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Culture Wars
May 30 2018 By dvirtue UK: The real danger is not Tommy Robinson, but the Left, radical Islam and Socialism

Robinson has been accused of getting himself arrested on purpose, but this is not the issue here. His arrest is a flashpoint and has highlighted the corruption and secretive behaviour endemic in our Left-wing dominated authorities and establishment.

The police, Crown Prosecution Service and social services ignored the plight of white underclass girls victimised by Muslim grooming gangs for decades kowtowing to political correctness because they feared being smeared as 'racist'.

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May 30 2018 By dvirtue Employees quit American Bible Society over sex and marriage rules

In a statement issued in response to RNS questions, President and CEO Roy Peterson wrote: "We did this because we believe a staff made up of people with a deep and personal connection to the Bible will bring unity and clarity as we continue our third century of ministry."

He added: "We understand there are differing views on these matters." He also said: "This decision does not signal intent to advocate or champion any cause other than increased engagement with the Bible."

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May 28 2018 By dvirtue The Big Lie that swayed the Irish referendum

It is Hitler who articulates the idea of the big lie. The big lie has 'credibility', he writes in Mein Kampf, because most people 'more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large scale falsehoods'.

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May 24 2018 By dvirtue We Hold These Truths: Defending Liberty in a Perilous Age

That poem was written in 1919 and it voiced for millions a loss of innocence and the evaporation of hope. We can now see that Yeats's words grew only more prophetic over the last ninety-nine years. Things are falling apart. The center cannot hold.

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May 23 2018 By dvirtue Top Vatican Cardinal: Homophobia 'Does Not Exist, Clearly an Invention'

"Homophobia simply does not exist, it is clearly an invention, an instrument of totalitarian domination over the minds of others," the cardinal said. "The homosexual movement lacks scientific arguments and therefore they have built an ideology that seeks to dominate, seeking to construct their own reality."

The prelate tied strategies of the gay lobby to those employed by Marxists, in inventing a "phobia" for those that oppose them.

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May 17 2018 By dvirtue Snopes Is a Sneaky Liar About California's Bill To Ban Christian LGBT Talk

Sure, it is virtually impossible that California will immediately attempt to ban the sale of the Bible itself. Not even the hard Left in California has that kind of chutzpah. But citations of Bible verses in the context of declaring homosexual practice and transgenderism to be morally debased could indeed get one into serious trouble with the law if it comes in the context of selling or advertising a product or service. Here are the problems with Snopes's case.

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The news coming out of California signals a dark and horrible chapter in American history. One of my favorite friends and heroes is Robert A. J. Gagnon, who published not one but two essays recently in the Federalist. The dangerous law that is surely to pass in California will ban any promotion, sale, or endorsement of "efforts" to change sexual orientation.

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May 12 2018 By dvirtue His Cross Changed My Transgendered Life

I was born as a female. I am 33. My name is Marianne Bernadette Pillai from Malaysia. God made me a female as He said in Genesis 1:27 "So God created man in His own image, in the image of God created he Him; male and female created He them" and in Jeremiah 1:5 "Before I formed you in the belly I knew you and before you came forth out of the womb I sanctified you."

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May 11 2018 By dvirtue The Death of Western Christianity. By Patrick Sookhdeo

He knows how myopic Western Christians can be. His subtitle says it all: "Drinking from the Poisoned Wells of the Cultural Revolution." In this book he speaks of how the church in the West once blazed brightly, but now the flame is all but out.

He notes how the corruption is found everywhere, but especially in church leadership. All this is resulting in declining church numbers and the irrelevance of Christianity for so many people in the West. Writes Sookhdeo:

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May 09 2018 By dvirtue A Review of The New Normal. By Lisa Severine Nolland, et. al.

But today the trans revolution is sweeping everything in its path. It has been enthusiastically embraced and promoted by celebrities, the mass media, academics, courts, universities, and even some churches. While there are plenty of positive things being written on all this, there is little that critically evaluates it. Thus this book.

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