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July 08 2020 By dvirtue Why can't Britain's foreign aid be used to help Christians too?

But in doing this we've risked sending good money after bad: losing it amid suffocating bureaucracy, inefficiency and outright corruption. In Pakistan, for example, a large chunk of educational aid is in danger of being wasted because DfID-related contractors have built substandard school buildings which may need replacing.

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July 06 2020 By dvirtue Slavery, statues and knowing when to stop

In the Arab world, slavery existed before the rise of Islam and continued to be practised right up to modern times. The Arabs were pioneers in the slave trade with Africa and European slavers learnt much about their business from them. The conquest of the Sind led to the enslavement of some of the local population and the subsequent Muslim Empires in India had both Turkic and Indian slaves.

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July 04 2020 By dvirtue THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES

Take the new mantra, "Black Lives Matter." Of course they do. All lives matter. This is obvious to anyone not afraid of being called a racist for nonsensical reasons. But these are nonsensical times.

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July 04 2020 By dvirtue Nadia Bolz-Weber: Livin' On A Prayer?

'My 12-step program is next door to Masterpiece Cake Shop (of anti-gay fame) so as an act of resistance I always choose to take up their best parking places. It's the little things...'

The owner of the cake shop is, remember, a fellow-Christian. Dare we suppose that the finger and the sentiment would have been applied to a Muslim cake shop and its owner? Answers on the usual postcard, please, folks.

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I decided to use the same approach and investigate first-hand accounts from those who had experienced slavery. I was surprised by the wealth and breath of information readily available.

Among my treasured finds was the 1999 ABC presentation "Found Voices"; recorded interviews from former slaves made in the 1930's and 40's. Among those interviewed were several survivors of Clotilda, the last slave ship to arrive in America.

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July 01 2020 By dvirtue FROM CAIRO TO THE WORLD

After many years of struggle and through the mercy and providence of God, a new story is forming, a Fellowship rising up to address the lack of discipline and accountability plaguing us since Anglicanism’s inception: the Global South Fellowship (GSF). Said another way, this fellowship constitutes a fresh start for the Anglican Communion, providing a clear alternative to Canterbury as the home of faithful Anglicanism.

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The British order of chivalry, founded in 1818 under King George III, is awarded to ambassadors, diplomats and senior Foreign Office officials who have served abroad in a non-military capacity and is personally bestowed by the Queen. Encircling the image is the Latin motto Auspicium melioris ævi (Hope of a better age).

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June 30 2020 By dvirtue The New Religion Of The Woke Left Is A Faith Without Atonement

Humans are different. We aren't all direct siblings with whom we need to cooperate and co-exist, yet we collaborate at a scale like no other species on earth. This is accomplished by a collective recognition of something as "sacred," be it a rock, an ancestor, an idea, or even a god. Then, we organize around that shared sacred artifact. We become brothers and sisters in religion, almost as if we were created to do just that.

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June 22 2020 By dvirtue SC Court on Remand Vindicates Bishop Lawrence and His Parishes

Judge Dickson does an excellent job of laying out these conclusions at the close of his Order:

The neutral principles of property, corporate, and trust law [in South Carolina] have been consistent for years. Lawyers and judges understand those principles and are competent to decide issue[s] based upon them. Additionally, neutral principles of law avoid[] all religious discussion, including which party is "true" to their denomination.

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June 15 2020 By dvirtue What has Marx to do with Minneapolis?

Any situation is usually more complex and messy than appears at first sight and we must be careful not to simplify what has been happening in a reductionist way.

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