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March 20 2019 By dvirtue Lambeth Conference: University of Kent defends hosting event excluding same-sex spouses

In a statement to PinkNews, the university defended the decision to host the £4,950-a-head event through its commercial venue hire service.

A University of Kent spokesperson told PinkNews: "It is our understanding that The Lambeth Conference, in running its conference, can rely on an exemption within the Equality Act 2010 which applies to religious organisations.

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March 20 2019 By dvirtue UK: Equality Act does not require schools to teach same-sex marriage, Bishop Urquhart

But this is misleading and inaccurate as it wrongly asserts that the Equality Act 2010 obliges schools as a 'requirement of the law' to teach children about 'the right for people to choose their identity and who they wish to love.' In fact, government guidance is clear that the Equality Act specifically does not apply to a school's curriculum and further spells out that no school or teacher is under any obligation to 'support, promote or endorse marriage of same sex couples.'

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March 16 2019 By dvirtue Interfaith ties fracture as Church of England won't stand with Muslims opposing gay sex in school

In a detailed email, Mrs Ahmed explained that the parents were not homophobic or transphobic, they were not against anyone, they fully respected the Equality Act 2010 and they taught their children to respect everyone in the manner they would expect to be treated.

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March 14 2019 By dvirtue Tactics not truth over same-sex marriages

'One of the things which impedes that change of view (towards embracing same-sex marriage) in the life of the Church is a fear lest it be seen to be in any way compelled to make up its mind by external forces, even if that is not the intention of the amend­ment. I recognise it is not, very clearly. However, that external pres­sure would itself be a rallying call to those opposed to change.'

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March 10 2019 By dvirtue UK: Women bishops condemn pipe organ as symbol of toxic masculinity on International Women's Day

"We've always thought of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony as a joyous outburst of human solidarity. We have a hymn tune from the symphony's Ode to Joy. But McClary helped me to understand that this symphony tells a more violent story, which is one of rape," Bishop Rachel said, acknowledging both theories were based on McClary's book Feminine Endings: Music, Gender and Sexuality.

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Would he get in trouble under the Clergy Discipline Measure for refusing to conduct a service celebrating a person's gender transition? Would he be disciplined by his bishop, prosecuted by the British State or both for Islamophobia for refusing to take part in a multi-faith service?

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March 02 2019 By dvirtue Bishops supporting ISIS-bride Shamima Begum have no vocabulary for evil

"Evil is a make-believe concept we've invented to deal with the complexities of fellow humans holding values and beliefs and perspectives different than our own," he sermonised. Soon after, in the Shangri-La of Tajikistan, he and his flower-power companions met the wicked witch from the Brothers Grimm. Two ISIS terrorists, overflowing with the milk of global goodness, rammed them with a car, then stabbed and shot them.

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February 25 2019 By dvirtue UK: Thirty-six per cent of Anglican congregations have no parishioners under 16-years-old

The new figures came during the Synod debate on the future of youth evangelism in England, in which the Church agreed to prioritise recruiting more youth workers and being inclusive of LGBT teenagers.

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February 25 2019 By dvirtue What's wrong with the Church of England's new LGBT Pastoral Principles?

As with those letters, many of the sentiments are commendable and uncontroversial. But from the point of view of biblical Christianity there are some notable problems, and some striking omissions.

Here are the 'highlights', with commentary:

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February 22 2019 By dvirtue Churches no longer legally required to hold service every Sunday, as Synod scraps 17th century law

However vicars in rural parts of the country, who have been increasingly responsible for "up to 20 churches" in their area due to the decline in clergy, say they are unable to abide by the law and left with little choice but to break it.

In recent years growing numbers of parishes have held one combined Sunday worship where previously each church would have held separate services.

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