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January 21 2024 By dvirtue A masterclass of manipulation

Then move on to a discussion about the provision made for those unable to accept the ministry of women bishops -- knowing that it is an issue that divides those orthodox on sexuality and that one of the more forthright bishops has already announced, "It ain't working." The timing of this 'review' cannot be a coincidence.

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January 16 2024 By dvirtue Justin Welby 'should quit' over claims he backed Paula Vennells to be Bishop of London

Between 1999 and 2015, more than 700 sub-postmasters were prosecuted after the faulty Horizon accounting software made it look as though money was missing from their sites.

Fewer than 100 convictions have been overturned to date in what has been described as the most widespread miscarriage of justice in UK history.

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January 13 2024 By dvirtue St Thomas Becket's shrine has a fine and sacred story: Now they (literally) dance around his grave

Now Canterbury Cathedral, built by the Benedictines as the seat of St Augustine, is turning itself into a night club with its forthcoming "rave in the nave". The Dean, Dr David Monteith, has been honest, although he has talked unconvincingly in terms of "getting the youth into church".

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January 11 2024 By dvirtue The failure of Anglican managerialism

The most high-profile of these "Ministers in Secular Employment", as they are officially termed, is now undoubtedly Paula Vennells, the disgraced former Post Office boss. While it is possible for priests initially recruited as unpaid volunteers to later move into paid roles, sometimes senior ones, it is unprecedented that Vennells was one of three candidates interviewed as a possible Bishop of London in 2017, despite never having held an actual paid job in the Church.

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Long-term decline coupled with COVID has left much of the church in deep trouble. Yes, there are wonderful pockets of vitality, but their number is shrinking. The new data show that, during COVID, the condition of much of the church has moved from serious to critical.

The End of Sunday

The latest C of E data are just out, covering 2022. Here are the overall figures for Sunday attendance in the Church of England since 2000.

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January 05 2024 By dvirtue Have evangelicals made secret plans to split the Church?

In an end of 2023 article, Nic Tall (Secretary of the General Synod Gender & Sexuality Group) presented a case that the Church of England Evangelical Council (CEEC) has been "Plotting the Division of the Church of England" since at least 2016.

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January 05 2024 By dvirtue CEEC announces discernment panel for informal overseers, as part of its new provisions for orthodox evangelicals

The new panel will discern those who will be providing the informal alternative spiritual oversight and comprises:

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January 02 2024 By dvirtue The future for evangelicals in the Church of England

The CofE has been debating for a number of years whether to change its understanding and practice around same-sex marriage. Given how things went with the Living in Love and Faith process in the last couple of years, the proposals that came forward in February didn't come as a great surprise.

Do you regard December 17th as something of a dark day for the CofE?

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January 02 2024 By dvirtue The C of E's clandestine move toward gay 'marriage'

The first is the poor theology. Part of the problem is that the PLF have emerged from a theological context which values superficial church 'unity' and does not wish to disturb the conscience of the secular world. PLF dishonestly gerrymander doctrine in an attempt to appease the Bible-believing camp by suggesting that these prayers are not a change of doctrine, merely a pastoral provision.

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December 20 2023 By dvirtue Bishops are abdicating responsibility over same-sex blessings say CofE's evangelicals

John Dunnett, National Director of the Church of England's Evangelical Council told Premier it's placed an enormous burden on local churches:

"The bishops have exported this division down to every single local parish"

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