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August 20 2018 By dvirtue Former bishop of Liverpool knew about child abuser 20 years before he was brought to justice

Earlier this month Grigg, now 84, was sentenced to 12 years in prison for 14 sex offences against victims as young as 10, though he was acquitted of the charge relating to this complainant.

At his sentencing Judge Jonathan Rose said Grigg had been the "beneficiary" of the Church's treatment of the complainant, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

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August 14 2018 By dvirtue Bishop Nazir-Ali calls for burka ban: Pakistani-born Church of England cleric voices support for outlawing veil in public

The cleric said a ban should also extend to areas where there were legitimate security and safety concerns, such as at airports or while driving a car. However, he said it was acceptable for women to wear face veils at home, while in the street and at prayer.

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August 14 2018 By dvirtue John Smyth dies -- just as the CPS gives police go-ahead for his extradition and prosecution

This brings to an end one aspect of a case that began in the 1970s/80s and has many unresolved questions to this day.

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August 09 2018 By dvirtue UK: Questions arising from the Independent Enquiry on Child Sex Abuse

This raises the following questions.

Where is the safeguarding for Lord Carey and others in leadership? Their position and responsibilities render them vulnerable to making mistakes, and to the desire of those who raise complaints to some form of redress. If a vulnerable woman is tricked or manipulated into inappropriate sex, is she at fault? If a church leader or minister is tricked or misled should not they receive similar understanding?

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Mark Bonney, the Dean of Ely explained.

"This weekend we will be proudly flying the rainbow flag in support of the first ever 'Pride in Ely' event.

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August 01 2018 By dvirtue Anglican diocese of Leeds in serious financial crisis

The diocese of Leeds has drawn up an action plan in an effort to tackle a £3m deficit. It has told staff that up to 14 people will lose their jobs, inviting them to apply for voluntary redundancy. It may also impose compulsory redundancies.

Its defined benefit pension scheme will close at the end of the year. It will reduce four pay scales to one, and evaluate jobs "to ensure the correct levels of pay" have been set.

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July 31 2018 By dvirtue How feminist "Dambusters" destroyed the Church of England beyond repair

TIME magazine in a feature story titled 'Why the World War II "Dambusters" Mission Was So Important' called Operation Chastise 'one of the most daring and profitable exploits of the air war against Germany'. Jonathan Falconer in his book The Dam Busters Story called Operation Chastise 'one of the greatest aviation feats of the twentieth century'.

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July 29 2018 By dvirtue London Cathedral Bans, Then Limits Preacher from Reading Bible on Its Property

Allan Coote, 55, said that St. Paul's officials had tried to remove him on 10 out of 11 occasions in the past few months as he read from the Gospels on church property, according to The Sunday Times. On one occasion, he was temporarily arrested.

"It seems to me that they have lost their way," Coote stated. "They have obviously not understood that the whole reason the Church of England exists is for propagating the Gospel."

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July 22 2018 By dvirtue Is There Ego Inflation in The Trend to Executive Titles Among UK Anglican Evangelicals?

Do evangelicals think that an executive-style title opens more doors for positive godly influence in the wider institutional Church and in the secular world? Or is the trend ego-driven by a sense that 'director' carries more careerist kudos than 'secretary'? Or is it a bit of both?

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July 20 2018 By dvirtue Archbishop Justin Welby hosts Muslim leader who says homosexuality is a 'disease'

Over the last two days, Sheikh al Tayyeb has had the opportunity to ask the same question to the leader of 80 million Anglicans. If he had been as blunt as Donald Trump and popped the question to his host at Lambeth Palace, the Archbishop of Canterbury wouldn't be tweeting his praises from the top of the minaret.

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