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April 18 2022 By dvirtue UK: How does facilitating people-traffickers reflect the nature of God?

And this season is also why there are such serious ethical questions about sending asylum seekers overseas. The details are for politics and politicians. The principle must stand the judgement of God and it cannot. It cannot carry the weight of resurrection justice, of life conquering death. It cannot carry the weight of the resurrection that was first to the least valued, for it privileges the rich and strong.

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April 16 2022 By dvirtue Statement by the Archbishop of Canterbury after a church court rejected his views on church memorials

"As we reflect on Easter and the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ who we seek to follow, I would like to state unequivocally a key reason for His life, death and resurrection: to put to death people's inhumanity to each other. Chattel slavery was always against the teachings of our Lord. Embracing, excusing or justifying slavery, in particular chattel slavery in any form or fashion, is against the values of Christianity.

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April 04 2022 By dvirtue Church of England heads for chaos over same-sex marriage

It begins with an apology 'for the damage and hurt caused to the LGBT community'. It proceeds with the launch of a programme of 'discussions and learning about gender identity' to be completed this year. The House of Bishops will bring the process of 'decision-making to a conclusion' and their conclusions will be put to a vote in the General Synod next year. The new Synod has been elected and this issue will dominate all its discussions.

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March 20 2022 By dvirtue UK: Anglican bishops accused of abandoning over 2,000 ministers for opposing 'conversion therapy' bill

In December 2021, 2,546 Christian ministers and pastoral workers signed and delivered a letter -- called "Ministers' Consultation Response" -- to the U.K. Foreign Secretary Liz Truss MP, who is also the Minister for Women and Equalities.

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March 15 2022 By dvirtue Churches in England urge immediate end to war in Ukraine

The CTE is formed of 52 national member churches, including the Church of England, Catholic Church, Methodist Church, Baptist Union of Great Britain, Church of God of Prophecy, Redeemed Christian Church of God, and the Free Churches Group.

It is led by presidents the Archbishop of Canterbury, Bishop Tedroy Powell, Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Archbishop Nikitas and Dr Hugh Osgood.

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March 12 2022 By dvirtue UK: Why these Anglican bishops are becoming Catholics

Father Michael Nazir-Ali, the former bishop of Rochester, was ordained for the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham last October, just a month after he was received into the Catholic Church.

Peter Forster, the former bishop of Chester who also became a Catholic last year, has retired to Scotland and has yet to reveal if he has any intentions to exercise priestly ministry within the Catholic Church.

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March 11 2022 By dvirtue UK: Lesbian vicar 'punched and bit her female partner in drunken lovers' spat after necking glass of wine in lockdown'

A court heard Rev Bailey had been staying with Miss Shaw during the coronavirus lockdown but their ten-month relationship had 'turned sour'.

Miss Shaw said that after going shopping Rev Bailey became 'agitated' when they returned home and shared a bottle of wine over dinner.

She then began pacing the bungalow the pair had just moved into before launching an attack which 'inflicted awful violence', the court heard.

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March 03 2022 By dvirtue UK A new survey claims most Anglicans back gay marriage. But the truth is very different

The survey claims that 55 per cent of Anglicans believe that same-sex marriage is "right" and The Times has a headline that the 'Majority of Church of England worshippers back gay marriage'. If you dig just a bit into the data however, you realise that the survey says nothing of the sort.

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March 03 2022 By dvirtue The real sins Justin Welby should confess

A couple of months ago you pointed your finger at Boris Johnson and said, 'You have to acknowledge where things have gone wrong.'

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March 02 2022 By dvirtue Russian Orthodox Church 'encouraged' Putin to invade Ukraine, says Bishop of Leeds

"Part of the reason Putin has been able to push the envelope so far over the last couple of decades, is because and this may be contentious, but I'm going to say it: Russians would still shed their blood for the Motherland. What would we shed our blood for? In the liberal West? You know, his line is you don't believe in anything."

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