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Church of England
November 28 2019 By virtueonline UK: Relationships and Sex Education is not about Protection but to teach children 'British values'

1. Well-funded lobbying organisations are being allowed to promote their propaganda in schools. Such political activity is illegal and needs investigation.

2. Much ideological material is being introduced top-down, without proper consultation and over-riding parental concerns.

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November 27 2019 By virtueonline Decriminalising Abortion: an Open Letter to the Bishops of the Church of England

In light of the Church of England's own teaching that it is strongly opposed to abortion, that "the foetus is a human life with the potential to develop relationships, think, pray, choose and love", and that the Church "would like to see a drastic reduction in the number of abortions carried out and stricter interpretation of abortion law" (press statement of the Mission and Public Affairs Council for General Synod, 30 August 2011), we write, as members of the Church of England (and a small n

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November 25 2019 By virtueonline Chichester Cathedral moves to restore Bishop George Bell

The Chichester Cathedral guidebook had included a passage which reflected the Church of England's acceptance of the allegations of child abuse against Bishop George Bell, notwithstanding the conclusions of the two independent reports into the allegations by Lord Carlile and Timothy Briden, which each concluded that the evidential basis for such allegations was unsafe.

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November 21 2019 By virtueonline Centuries of Christian anti-Semitism led to Holocaust, landmark Church of England report concludes

It also marks the first time that the Church of England has made an authoritative statement on the subject of anti-Semitism.

The new "tool for teaching" on Christian-Jewish relations acknowledges that Christian theology played a part in the "stereotyping and persecution fo Jewish people which ultimately led to the Holocaust".

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November 09 2019 By virtueonline Archbishop condemns oil companies for 'sparking environmental genocide'

He said: "Roughly 40m litres of oil wind up in the Niger Delta annually, eight times more than is spilled in America, the world's biggest producer and consumer."

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October 31 2019 By virtueonline 'You are not alone': Justin Welby reveals he sought help for depression

Later, at the conference, Welby said he was taking anti-depressants daily and "on the whole [was] managing very well". He said he had found it "quite easy" to talk about his mental health challenges, but was concerned that many people would worry "because you don't know how your boss will respond".

He added: "Depression is interpreted by many employers as someone who ... is incapable of getting out of bed in the morning and isn't able to do their job properly."

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"Super excited!! We have to make the diocese different!! Make it more diverse and progressive!" Mr Chen added.

The Bishop of Dover is virtually the diocesan bishop of Canterbury in all but name since the Archbishop of Canterbury resides in Lambeth and oversees the worldwide Anglican Communion.

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October 02 2019 By virtueonline Bishops in Bully Pulpit: Get Naked in Cathedrals but Mind your Language in Parliament

Such an "indecorous mode of social representation, was simply too ideologically destabilising for the bishops to tolerate," writes literary historian William Jones.

Half a millennium later, the Church of England's mitred mafia is asking us to hold our tongue and mind our language. Destabilised by the bucking bronco of Brexit, all 118 bishops have stuck together like coal tar and penned a finger-wagging epistle at politicians for using language "not worthy of our country."

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September 24 2019 By virtueonline Archbishop Justin Welby's Amritsar apology was aimed at appeasing British Hindus

The letter from the Global Hindu Federation (GHF) quoted Anglican repentance for "the Church's colonialist 'methodology'" issued by Canadian Anglican archbishops Michael Peers in 1993, followed by Fred Hiltz in 2008 and July 2019 and called on Archbishop Welby to apologise for "the suffering inflicted upon Hindus, Sikhs and other peoples of India."

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September 20 2019 By virtueonline Indian MP mocks Archbishop Justin Welby's Amritsar apology as "self-flagellation"

Writing in The Pioneer, one of India's oldest newspapers which retained journalists like Winston Churchill and Rudyard Kipling, Dasgupta warned of the dangers of apologising for the past:

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