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Church of England
March 20 2024 By dvirtue Racial justice enablers: hills of the north, rejoice

The introduction and job description run for more than 2,500 words, as well as the Racial Justice Charter, which is attached. I shall try to boil it down.

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Welby has been damaging to his church and he should stand down, he said.

"As I keep pointing out the CofE has lost 50% of its congregation in the last decade."

Lord Sewell - a man of color - said; "We need to have a conversation with the archbishop and ask him what he is doing."

"It would be much better [for him] to focus on bringing people back to a time when the church was packed."

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March 16 2024 By dvirtue Asylum seekers 'melt away' when asked to be involved in church before baptisms, priest says

His testimony comes after judges voiced concern that church leaders are being "duped" by asylum seekers who claim to convert to Christianity to evade deportation amid heightened scrutiny following the Clapham chemical attack. The attacker, Abdul Ezedi, was reportedly granted asylum on the grounds of conversion to Christianity at a Baptist church.

The Church of England has faced scrutiny into whether its leaders were supporting "bogus" asylum claims.

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Evident Disdain We have seen helter-skelters and pitch and put in ancient cathedrals. There have been ‘Rave in the Nave’ silent discos in cathedrals, including Canterbury where revellers sipping cocktails danced to hits by artists such as Eminem and Britney Spears yards from the site of Becket’s murder. All in the name of ‘being relevant’ and raising money. These activities demonstrate at the least a lack of respect for Christianity and Christians, and at worst a casual blasphemy.

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March 11 2024 By dvirtue The Church of England is replacing its Christian nature in a fit of woke frenzy

William Wilberforce, who pushed through the legislation to extirpate the foul business, was moved by his Anglican faith. So was John Newton, the former slave trader who repented, composed Amazing Grace and ended his days as a Church of England curate.

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March 09 2024 By dvirtue Woke Grift Bleeding the Church of England Dry

Yes, the Church of England has serious problems apart from wokeness, that American import. British society has been becoming more secular for decades. A smaller and smaller section of society is willing to attend and support churches in the U. K. And years upon years of ordaining priests and consecrating bishops that were hardly Christian has greatly harmed the C of E just as it harmed American mainline denominations.

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March 09 2024 By dvirtue Maligning the missionaries: Should the Church of England regret the promotion of Christianity

Nevertheless, it would be wrong to take a simplistic view of the interplay between proselytization and imperial expansion. It was not simply a matter of priests and missionaries marching arm in arm with invading armies. In the early days of British rule in India, the East India Company -- the dominant power there until 1858 -- strongly opposed Christian missionaries operating in their territory, on the grounds that it was potentially destabilising and would stir up discontent.

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March 08 2024 By dvirtue Dumbing down the priesthood

Slowly but surely the national spotlight has focused on the plans to sell off the church's physical treasures (a secret report by the disgraced Paula Vennells -- leaked last month -- revealed plans to dispose of 1,000 churches) and schemes in dioceses such as Truro and Leicester to scrap traditional parish ministry, replacing it with impossibly huge "minster communities" overseen by priests in a car pool-style management structure.

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March 06 2024 By dvirtue The Church of England after COVID: quo vadis?

The COVID effect is substantial and long-lasting. Drilling down, there is a further cause of deep concern: vocations to ordained ministry. During the pandemic, the number of people starting training for ordained ministry has fallen dramatically. It is about 40 percent down in 2023 compared to 2019.

For stipendiary ministry, the situation is close to collapse.

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March 04 2024 By dvirtue Church of England is blasted for trying to hire £36,000 a year 'anti-racism' officer to 'deconstruct whiteness' - with critics accusing it of 'drinking the critical race Kool Aid'

Funding to hire the 11-person team comes from the church's Racial Justice Unit and includes a director, programme manager, theologian, communications catalyst and six development workers.

The team has three years of funding to 'fan into flame a movement of change' to transform the church and will involve 'reimagining parish and community activities', according to the job listing.

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