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May 17 2021 By dvirtue Dr. Bernard Randall and the moral bankruptcy of the CofE leadership

The Rev Dr Bernard Randall was, until fairly recently, an employee of Trent College, Nottingham ("We believe in potential and we believe in excellence. At Trent College & The Elms, we'll help you go further"). This is a fee-paying high school. Dr Randall took up a place as Chaplain in 2015 and left in December 2020 through redundancy. His crime?

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The first involves Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross, MP for Moray. Ross is not a Christian, but last week he was lampooned by the Scottish media for comments he made seven years ago in defence of Christians and others who opposed the redefinition of marriage. At the time, Ross signalled that he would have voted against gay marriage had he been an MSP.

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May 01 2021 By dvirtue No, the Church isn't institutionally racist

The Church is made up of flawed individuals. We're all fallen, after all. The issue the Church faces, however, isn't institutional racism -- it's institutional incompetence. For instance, its complaints procedure isn't just bad for issues of race, it's bad in general. Any priest with experience of the Clergy Discipline Measure (CDM) -- or any experience with safeguarding concerns -- will attest to how outdated and cumbersome the process is.

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April 22 2021 By dvirtue One Church of England diocese has spent £500,000 on 20 Non-Disclosure Agreements

At a recent meeting of the diocesan synod, a question about NDAs was asked. The answer was direct: "We do not use and never have used Non-Disclosure Agreements". But on further questioning it was admitted that confidentiality clauses were regularly used.

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April 21 2021 By dvirtue Archbishop of Canterbury Condemns Non-Disclosure Agreements That Hid Racism in the Church of England

Henry told Panorama she left her position last year because she was disillusioned and frustrated by the church's lack of progress on racism. She shared details of one case where a Black staff member filed a grievance after receiving a "deeply racist" image and left the church with "very small" compensation and an NDA after the church's human resources department ruled the image was not offensive, per the BBC.

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April 19 2021 By dvirtue Clergy speak out over 'racism in Church of England'

The Church of England is set to publish plans promising to address racism.

Last year, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, admitted that the Church had failed to tackle racism in its own ranks.

After seven years in her job, Dr Henry retired last year due to feeling disillusioned. "I felt frustrated by the lack of progress with issues of racism," she tells Panorama.

She says one incident from 2019 particularly stood out.

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April 17 2021 By dvirtue The Church of England's racist plan to eradicate racism

The reform is one to be made to the Crown Nominations Commission (CNC), which nominates diocesan bishops to the Prime Minister, who forwards the names to the Queen: "The key proposal says a minority representative should join the commission as a non-voting member whenever a new diocesan bishop has to be chosen."

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April 12 2021 By dvirtue Minorities should have a say on future Church of England bishops to improve diversity, leaders say

The move, which was influenced by the Black Lives Matter movement, follows a year of Anglican agonising over race.

Last year the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, compared the CofE's attitude to ethnic minorities with that of Nazi-era German churches to Jews +2

The authors said the BLM movement 'provides a particular context to the conclusion of our work and brings into sharp focus the issues of diversity highlighted throughout our report'.

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April 07 2021 By dvirtue Archbishop of Canterbury on Muhammad cartoon controversy: 'In this country, we have to hold on to freedom of speech'

Insults to Islam include calling out truths about Islam. No debate is allowed, just name-calling. Fear is an effective tool for subjugation. Those who live in the West who are hyper-concerned about offense are being played for fools, not realizing that their freedoms are at stake, and those of others.

Last year, Gervais told the Hollywood Reporter:

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April 05 2021 By dvirtue Church of England's first black female bishop says race report was wrong and Britain is NOT model for other white-majority countries on racial equality

The report also said the 'success of much of the ethnic minority population' in education and the economy 'should be regarded as a model for other white-majority countries'.

However Ms Hudson-Wilkin, the Bishop of Dover, said there were 'serious issues' with the report's findings and that Britain would become an example when there was diversity in all areas of leadership.

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