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August 05 2022 By dvirtue Sandi Toksvig and her caricature of the Church of England

All this, just because Justin Welby affirmed the reality of the existence of a 1998 resolution (known as Lambeth I.10) that marriage is between a man and a woman, and that homosexual practice is incompatible with Scripture. It has not been rescinded: it has not been voted on again. Nothing has changed, as he explained:

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July 27 2022 By dvirtue The Church of England now preaches the Gospel of Woke

The policy of racial quotas follows a C of E Anti-Racism Taskforce report called From Lament to Action published last year. That taskforce declares its mission as flowing 'not from identity politics but from our identity in Christ'. However all its recommendations revolve around racial quotas for every level of church employment. At least one candidate on every shortlist for every job in the church is now 'expected' to be of UKME/GMH backgrounds.

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July 25 2022 By dvirtue Justin Welby says he has no plans to retire from CofE top job ahead of Lambeth Conference

"It's not about me, it's what's best for the church," Welby added, days before the gathering of more than 650 global Anglican leaders in Canterbury, England. "I will certainly take advice and if my health is good and people are happy that I'm still there, then I'll still be there."

If Welby remains in office until January 2026, completing about 13 years of service, he will become the longest-serving archbishop of Canterbury in half a century.

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July 15 2022 By dvirtue Church of England passes resolution condemning assisted suicide

Such change points to the slippery slope that occurs when a country decides to give its approval to the taking of one's own life -- while lawmakers begin putting many restrictions on the legislation, it isn't long before they seek to loosen or remove those restrictions.

"There would be every prospect that any change in the Suicide Act in this country could lead to similar consequences," Eyre said.

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July 11 2022 By dvirtue 'There are complexities associated with gender identity': Church of England admits it doesn't have a definition of 'woman'

But he added that there are now 'complexities associated with gender identity' which a church project about sexuality and relationships is exploring.

The admission, in an official report prepared for the gathering of its governing body this weekend, stirred criticism last night.

It comes despite Anglicanism continuing to oppose same-sex weddings -- and only recently allowing women to be bishops.

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July 06 2022 By dvirtue Fighting 'Polite Persecution': Chaplain Fired and Labeled a 'Terrorist' After Sermon

Last week at the annual International Religious Freedom Summit in Washington, D.C., The Heritage Foundation hosted a panel titled, "Victims of 'Polite' Persecution: Believers Targeted By Secular Abortion and Gender Activists." One of the panelists was Reverend Dr.

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July 04 2022 By dvirtue The Church of England is obsessed with racial self-flagellation

The report asks the Church to make amends, indeed to offer 'reparation and redress', for assets it may have accumulated originating from the profits of slavery. Although having to acknowledge that the extent of these holdings is not yet known, it makes much of the investments the Church may have held in pre-1837 slave-owning enterprises. The report has much less to say about the many Anglican clergy at the forefront of the abolitionist cause.

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July 04 2022 By dvirtue Church of England urged to pay for slavery memorial


Sir, Lord Boateng, in his report on behalf of the Archbishop of Canterbury's Racial Justice Commission, makes the excellent point that "There is still no national memorial to the victims [of slavery] and those who resisted slavery and this needs to be rectified" ("Church urged to pay for slavery memorial", news, Jun 29).

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June 16 2022 By dvirtue 'This policy shames Britain': Entire Church of England leadership calls Government's plan to send failed asylum seekers to Rwanda 'immoral' as first flight is set to go ahead tomorrow

Signed by the Most Rev Justin Welby and the Most Rev Stephen Cottrell, the senior leaders, alongside 23 bishops that sit in the House of Lords, criticised the plan for lacking morality.

Writing to the Times, the co-signed letter states: 'Whether or not the first deportation flight leaves Britain today for Rwanda, this policy should shame us as a nation.

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June 09 2022 By dvirtue Should the Church of England be disestablished?

The weekend's joyous celebrations were hardly the moment to focus on the merits or demerits of Establishment. The question was entirely bypassed by most commentators, amounting to at least tacit endorsement. The Church Times's Platinum Jubilee double issue gave pride of place to a robust defence of Establishment by a leading cleric but allowed not a peep of dissent on the matter across its entire 64 pages.

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