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March 20 2024 By dvirtue The evil trans ideology is in retreat, at last

Most children grow out of gender dysphoria given time and it is often symptomatic of something else; not least that standard condition of adolescence: feeling really rubbish about yourself. There are forces at work, however, which very much don't want children to grow out of being "trans", or to come to the realisation that they were gay after all.

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March 13 2024 By dvirtue This is where the transgender movement is going

Within a matter of mere decades, marriage was redefined and humanity's most basic institution was "expanded" to include same-sex couples. Simultaneously, there were demands that homosexuals be given full recognition and liberation as well. That revolution took a bit longer to gain traction, but then it gained momentum and expanded its aims. The modern LGBTQ movement represents two great achievements of the liberationists.

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March 11 2024 By dvirtue A cry from the heart to keep England's cathedrals sacred

This weekend the nave of Manchester hosted three metal bands, again with the setup emulating a rock concert venue as closely as possible. One of the bands had a blasphemous name, and the lyrics went beyond the cheeky glorification of fornication on the playlist at the silent discos. I'll let you do your own research, but the first set of lyrics I came across described someone being dismembered.

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March 08 2024 By dvirtue Abortion is Running Out of Babies

After Roe v. Wade first came on the scene, abortions shot up all through the 80s and hit a peak in 1990 with 1.6 million. Then, just as the Democrats decided to go all-in on abortion, purging their pro-life wing, abortion rates crashed, and now struggle to pass the million mark.

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March 03 2024 By dvirtue Even atheists can see through the trans delusion

It is insane to suggest that anyone is ever "born in the wrong body." It is insane to argue -- with a straight face -- that a man can become a woman, or vice versa.

And it is insane to spit in the face of the Creator God who, in the beginning, made us male and female -- forever.

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March 02 2024 By dvirtue We Need to Purge Wokeness From Our Churches and Rescue Christianity From Cultural Marxism

Trending: Childhood "Vaccine" Schedule Led to the "Greatest Decline in Public Health in Human History"

"I see it as almost a modern-day Nicene Creed or Apostle's Creed," Miles says, comparing the document to two historic Christian statements of faith that encapsulate essential doctrines and unite Christians of various denominations around the world.

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February 28 2024 By dvirtue Trans Hormones, Surgery Not 'Necessary in Order to Prevent Suicide': Study

A team of Finnish researchers followed the 16,643 people under the age of 23 who entered Finland's gender clinics from 1996 to 2019. Initially, they noted that the suicide rate for trans-identifying people ranged from 350% to 1,900% higher than the average citizen -- but that statistic alone created an incomplete, and misleading, picture.

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February 22 2024 By dvirtue George Barna: The US needs a 'spiritual awakening' to achieve 'unity'

The Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University released its fifth annual American Worldview Inventory on Monday. Based on interviews with 2,000 U.S. adults conducted in January, the survey examined the prevalence of 14 different worldviews among the population.

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February 21 2024 By dvirtue LIVING UNDER OCCUPATION

We Lost -- Move On The Pride flag declares the triumph of progressivism over the institutional church. The church has been conquered and is held by the invader and by those who share the conqueror's views. The members must be prepared to submit or remain silent for the sake of peace.

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February 16 2024 By dvirtue Screwtape Whispers 'He Gets Us' to Lure Us Away from Jesus

That impulse, to make up an ersatz church with a dummy Christ, is ever at our elbow, whispered by "angels of light" who tickle our ears with honeyed words. When the Church was still in its infancy, Saint Paul warned already of false gospels and antichrists. These we will always have with us. And at every point of the theological spectrum, from left to right.

The Mother of All Heresies

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