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Dr Wells was preaching at 'the Service of Hope for LGBTI equality in the Church of England' at the Church of the Holy Spirit, Clapham. He began with a bit of learned myth-busting about St Francis of Assisi's Prayer of Peace.

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June 15 2018 By virtueonline Church of England sexuality debate off the cards until 2020

The confirmation comes after Christian Today revealed the CofE would ignore any calls for change to give bishops time to write a new teaching document on sexuality, not expected until 2020. Instead of formal debates or legislation, any synod discussions on sexuality will take place behind closed doors in group settings, avoiding publicity around a head-to-head debate, Christian Today reported last month.

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June 12 2018 By virtueonline Vicar of Baghdad Andrew White Accused of Paying ISIS to Free Sex Slaves Is Cleared of Charges

Canon Andrew White, 54, who was the vicar of St George's Church in the capital of Iraq until 2014, said that the authorities had informed him last month that he was no longer being investigated and no further action would be taken, the U.K. Sunday Times reported Wednesday.

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June 07 2018 By virtueonline Sex abuse panel seeks witness statement from Prince Charles on pedophile Church of England bishop

The request for a statement from Charles and his private secretary was made public Wednesday during an Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse hearing.

The inquiry is looking into the way abuse allegations against ex-bishop Peter Ball were dealt with. He was sentenced to 32 months in prison in 2015 for numerous sexual offenses going back to the 1970s.

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June 02 2018 By dvirtue Responding to the Lichfield Ad Clerum

People of any sexual orientation or gender identity should feel welcomed and cared for in our churches. Jesus was not shy about speaking to people with all kinds of backgrounds and histories and neither should Christians be. The good news of eternal life is for all who repent and believe, whatever their starting point when they first encounter Jesus, who lovingly calls us to leave our old lives and follow him in a new direction.

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June 01 2018 By dvirtue Recruiting Mentally Dysfunctional Clergy To Run The Anglican Asylum

Despite their capitulation to Marxism, the Society of Jesus remains committed to excellence and even elitism when it comes to recruiting novices. The stringent application of the motto Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam (to the greater glory of God) makes it incumbent for this order of God's commandos to enlist the finest. After all, sloppy clergy who produce shoddy work will accomplish little for the greater glory of God.

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May 31 2018 By dvirtue Church of England accused of breaking canon law by ordering priests to report abuse heard in confession box

Although the practice of confession is rarer in Anglican churches than it is in Catholic ones, it is still present within the Church of England. Canon law dictates that anything heard in confession must be kept secret and the issue was raised by the independent inquiry into sex abuse in March which expressed concern that paedophiles could confess their abuse and go unreported.

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May 30 2018 By dvirtue Church of England fends off sexuality debate as bishops work on new teaching document

Instead of formal debates or legislation, synod discussions on sexuality will take place behind closed doors in group settings, avoiding publicity around a head-to-head debate. At the upcoming synod meeting in July, an afternoon will be set aside for private seminars and workshops, around half of which will cover sexuality.

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May 30 2018 By dvirtue A house divided

Firstly Martyn Percy, Dean of Christ Church Oxford, in an essay for Modern Church outlines familiar criticisms of the 'evangelical' leadership of the C of E, and proposes a very different model for the Church's engagement with the world. He begins by reflecting on two best-selling publications.

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May 24 2018 By dvirtue Justin Welby: separation of church and state not a disaster

In an interview with the Guardian ahead of the royal wedding, Welby acknowledged that disestablishment -- separating church and state, and removing the C of E's official status -- would be a "complicated process".

"Would disestablishment be a disaster? No," he said, adding: "Nothing's a disaster with God."

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