel of genocide against the Palestinians, calling out Israel for the "crime of crimes." They want the war to end, they want justice for Palestinians with nary a word about the vicious tribe of terrorists called Hamas who would like to see Israel destroyed and all their tribe drowned in the Mediterranean Sea.

It is a disjunct that defies all human imagination.

There was little or no violence when the transition took place in South Africa. Its future leaders, starting with Nelson Mandela eschewed violence largely because of his Christian faith. The country never erupted into war. One never heard "kill all the whites."

Israel was attacked and 1,200 Israeli Jews died and 200 were taken hostage. Hamas has repeatedly said "kill all the Jews," and they mean it. One has only to read their Manifesto to see that. See my earlier story here: https://virtueonline.org/war-israel-about-religion-not-just-land-or-politics

Yes, nearly 24,000 Gazans are dead and many more injured. Yes, women and children have sometimes been the victims. Yes, food and water are at a minimum, yes living conditions are horrible, but let us be real.

Hamas is losing this war. They could surrender their remaining forces, they could release the hostages, they could stop using their own people as human shields. THEY COULD END IT. But they won't.

They will not, because they have countries like South Africa on their side and that country has taken Israel to the International Court of Justice to ratify their demands. Most of the world wants a ceasefire, but at what cost to Israel?

If the IDF should suddenly stop fighting, what do you think would happen? Would Hamas lay down its arms? I doubt it. Would they release the hostages who have spent nearly 100 days underground. Do we know if they are even all still alive? Would we see a compassionate Hamas government emerging from the rubble, make peace with Israel and promise to use all the material entering the Gaza strip used to rebuild homes and factories. If you believe that then you'd believe that Donald Trump has never lied, and has been eternally faithful to all his wives.

This war will go on, despite world opposition. Israel has no option. She cannot stop while even one Hamas terrorist lives. The thought of another attack on her soil, and it is her soil, and more rocket attacks, is unthinkable. Israel cannot and will not tolerate such a resumption, and they should not.

This is a fight to the death, and I predict Israel will win, because she has everything to lose if she does not, and to hell with world opinion.

Genocide is a terrible burden of guilt to place on a nation that was attacked first. While Hamas is winning the global PR war, Israel cannot be deterred by useful idiots in academia; those that shout at a president or practice anti-Semitism.

If I were to write another book, A FLAME FOR JUSTICE, (part 2) I would take the side of survivors of October 7 and let their stories be told. Mercifully there are better writers than myself to do that.

History has shown us that the majority are nearly always wrong. Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Vaclav Havel, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer demonstrate that. Israel should and will stand firm, even if the whole world turns against them.

FOR MORE CLICK HERE: https://drrichswier.com/2024/01/14/south-africas-christians-rise-against-governments-claim-that-israel-has-committed-genocide/


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