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Calvin Robinson Declared to have a "Deceiving Unclean Spirit" by ACNA Bishop

Calvin Robinson Declared to have a "Deceiving Unclean Spirit" by ACNA Bishop
Image credit: Rev Brett Murphy - Youtube

By David W. Virtue, DD
January 31, 2024

During a service of confirmation and ordination at an Anglican Church parish, the Rt. Rev. Alex Farmer, Bishop of Diocese of the Gulf Atlantic (ACNA) said the Rev. Calvin Robinson had an "unclean spirit" when he spoke at the Mere Anglican conference in Charleston, SC. Robinson had been invited to give a lecture on Critical Race Theory.

It is the latest in a war of words between Robinson, the conveners of the conference, and now an ACNA bishop has weighed in.

Speaking from the pulpit of the parish church, he said; "Recently I was at a conference up in Charleston -- maybe some of you have heard about it -- and a brother got up and began to speak, and it sounded as if he might be speaking a word of truth to the congregation. But the more I listened, there was no love in his message, there was no compassion, no grace. And increasingly since that time I've recognized that in fact this person wasn't led of the Spirit but in fact was giving himself over to an unclean spirit in the midst of our congregation. And ultimately he was invited off of a panel and chastised for his willingness to give himself over," said Farmer.

Robinson responded; "I have been called many things before, but never a "deceiving unclean spirit." To have feminists and white knights walking out whilst I read from the scriptures was bad enough. To have a bishop decide that I gave myself over to unclean spirits in order to subtly deceive the congregation is too much."

"If this was the secular world, I would call it libelous. This is worse than that. For a shepherd to hear the truth and to call it demonic, and to hear orthodoxy and call it deception, this is apostasy.

"These wolves in sheep's clothing are leading their flocks astray," declared Robinson.

Robinson got into trouble when he departed from his given topic, 'critical race theory as incompatible with the Bible,' and proceeded to riff on the evil of the ordination of women to the priesthood.

His words brought a quick retort from the host of the conference the Rev. Jeff Miller of St. Philip's Church, in Charleston, who tried to defuse the situation, by removing Robinson from the remainder of the conference, but said Robinson would be fully paid.

The Anglican Bishop of the Diocese of South Carolina, the Rt. Rev. Chip Edgar weighed in and said that Robinson was not "cancelled" due to his position on Women in Holy Orders.

"I write to correct that notion, and to tell you that he was removed from the final panel because his talk was deemed to have veered substantively from the topic he was asked to address. Instead, he took advantage of the opportunity and opined on what he considers the exceeding evil of women in Holy Orders. Most importantly, he did so in a way which was inexcusably provocative, and completely lacking in charity and pastoral consideration of the people in attendance--especially the many women clergy both of our diocese and others who attended."

The Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) has maintained a "dual integrities" position allowing dioceses to choose what direction to take. My own bishop, Julian Dobbs is decidedly opposed to it.

Bishop Edgar went on to apologize for the situation especially to the women present (many of whom left when Robinson made his remarks) and who he said "were deeply insulted by his remarks."

"The Anglican Church in North America, and the Anglican Diocese of South Carolina, and I, as bishop, are deeply committed to the idea that both those who favor women's ordination, and those who oppose it, do so in fidelity to scripture and are both welcomed and valued in our common life. We refer to this recognition of both positions throughout the ACNA with the unwieldy moniker, "dual integrities." While that is a less than helpful designation, it points to the deep reality that both views ought to be held with integrity, are welcome, respected, and will be defended on either side."

"I do require, as a matter of godliness among us, that we always treat those with whom we disagree with love and charity and kindness. The kind of demeaning talk that marked the Rev. Robinson's presentation will not be countenanced," said Edgar.

You can hear Bishop Farmer's sermon here: http://www.oldjamestownchurch.com/blog/2024/1/28/calvin-robinsons-unclean-spirit.html?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email

Bishop Farmer offers apology. You can read it here: https://virtueonline.org/apology-and-public-statement-bishop-alex-farmer
and here: https://youtube.com/watch?v=oVStigN2k3g&si=kEkwpO879QS1w2l6


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