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July 27 2018 By dvirtue 'Intimidation' Overtaking Church on Sexuality Issues, Says Pastor Who Challenged Vicky Beeching

In a lengthy article last week on his blog, TheWeeFlea, David Robertson, who is the pastor at St. Peters Free Church in Dundee, Scotland, described what happened when Beeching -- who came out as a lesbian in 2014 -- commented on his and another pastor's review of her book, Undivided, in which they addressed her arguments and commented on the experiences she had that informed her conclusions.

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July 25 2018 By dvirtue Hormone therapy for transsexuals has fatal health risks

Hormone 'therapy'

Hormone 'therapy' involves giving testosterone to women and oestrogen to men.

The US study compared medical records of over 5,000 transgender people against more than 97,000 others.

It also suggested that men who took hormones for more than six years were ten times more likely to have a stroke caused by a blood clot than the general population.


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July 24 2018 By dvirtue Five Spiritual Dangers in the Human Rights Campaign's 'Guide' for LGBT Evangelicals

HRC's push to encourage churches to accept people who suffer with same-sex attraction and gender dysphoria is laudable, and Christians have been too dismissive of these people in the past. But Christians must be careful to preserve the teachings of Jesus while extending His grace to those who struggle with these issues. God calls Christians to love LGBT people, but not to affirm LGBT identity, and HRC's "guidance" undermines that crucial mission.

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Four years later, we have a field guide published by the Human Rights Campaign encouraging activists to infiltrate evangelical churches including those of the Southern Baptist Convention, to push Christians to abandon the Biblical view on sexuality and replace it with a heretical homosexual identity politics that adopts a thin veneer of scriptural reference.

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July 19 2018 By dvirtue Same-sex 'marriage' doesn't improve LGBT health: Study

Health indicators for lesbians in these legally-recognized "marriages" did not suggest they are any healthier than non-"married" lesbians.

Gay men in these "marriages" also showed no improvement in their health.

"Turning to health outcomes, we find no relationship between legal access to same-sex marriage and self-rated health, substance use, or preventive care take-up for men in same-sex households," the authors wrote.

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July 02 2018 By dvirtue NIGERIA: An interview with Ben Kwashi, Anglican Archbishop of Jos

AB Kwashi seemed calm and joyful when he greeted us today. One would never know that just the night before last, his own compound was attacked, all his cows stolen by Fulani raiders, and his neighbor murdered while trying to protect his friend (the Archbishop). The terrorists seemed to be sending the Archbishop a warning. When we came to his door, Kwashi was saying goodbye to the leader of another Nigerian network of churches. They joked about their days in seminary together.

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June 30 2018 By dvirtue CANADA: Edmonton Bishop Jane Alexander denies tapping into the Zeitgeist while doing it

Bishop Jane Alexander's opening gambit, declaring LGBT people are "not an abomination" is a loaded statement along the lines of "when did you stop beating your wife?" It presupposes that there are conservatives in the church who think they are an abomination: no conservative I know thinks that.

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June 30 2018 By dvirtue Evangelical Conference To Discuss Bringing 'Queer Treasure, Honor, And Glory' Into Heaven

These believers are discussing homosexual desires and whether it's okay to call oneself gay or queer as long as you regard gay sex as sinful. Approving same-sex relationships is off the table--at least for now. But plenty of congregation members worry the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) could eventually go the way of mainline denominations and approve gay sex and other behaviors along the LGBT spectrum.

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June 25 2018 By virtueonline Muhammad mapped a migration master plan centuries before Merkel

'Is it ok for Muslim parents to stop their kids having non-Muslim pals?' asks Mary Wakefield in this week's Spectator. Her analysis is as naïve as that of a voyeur peeping through the keyhole of a glass door.

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