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Culture Wars
February 16 2019 By dvirtue A Review of Trans Life Survivors. By Walt Heyer

One person who knows all about this is Walt Heyer. He was born male, transitioned to female at age 42, and lived that way for eight years. He then detransitioned, and has since been helping others in this area. He has already penned a number of important books on this issue, including his 2013 volume, Gender, Lies and Suicide.

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February 14 2019 By dvirtue National Poll: Most "Pro-Choice" Americans Oppose Infanticide and Abortion Up to Birth

Today, non-partisan polling firm YouGov, in partnership with Americans United for Life (AUL), released findings from a national survey of 1,145 American adults involving attitudes toward abortion. The survey took place on February 6 and 7, two weeks after New York passed and enacted the Reproductive Health Act, which allows doctors and other healthcare professionals to perform abortions up to the point of birth, and one week after Virginia Gov.

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February 13 2019 By dvirtue Knowing Where we Stand: Washington Post Columnist Says Anyone Who Holds to Biblical Morality Is A Bigot--Calls for VP Pence to Resign

So we are told in advance that the article will condemn bigotry. The headline itself carries a weighty context--the background of the article flows from the charges levied against the governor of Virginia after embarrassing photographs surfaced that indicate a repetitive pattern of racism. Understandably, the Democratic Party has decided that Northam should resign. But Richard Cohen says that by the same logic, if Governor Northam must go, Vice President Mike Pence must go too. Why?

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February 12 2019 By dvirtue Christianity's Masculinity Crisis

G.K. Chesterton observed that "it ought to be the oldest things that are taught to the youngest people." In other words, children should be first exposed to the time-tested ideas and facts that we're most sure of. But in today's educational wonderland, Chesterton's formula has been turned on its head. These days, educators feel they have a mandate to introduce the most novel and untested theories to the youngest people.

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February 03 2019 By dvirtue The silence of the shepherds on the abortion of the lambs

What happens to the world when the pulpit goes into silent mode refusing to speak the Word of the Lord to the life-and-death issues of our times?

The genocide of 6million Jews in Nazi Germany elicited few condemnations from the pulpit. At the Treysa Conference in August 1945, church leaders confessed the complicity of their pulpits: "Long before our churches became piles of rubble, our pulpits were restricted and our prayers were silenced."

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February 02 2019 By dvirtue Known Trespassing

Partial-Birth Abortion is a procedure in which the abortionist pulls a living baby feet-first out of the womb and into the birth canal (vagina), except for the head, which the abortionist purposely keeps lodged just inside the cervix (the opening to the womb). The abortionist punctures the base of the baby's skull with a surgical instrument, such as a long surgical scissors or a pointed hollow metal tube called a trochar.

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February 02 2019 By dvirtue Confronting the Bullies

While some may think that lust is the primary sin of the LGBTQ+, years of research in this area have convinced me that for the LGBTQ+ the primary temptation is envy, followed by lust. The pathologically envious feel they have been unjustly denied something they have a right to. This leads to coveting--the sin of being obsessed by a desire for something that belongs to someone else, something you have no right to.

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January 31 2019 By dvirtue When All Seems Lost in the Battle

About the same time, pornography was legalized (essentially) under the guise of "freedom of speech" and "freedom of expression". Today, any 5 year-old can access depictions of the worst perversions ever conceived by man. And so, as a nation, we have exposed our children to great harm in order to satisfy our own lusts.

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January 17 2019 By dvirtue Karen Pence teaches at Christian school with Christian code of conduct, leftists go nuts

A few enterprising journalists promptly went digging, and they soon discovered apparently horrifying things. Immanuel Christian School, for example, has employees explain their views of the "creation/evolution" debate.

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January 16 2019 By dvirtue Pastor Forced to Resign over 'Homosexuality Is a Sin' Church Sign

Pastor Justin Hoke, who led Trinity Bible Presbyterian Church in Weed, California, is without a job after he posted a sign outside his church on December 31 stating, "Bruce Jenner is still a man. Homosexuality is still a sin. The culture may change. The Bible does not":

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