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July 31 2023 By dvirtue The Most Important Decision in Life

It is to the permanent honor of this college that it was founded, almost 180 years ago, by Free Will Baptists who were committed to the abolition of slavery. Hillsdale's founders were on the right side of the most compelling moral debate of the nineteenth century--and it is worth remarking that the leadership of this college today finds itself on the right side of the most pressing ethical argument of our time--namely, the protection of the unborn.

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Growing up, boys started to bully me badly. It was totally not my fault that my face was full of gross acne and my body barely triggering the indicator of the weighing scale. My body had become my greatest enemy. Unfortunately, it felt like a curse I couldn't escape. Worse was that I was seeing it everyday. "If I was a female", I'd say," life would be much easier. Make-up can easily cover this messed-up face and many females like their bodies very slim!"

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July 20 2023 By dvirtue Secular Pentecostals vs. Secular Episcopalians: What Happens When Both Sides Secularize

I've lived long enough to see that my denomination is hardly different when it comes to morally compromised people making a hasty comeback. Still, what sticks out to me is not the literal reality of this man's statement so much as the metaphor of it all--a metaphor that explains a good bit of what's going on in our current American social crisis.

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July 20 2023 By dvirtue Comprehensive Sexuality Education [CSE], Kids and Us

CSE [Comprehensive Sexuality Education], Kids and Us: A revolution in progress. Part 1.

I am entering a minefield of complex, multi-faceted, highly-emotive and with, at times, contradictory strands, which I can only begin to unpack. Others may have different experiences and come to different conclusions, which is fair enough. More in Part 2.

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July 17 2023 By dvirtue LAW AND GOSPEL: But did you really hear the Gospel?

When we fail to fulfill its demands because the bar is way too high for our human striving, we are not told to "do more!" and "try harder!"; but rather we are shown that Jesus came, not to abolish the law, but to fulfill it perfectly for us (Matt 5:17).

The Law diagnoses sinners: condemned and dead in their sin (Gal 3:19). It's purpose is to amplify sin and to silence every self-justifying argument before God.

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July 15 2023 By dvirtue What if the Nones Really Do Herald the Decline of Religion?

But here is the problem. If a person rejects that church affiliation, and abandons the religious community, how long can they maintain that solitary or non-affiliated religious practice before it dies altogether? Ten years? Thirty? And can that attenuated practice be passed on to the next generation? When does "no religious affiliation" transform into a simple "No religion at all, seriously, and I mean it"?

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To be sure, the main problem is not that Cruz deems the Ugandan laws too strict. That is a reasonable stance for conservatives to take. The issue here is Cruz's full-throated embrace of an outdated conservatism that idolizes individual autonomy at the expense of the culture's moral and spiritual health. By paying lip service to the powerful gay lobby, which seeks to annihilate traditional values, Cruz is just another symptom of the moral compromise that pervades today's conservatism.

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July 10 2023 By dvirtue Why I left the Brisbane Anglicans to join the Diocese of the Southern Cross

It's not a simple question. That's why I took so long to work it through. It actually isn't a simple question, as so many people who are committed to the cause of the gospel and the authority of the Scriptures show because they remain in structures like that.

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Warnings come to us all -- not only in these exceptional circumstances, but also during times when all seems normal and safe. Some years ago, I was the rector of a seaside parish church in a suburb of Richards Bay, a port city on the east coast of South Africa. Between our suburb and the town centre was a lake that flowed into an estuary via a canal. A bridge over the canal carried the access road from our suburb into town.

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July 03 2023 By dvirtue Why bishops need to throw away their mitres

Why do Church of England bishops wear mitres? In our age of visual media, there is a tendency to reach for visual symbolism; it seems sometimes that those on television they don't think they are actually talking to a bishop unless the person is wearing a purple cassock. But there are many reasons for saying goodbye to mitres once and for all.

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