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"Michael was really on to a good thing when he discovered love for the first time under a cathedral cemetery stone; no other Episcopal presiding bishop in living memory had discovered and talked up love, like he had done. His less than memorable Royal sermon will go down in history as instantly forgettable, but his theatrics will make a Broadway show in time right up there with Hamilton."

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July 05 2020 By dvirtue Wake Up America: ACNA Archbishop Says Church in America has been Co-opted by the Culture

Germany became a one-party state, blessed by one single and subservient church. The German Church had been co-opted by those outside the Church who lured it away from the Word of God. And the Church blessed the very evil it was supposed to condemn.

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July 03 2020 By dvirtue Decade of the Reign of God vs Decade of the Rate of Decline

There is no stopping either. Both are on unstoppable trajectories.

One is faithful to Holy Scripture, aligning itself with the historic creeds, the 39 Articles of Religion; the other is aligning itself to the prevailing culture, moral relativism, all the while despising Biblical absolutes.

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At some point, a friend of Alan's from work invited Alan to join him at a prayer meeting that he had attended. (This was during the Charismatic Catholic Renewal that was taking place in the Baltimore area in the 1970's.) Reluctant at first, eventually, Alan agreed to go with his friend, and that night changed everything.

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June 25 2020 By dvirtue ACNA Archbishop Offers Candid Appraisal of Anglican Province's Challenges

"We have cried and prayed with brothers and sisters in Nigeria, in Congo, in South Sudan, in Sudan, in Syria, in China for the continued violence and death due to the persecution of Christians."

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June 23 2020 By dvirtue Can the Anglican Communion be Saved?

They believe that COVID-19 is a fresh start and clean slate which could apply to the Anglican Communion as a whole?

But how realistic is this?

VOL believes that this is a flawed proposal for the following reasons.

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June 20 2020 By dvirtue CofE bans Conversion Therapy for Homosexuals; Episcopal PB says he will ban All Conversions

In the Episcopal world of inclusion and diversity, talk of conversion is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and unacceptable to myself and the House of Bishops, he said.

"After all, we have approved of sodomy, homosexual marriage, a panoply of LGBTQ sexualities, abortion and about the only social construct we haven't approved of is euthanasia. Conversion will be the last barrier."

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June 17 2020 By dvirtue Nigerian Primate Not Surprised by Revisionist Agenda in Anglican Communion

"It may not be easy. It means sacrifice and may mean suffering. As far as we are concerned, unless the Lord calls us home, our desire is to stand by the Word of God and maintain the heritage we have as Anglicans and to teach and live by the principles of God's Word. To do that, our main problem is not revisionists, but the sincerity of our own heart and our commitment to the Lord. The issue has to do with whom we are serving and committed to.

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June 13 2020 By dvirtue Albany Bishop William Love Faces his Accusers

Cooney noted that B012 contains a provision for bishops who are theologically opposed to same-sex marriage to have other bishops provide pastoral support to the couple and celebrant, but Love refused to do this.

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June 12 2020 By dvirtue INTERROGATING GOD: Seven Questions That Cause You To doubt His Goodness

Plagued as the world is right now by COVID-19, the problem of God and natural evil has raced to the forefront of most thoughtful minds. If so, you might be asking one of the following questions:

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