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2. We strongly support all efforts to combat and eradicate child sexual abuse, including those
being taken through the IICSA process. The Church's record on this matter is a source of
significant shame and there can be no room for complacency in correcting that lamentable
state of affairs.

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August 14 2023 By dvirtue WALKING TOGETHER

Of course it is not a problem for us to use an expression that is not itself found in the Bible. "The Trinity" is not a biblical phrase, for example, but it is a fully biblical doctrine. But when we think of "walking together", we would do well to attend first, however, to what the Bible actually says about "walking". And it says quite a lot. In the ESV, 341 verses use some form of the word "walk". Some translations obscure the walking language, speaking for example of a way of life.

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August 14 2023 By dvirtue What is Christian unity?: Abp of York: "good disagreement"; Rollin Grams: "one Lord, one faith, one body"

"The Archbishop went on to talk about unity and mission, as does every denominational leader who is trying to keep the sinking ship afloat with one hand while drilling a hole with the other. Gospel unity and Gospel mission are sublime, vital, life-giving and God-glorifying realities. But redefine sin and you've redefined the atonement and you've removed the message of God's mission.

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August 09 2023 By dvirtue New group asked to provide 'insight' on prayers to bless same-sex couples

A notice on the Church of England website explains that the outcomes of these conversations will "feed into discussions" at meetings of the College and House of Bishops in the autumn.

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August 04 2023 By dvirtue MPs press the Church of England to rid itself of priests who oppose the ordination of women bishops

The hon. Member for South West Bedfordshire, representing the Church Commissioners, was asked:

Dame Diana Johnson MP (Lab, Kingston upon Hull North): If the Church of England will make an assessment of the potential merits of refusing to ordain clergy who do not personally recognise the ordination of women as diocesan bishops.

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July 31 2023 By dvirtue The Church of England's image crisis

The fact that the NHS's seventy-fifth anniversary was marked in this way is a just reflection of the great contribution that it has made, and continues to make, to British society. The NHS has done an immense amount of good to a huge number of people by helping them with their physical and psychological needs and it is right that everyone should be grateful for this fact.

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July 31 2023 By dvirtue Don't stop praying to God as 'our Father' -- but be sensitive, says Archbishop

In his presidential address to the General Synod, the Church of England's law-making body, earlier this month, he suggested that the use of the term was "problematic" for people who have suffered under abusive fathers and those who have been abused by clergy, known as their fathers in God.

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Built in the late nineteenth century, 4 Canon Lane was dedicated to Bishop Bell in 2008 as a gift to the Cathedral from the Sisters of the Community of the Servants of the Cross.

Formerly an archdeaconry, the House was secured in trust to be primarily a centre dedicated to Bishop Bell's concern for vocation, education and reconciliation.


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July 29 2023 By dvirtue Lord Sentamu banned from preaching in his local diocese over refusal to apologise for abuse failures

Now, the Bishop of Newcastle, the Rt Rev Dr Helen-Ann Hartley, has banned Lord Sentamu from ministry following a meeting with her in which he refused to apologise for his comments. He has been stripped of his Permission to Officiate (PTO), meaning that he cannot preach, celebrate communion or confirm, and cannot exercise any ministry duties. However, this only applies to the Diocese of Newcastle, where Lord Sentamu now lives after retiring to Berwick-upon-Tweed.

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July 25 2023 By dvirtue Briefing: Is the Church of England ungovernable?

Ruth Peacock chaired this discussion with guests: Church Times reporter Francis Martin; Editor of Church of England newspaper, Andrew Carey; journalist and broadcaster Roger Bolton; Synod members Professor Helen King, Jayne Ozanne, Rev Marcus Walker, Debbie Buggs and Clive Billenness; Commentators: Andrew Graystone, Rev Stephen Parsons, from "Surviving Church" and Simon Sarmiento from "Thinking Anglicans".

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