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February 22 2022 By dvirtue Lambeth to house new unit to explain and promote Christian faith

The Centre for Cultural Witness is planned to run initially as a four-year project. It will operate in partnership with theological faculties in the UK. It will be funded by donations, including grants from the McDonald Agape Foundation, an American foundation dedicated to encouraging "distinguished scholars for Christ at elite universities", and the Archbishop of Canterbury's Charitable Fund. Dr Tomlin will lead a full-time team, for which recruitment will begin shortly.

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February 21 2022 By dvirtue UK: Bishop sides with Pride against orthodox clergy

I've been reflecting on this as a historical scene-setter to the intervention by Gavin Collins, Bishop of Dorchester, Suffragan of Oxford Diocese, in response to the naming on social media by Oxford Pride of those Oxford clergy and laity who signed the 'Ministers' Consultation Letter' calling on the government to re-think plans to introduce a ban on 'conversion therapy'. The key documents are here:

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February 17 2022 By dvirtue Justin Welby claims he's 'not the Pope' -- but he's acting like one

But back in March 2020, Archbishop Welby and the then Archbishop of York, John
Sentamu wrote to all priests that they were bringing in measures to shut down churches.
It meant an end to weddings, funerals, baptisms and Sunday services -- the first time that
churches in this country had entirely closed their doors since the days of King John.
Services went digital with vicars live-streaming from their kitchen tables or rectory

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February 15 2022 By dvirtue Martyn Percy: Oxford settled Christ Church row to save millions

Some, however, damned it as "morally repugnant" on the grounds it would preclude a woman from pursuing a claim that Percy had stroked her hair in the college cathedral 16 months ago.

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February 11 2022 By dvirtue Director of Church Society Calls for Action: Lays out Six Possible Options Including Exclusion from the Anglican Communion

1.) Full acceptance of gay marriage in the Church

2.) Pastoral Accommodation

3.) The Status Quo

4.) No change in doctrine. Enforcement of proper discipline.

5.) No doctrinal change. Enforcement of discipline, including internationally.

6.) No doctrinal change. Enforcement of discipline. Call to repentance.

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February 10 2022 By dvirtue LONDON: CEEC considers future of the Church of England at its annual meeting

The Council will continue to work for unity but agreed it was time to prayerfully consider a range of options, should the Church of England decide to move away from its current teaching on conclusion of the LLF consultation. Friends from Wales and Scotland were present, as well as those from the wider Anglican Communion, to tell their story.

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February 07 2022 By dvirtue UK: Bishop Dakin Leaves Office

The EC has been told that as many as twenty clergy were turfed out of their parishes and required to sign Non-disclosure Agreements (NDAs) in order to receive some sort of financial payout to ease their departure. It has been estimated that the Diocese spent £500,000 in facilitating the NDAs.

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February 07 2022 By dvirtue UK: Winchester College apologises for John Smyth failures

An independent review found that his abuse of boys from the school had been enabled by his "unfettered access to the college".

Smyth gained the trust of the boys by attending meetings of the Christian Forum, an evangelical group at the college which met on Sundays.

He was regularly invited to be a guest speaker but the report said that he would often sit in on other meetings.

The independent review was led by safeguarding experts Jan Pickles OBE and Genevieve Woods.

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February 07 2022 By dvirtue Oxford college dean steps down after settlement reached in three-year dispute

The college will pay a "substantial" sum in compensation to Percy and reimburse his legal costs, the dean's supporters said. The college has also agreed to an independent review of its governance.


The dispute, which began with Percy's suspension in 2018, has cost millions of pounds and caused serious reputational damage to the 476-year-old college, which has produced 13 British prime ministers, 10 chancellors of the exchequer and 17 archbishops.

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January 27 2022 By dvirtue Factsheet: Sexuality timeline in the Church of England

Last year the Church of England published a report on sexuality, marriage and LGBTQ+ issues. Living in Love and Faith is the fruit of three years' work by committees of bishops, clergy, scientists, historians, theologians and others, including representatives from the LGBTQ+ community.

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