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November 07 2022 By dvirtue Together in Love and Faith? Should the Church bless same -sex partnerships? A Response to the Bishop of Oxford

As an incumbent in Oxford, I feel a sense of responsibility to explain why I, along with many others in the diocese, do not agree with him that the Church should change its position on this matter. I do, however, believe that elements of the second part of his proposal offer a hopeful basis for a potential way forward for the Church of England out of the present unsatisfactory situation.

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November 06 2022 By dvirtue Five more bishops call for Church of England to allow same-sex marriages

Currently, according to canon law, no Church of England minister can bless or marry gay couples.

However, a number of other senior clergy, including bishops, have joined Bishop Croft in publicly calling for the Church to change on the issue.

The Bishop of Worcester, the Rt Rev Dr John Inge -- a diocesan bishop -- and the Bishop of Dudley, the Rt Rev Martin Gorick -- a more junior suffragan bishop -- have now publicly backed his calls.

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November 04 2022 By dvirtue A Heartfelt Plea: To the Church of England Evangelical Council, and the clergy they represent

And yet the Church of England Evangelical Council do not propose to remedy the situation and protect the sheep from these wolves in sheep's clothing but instead to give them more power and greater legitimacy.

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November 04 2022 By dvirtue A tautological bishop?

Is the tautology of the title 'Bishop for Episcopal Ministry' evidence of a navel-gazing Church irreversibly turned inwards on it self? Has no bishop ever been for Episcopal Ministry until now? Presumably at present, Dr Bailey Wells will be Bishop for Episcopal Ministry only in those Anglican provinces that accept women in Episcopal Ministry. There is no indication of the clamour for such a figure beyond the Anglican Communion Office; how many bishops worldwide wanted this?

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November 04 2022 By dvirtue UK: Bishop becomes most senior Church figure to back same-sex marriage

Bishops are actively considering whether to recommend any change to the centuries-old teaching that gay people should remain celibate for life and that only opposite-sex couples should marry. They will present recommendations to the General Synod in February, potentially paving the way for an unprecedented vote after decades of debate and division.

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According to the Campaign for Equal Marriage, every diocese was represented among the signatories, who ranged in experience from assistant curates to bishops.

Mr Pietroni continued: "There can be no more delay. We look to the bishops to allow freedom of conscience for clergy who wish to bless same sex couples, and for clergy married to their same sex partners to serve in ministry. The bishops must give a clear message that marriage equality will follow."

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October 17 2022 By dvirtue Justin Welby, scrap the Church of England's trans affirming guidance

It is why we stood with Christian parents Nigel and Sally Rowe and supported them as they took legal action against the Department for Education over trans affirming policies in primary schools.

Nigel and Sally decided to take legal action against the government after they and their six-year-old son were labelled "transphobic" by a CofE primary school for refusing to 'believe' in trans affirming policies.

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October 06 2022 By dvirtue UK: Church organist, 71, who sexually assaulted 14 boys as young as seven is jailed for 12 years as widow of victim says her husband took his own life just two weeks after revealing abuse he suffered at his hands

A church worker who sexually assaulted boys as young as seven has been jailed for 12 years, after a widow of one of his victims said he took his own life after revealing the abuse he suffered.

Choirmaster and church organist, Richard Owen, 71, began his jail sentence today after he was found guilty of assaulting 14 boys during sexually charged corporal punishment beatings.

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Thus, Jayne Ozanne wrote in a letter published in The Guardian:

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October 04 2022 By dvirtue Progressive CofE groups meet with bishops for next step in same-sex relationships

The eight groups attending the meeting include the General Synod Gender and Sexuality Group, Inclusive Church, OneBodyOneFaith and The Ozanne Foundation, amongst others.

They are hoping the Church of England will make a "radical new commitment" to LGBT+ inclusivity, including a ban on conversion therapy (which was previously agreed by the General Synod) and an "end to homophobic and transphobic teachings" which "underpin systemic abuse."

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