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September 08 2022 By virtueonline THE TYRANNY OF PRIDE

Well, such a movement exists, right here in 21st-century Britain. And it isn't Toryism or 'Brexshit' or any of the other ideologies the liberal elite is constantly telling us to fear. It's Pride.

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July 10 2022 By dvirtue Mocked, reviled and pelted with eggs -- a Christian on the Pride front line

The virtue-signalling festival which was Pride London was a demonstration that Britain's new religion is to worship at the LGBT shrine. I know this to be the case because I was at the parade myself and saw every minute of it. I was present to preach the gospel with two other pastors and supported by a small band of brave Christian brothers and sisters. Our witness was by arrangement with the Metropolitan Police.

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July 06 2022 By dvirtue Christians have abortions too

There are a million babies killed by abortion every year, and many of them are children of parents who regularly go to church. Abortion is more common in the Church than you think.

If your church is anything like the average church in America, some women in your church have probably had an abortion and some men in your church have probably led a woman to have an abortion.

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July 05 2022 By dvirtue Technology is being 'weaponised' to persecute religious minorities - Open Doors

The report has been published as government and faith representatives from around the world prepare to meet in London for the UK government's two-day ministerial on religious freedom this week.

The Open Doors report, which will be presented at the ministerial, singles out China as a country where cyber persecution has accelerated in recent years.

There, it is being used against the Uyghur minority in particular.

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I really didn't know how to answer that.

My name is Mary Ann. But apparently, it's not obvious that I am a woman -- an adult human female.

I looked up pronouns and a chart came up listing he/him ... she/her ... they/them. In addition to zie/zir and xe/xem.

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June 28 2022 By dvirtue The Catastrophe of 12 Million Fatherless American Boys

American boys are at the center of this crisis: they grow up to commit crime, drop out of school, and take their own lives at far higher rates than women do. From 1960 to 1996, the percentage of boys who lived without their biological father almost doubled--from 17% to 32%. Today, the Institute for Family Studies reports that "an estimated 12 million boys are growing up in families without their biological father."

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They are not all obsessed with sex.

They are not child predators or molesters.

To the contrary, many of them are the man or woman next door. Or the couple whose kids play with your kids. Or your boss or employee. Or your teacher or student. Or your brother or sister. Or your child or parent. Or your longtime best friend.

Many of them, in many areas of their lives, are more moral than many of us who are straight.

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June 25 2022 By dvirtue PRIDE: HOW CAN WE RESPOND? -- Part 2

The main thing these authors got wrong was the timing: it took far longer than they imagined. However, on almost all other fronts, their strategies were implemented and the wildly successful annual season of Pride is one of their many accomplishments.

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June 20 2022 By dvirtue PRIDE: THE REAL AGENDA -- Part One

Pride is different.

Historical perspectives on propaganda show that the end goal s compliance with the revolution.

First, I highlight the role of claims and complacency:

"Years ago ... you'd often hear their activists say, 'Why are you opposed to gay rights? This won't impact your life in any way'. Of course, they don't even try to say that anymore ... There are no longer calls for tolerance, but compliance."

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June 20 2022 By dvirtue Number of Americans who believe in God dips to new low: Gallup

The poll notes that only 72% of Democrats, 62% of liberals and 68% of young people believe in God.

"Belief in God is highest among political conservatives (94%) and Republicans (92%), reflecting that religiosity is a major determinant of political divisions in the U.S., it adds.

Looking at belief in God region-wise, the poll found that the South has the highest number with 86%, but it is down from 93% in 2017. The region with the lowest number is the East, with 78%.

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