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The vicar, who works in Liverpool, said they came to terms with their gender identity while reading the story and realised: 'There's space in God's creation for change and transformation, just because you're created one way doesn't mean that you can't live another'.

Bingo also said their wife found things 'difficult' when they first came out because 'obviously you marry what you think it a straight guy and obviously things are more complicated than that'.

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January 01 2023 By dvirtue WHAT ABOUT THE BISHOPS?

... is the chief pastor of all that are within his diocese, as well laity as clergy, and their father in God....

... has within his diocese jurisdiction as Ordinary....

... is, within his diocese, the principal minister, and to him belongs the right... of conducting, ordering, controlling, and authorising all services in churches..."

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December 31 2022 By dvirtue A public response to the Bishop of Southwark's synod speech on Christian marriage and same-sex blessings

all clergy operate under his licence and no member of the clergy can operate without it. The Bishop is also in charge of discipline, as evident in the Ordinal:

WILL you maintain and set forward (as much as shall lie in you) quietness, peace, and love among all men; and such as be unquiet, disobedient and criminous within your Diocese, correct and punish, according to such authority as ye have by God's Word, and as to you shall be committed by the Ordinance of this Realm?

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Liberal commentators have been claiming it's a fine thing to see high levels of immigration because it is immigrants propping the Church up. Well, that cannot be true if we have had record highs in immigration in recent years, reaching 1.1 million immigrants arriving in the U.K. last year, and Christian numbers keep falling. Moreover, the number of Christians is still plummeting, putting us in the minority for the first time in modern history.

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December 24 2022 By dvirtue WHAT CHURCH FOR WHAT ENGLAND?

Jeremy Morris is a highly-regarded specialist in nineteenth-century religious history but he evidently relishes this broader focus of a narrative history in the mode of Tom Holland. He holds a balance between offering a coherent historical thread and challenging established preconceptions throughout. Only towards the end do we lose the momentum of quite an exciting story and that is because of the uncertainty of current trends: their outcome still has to be determined.

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December 23 2022 By dvirtue A Heartfelt Plea: An Open Letter to the Bishop of Oxford

In your letter you raise various passages that you say may conflict with your conclusion and to your credit you not only say that they may be legitimately read as such but actually agree that one, Romans 1:26-27, does in fact conflict with your stated position. Your principle of development of doctrine i.e.

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December 19 2022 By dvirtue Bishops tight-lipped on Church's next steps for same-sex relationships

A press release issued at the conclusion of the meeting on Wednesday said: "Bishops spent time praying, reflecting, and discussing a spectrum of possible ways forward for the Church regarding same-sex relationship and marriage, and the theological basis for each. They will continue those discussions at a third meeting in mid-January at which it is anticipated that they will agree an 'offering' to the Church, giving a clear sense of direction."

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December 19 2022 By dvirtue UK: Bishop Sinclair Makes Clear Position of CEEC on LGBT Issues

"The voice we listen to above all other voices is God's voice and that voice is heard in "God's word written, in Holy Scripture"... God has spoken through his Word and his voice is the decisive voice to be heard in the Church of England."

Sinclair's statement is in clear agreement with the Scripture, Creeds, Canons, Ordinal, Book of Homilies, and the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion of the Church of England.

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December 14 2022 By dvirtue Tribunal rejects antisemitism accusations against former vicar - UPDATED

This is despite the low threshold for establishing antisemitism used by the Church of England since it adopted the controversial IHRA definition of antisemitism in 2018. The IHRA has been widely criticised for weaponising antisemitism in order to silence critics of Israel by conflating criticism of Israel with attacks on Jews for being Jews.

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December 13 2022 By dvirtue Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby chooses silence on gay marriage

Several bishops have issued public statements sharing their position. It is thought more than a thousand priests could back a change to church law.

The Most Rev Justin Welby, the church's most senior cleric and spiritual leader of the global Anglican Communion, said he did not expect to share his views, however, because his role was to be a source of "unity".

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