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February 25 2019 By dvirtue "PAY ATTENTION TO POWER": Anglican Hypocrisy, Part Two

Some of these inequities involve fairly obvious things like money and status. Canterbury is spending large amounts of money to jet around the world and meet with bishops, to bring them to pre-Lambeth gatherings, including a Primates' Meeting in January 2020, and to finance the Conference itself.

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February 23 2019 By dvirtue Pied Pipers of "polymorphous perversity" penetrate schools luring kids like rats

Gay activists have discovered the same truth. By fusing this Ignatian truism with the Freudian dogma of "polymorphous perversity," the Pied Pipers of Stonewall are wreaking revenge on heterosexual conformity and leading our children into the Weser-like waters of sexual and moral morass, where they will drown like the mass of mesmerised rats, as in the dark legend of the Rat-Catcher of Hameln.

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February 21 2019 By dvirtue "MEXIT": Methodists, Anglicans and the Limits of Disagreement (UPDATED)

Follow especially discussion at "Juicy Ecumenism," the blog for the Institute for Religion and Democracy (IRD). As an historical footnote, the IRD was active at Lambeth 1998 in helping support African bishops to see the issues at stake and to foil the Communion Establishment plan to revise the biblical norm.


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February 20 2019 By dvirtue The Apostle Paul And Lambeth 2020: "Have Nothing To Do With Them" Part 2

28. This deficit is evident in the inability of existing Communion instruments to discern truth and error and take binding ecclesiastical action. The instruments have been found wanting in their ability to discipline those leaders who have abandoned the biblical and historic faith. To make matters worse, the instruments have failed to check the marginalization of Anglicans in heterodox Provinces who are faithful, and in some cases have even sanctioned or deposed them.

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February 18 2019 By dvirtue LAMBETH HYPOCRISY: Disinviting the Spouses

I need to clarify a misunderstanding that has arisen. Invitations have been sent to every active bishop. That is how it should be -- we are recognising that all those consecrated into the office of bishop should be able to attend.

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February 15 2019 By dvirtue How the world's most famous Muslim played Pope Francis for a fool

Last year, Al-Tayyeb crossed London Bridge to play the game of taqqiya (Islamic dissimulation) with the Archbishop of Canterbury. Pro-gay Welby was tweeting Al-Tayyeb's praises from Lambeth Palace's minarets. "You are a sign of hope for our world," gushed Archbishop Welby like the Trevi Fountain. The alt-media dug up Al-Tayyeb's Arabic orations denouncing homosexuality as a disease, and exposed Welby as a Western sucker who fell for the Grand Imam's weasel words.

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February 14 2019 By dvirtue The Apostle Paul and Lambeth 2020

"Let me ask you a personal question -- because true fellowship is personal and a church council, while it has a formal role, is a body of brothers (and sisters) united in "making the good confession" of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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February 13 2019 By dvirtue "SIX RESOLUTIONS FOR LAMBETH": A Quick Response to Ephraim Radner

As I understand them, Goddard and Radner are proposing a radical redo of the current "design" for Lambeth. To begin with, there is no provision at present for any Resolutions at all, but rather for another "Lambeth Indaba" -- "God's Church for God's World: Walking, Listening, and Working Together" -- as in 2008.

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February 13 2019 By dvirtue MOLOCH RETURNS

A stunned Professor Robert George commented, "What kind of people are we? How can so many be utterly blind to such gross and manifest evil? These people were cheering. They were cheering. Where did this fanatical commitment to ensuring that the lives of children in the womb count for nothing -- indeed less than nothing -- come from? How did this contempt for human life insinuate itself into people's hearts?"

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February 11 2019 By dvirtue WHEN IS "GOOD DISAGREEMENT" NOT GOOD? When It Contradicts God's Word

Next Andrew John, the Bishop of Bangor (Wales), surveys the arc of local Anglican opinion (against same-sex marriage -- 1 bishop, 21 clergy, 28 laity; for same-sex unions or marriage -- 5 bishops, 27 clergy, 38 laity).

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