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January 23 2022 By dvirtue On the appointment of senior leaders in the Church of England

By all accounts, Stephen Knott has been a competent and valued member of the team at Lambeth. But his appointment is controversial, as last year he entered a same-sex marriage with his partner of 20 years, the Governor of Edinburgh Castle, Major General Alastair Bruce of Crionaich, OBE, and did so in a service of the Scottish Episcopal Church conducted by the Bishop of Edinburgh.

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January 18 2022 By dvirtue Consultation will consider giving Anglican Communion say in nomination of Archbishop of Canterbury

The proposal would increase the Anglican Communion representatives to five while reducing the number of members from the Diocese to three. As at present, there would also be nine other members from the Church of England, including six elected by General Synod.

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January 13 2022 By dvirtue Anonymous letter to Bishop criticises C of E sexuality discussion process

Feedback on 'Living in Love and Faith'
I engaged in the LLF materials and, as comments are invited for the consultation, thought it may be helpful to give feedback for you to pass on.

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January 12 2022 By dvirtue What if He Were a Known Swindler, Idolater, Drunkard, or Slanderer?

What makes Mr Knott's appointment particularly newsworthy is that he is to be made the gatekeeper for all bishops, deans, and other senior roles within the Church of England. He is a male in a same-sex "marriage" with the very modern Major General Alastair Bruce, Governor of Edinburgh Castle. Mr Knott and the Major General's "marriage" would not have been allowed in the Church of England.

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December 30 2021 By dvirtue Church of England priest who disrupted consecration of first female bishop loses religious discrimination tribunal after claiming he was forced to retire aged 70 because of his belief that women shouldn't be ordained

His notorious campaign against women being ordained dates back 25 years when in 1997 he tried to sue the dean and chapter of St Paul's Cathedral for appointing a female minor canon.

In 2015 the priest publicly interrupted the ordination of Libby Lane - England's first female bishop - at York Minster to object to it, shouting that it was 'not in the bible' and that it was an 'absolute impediment'.

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December 24 2021 By dvirtue British Jews Condemn Welby for Comments on Holy Land Persecution of Christians

I agree entirely that assaults on the Christian community in the Holy Land, carried out by extremists, are unacceptable. All people of faith have the right to freedom of worship and belief. If your article had focussed solely on the attacks that Christian clergy, communities and places of worship have tragically suffered, then this response would not have been necessary.

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There are signs that the Charity Commission and the chancellor of Oxford University, Lord Patten of Barnes, might finally intervene.

Biting or, better still, removing the "other generals" of Christ Church would be a good start.

The Rev Jonathan Aitken
Christ Church alumnus 1961-64
London SW5. ENDS

Here is Archbishop Cranmer's blog take on Percy.

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December 11 2021 By dvirtue UK: Son of 'sadomasochistic' QC removed from church after 'gaslighting' victims of abuse

In June, The Telegraph revealed that his son, PJ Smyth, a church leader in the US, was suspended from ministry amid allegations he misrepresented what he knew about his father's abuse.

The revelations prompted an investigation into the Advance Movement -- the evangelical network founded by PJ, comprising more than 115 churches around the world. However, it can now be reported that he has been "stood down" indefinitely from the organisation.

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December 11 2021 By dvirtue Welby defends freedom of speech -- 'living out the Reformation truth'

My Lords, I am most grateful to the Leader of the House and to the usual channels, and to all of your Lordships who have taken the trouble to be here today, and especially to the Noble Lord, Lord Parkinson, for answering on behalf of the Government in order that we may have this debate. It is a return to our Advent tradition, interrupted in recent years by elections and pandemics.

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December 09 2021 By dvirtue UK named in human rights report as intolerant against Christians

Furthermore, it suggests that violence against Christians has risen in the UK in the form of vandalism and severe arson attacks on Christian buildings and even physical assaults. It concludes that there is a strong social hostility and at the same time indifference or even a bias from public authorities.

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