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Britain, Royalty, the Church of England, and the War in Israel

Britain, Royalty, the Church of England, and the War in Israel

By David W. Virtue, DD
February 24, 2024

Asking for a ceasefire over the Israeli war in Gaza is a bit like pouring buckets of salt water over a beached whale in the hope that it will survive.

The sad truth is that the whale will die and Hamas will not survive the latest Israeli onslaught. Sooner rather than later, the last Hamas will have surrendered or been killed.

Furthermore, no amount of world pressure is going to change the situation. Neither British royalty, nor the Church of England, French resistance, American prevarication, UN bias and ignorance is going to change anything.

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has made it clear that all the hostages must be released, and Hamas lay down its arms and surrenders. Apparently, that is not going to happen. Stalemate.

All the diplomatic back and forth-ing will change nothing. Netanyahu will not cave into world demands for a ceasefire. There is nothing in it for Israel if even one Hamas survives. There must be a new political dawn for Gaza.

Enter British royalty. In an unprecedented step, Prince William (the late Queen's grandson) said he wanted to see an end to the fighting in Gaza as soon as possible because "too many have been killed."

The death of civilians in war is always a tragedy. But the Prince of Wales didn't say how many was "too many" in this most just of wars against genocide. Nor did he acknowledge the many Hamas terrorists among the number that he deemed excessive.

It has always been an iron rule that the Royal Family never makes political or controversial interventions. Yet Prince William did exactly that --- playing politics, especially since he issued his statement on the eve of a deeply divisive debate on Gaza in the House of Commons. The late Queen would never, ever have done or approved this.

All the while England is experiencing anti-Israel mob intimidation with placards reading, "Death to America," "Death to Israel," "England will be run by Shariah Law" and much more.

Who could doubt it? Social media has been ablaze with abuse and death threats against anyone deemed not to hate Israel enough. Outside parliament, while MPs descended into chaos, a baying mob of thousands waving Palestinian flags chanted: "There is only one solution, intifada and revolution," writes Melanie Phillips.

The UK is hitting a civilizational moment, with many believing the UK is heading, lemming like, off the civilizational cliff.

Archbishop Justin Welby is on record saying, "As a religious leader I can say that the killing of so many civilians, the extensive damage to civilian infrastructure cannot be morally justified. I do not have military or political answers to this crisis."

Apparently, he has moral justification for his position on the war, with no mention of the monstrous behavior of Hamas, and their continuing pull to keep Gaza from ever becoming a free and democratic state...with liberty for all. The demonization of Israel is now standard political fare.

Since October 7, that threat has become far greater and is fueling the "horrific" increase in antisemitism and encouraging antisemitic abuse and banners at pro-Palestinian marches, says Phillips.

"The insanity in Britain over Israel has now metastasized. Lord Austin, a cross-bench peer who quit the Labour party over its former leader Jeremy Corbyn's handling of antisemitism, was suspended from his post as chair of the Midland Heart housing association over a series of tweets attacking Hamas."

Professor Gwythian Prins, a former member of the British Chief of the Defense Staff's Strategy Advisory Panel, writes on Gatestone that the west needs to carefully escalate war against the Iranian regime because Israel's cause is the cause of the free world. Instead, America and Britain have been escalating their sniping against Israel.

If the West continues to snipe at Israel while ignoring the real threat of Iran it will only have itself to blame if we end up destroying ourselves.


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