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November 27 2019 By virtueonline New Russian Law Targets Christians in New Acts of Oppression

But the law also puts more restrictions on religious groups' activities in the name of fighting "extremism," a term that rights activists have long complained is so broad and ill-defined that any manner of dissent or unsanctioned protest could be criminalized.

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November 27 2019 By virtueonline Ten Objections to Women Priests

Reading Galatians 3:28 in context, it is apparent that Paul is speaking of the unity of the body of Christ. He is not promoting gender equality as it is framed today. As the Supper was intended to unite the participants to the Head, Jesus Christ, the idea of a woman presiding at the Feast would have been unthinkable.

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November 24 2019 By virtueonline Inclusive vision for Church of Ireland

Every Church of Ireland minister is committed to this. At their ordination, they promise to expound the Scriptures and teach the doctrine of the Church of Ireland to all irrespective of gender, race or sexuality.

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November 21 2019 By virtueonline Five Diocese of Toronto clergy want a divorce from the diocese. Except they don't

This is nonsense for two reasons:

First, clergy willing to risk their reputation, friendships, buildings and pension for the sake of the Gospel have already done so: they have joined ANiC.

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November 18 2019 By virtueonline The Spiritual Life of C.S. Lewis

He retired only in 2018. So, after serving 13 years as a professor of evangelism at Beeson Divinity School. Lyle and his wife, Mary, who is a Deacon in the ACNA, are founding pastors of two Anglican churches. The Church of the Great Shepherd in Wheaton, Illinois and Christ the King Anglican in Birmingham, Alabama -- where I have had the joy of serving as a teaching pastor. First, under Father Lyle and then later under his successor, Michael Novotny.

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November 18 2019 By virtueonline THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH IS DYING! CAN IT RISE AGAIN?

As a sociopolitical entity much of the Episcopal Church leadership has embraced the paradigm of Progressivism. There was a time when the Episcopal Church was referred to as “the Republican Party at prayer”. Today it would probably be described as “the Socialist Party at prayer”. Support for unlimited abortion, the LGBTQ agenda, radical environmentalism, open borders and income redistribution is pretty much the mainstream of TEC elites.

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Question 1: How are Gafcon and GSA Fellowship different?

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November 16 2019 By virtueonline WHERE DID ANGLICANISM BEGIN? Tract II (Part II)

Eusebius writes, not, as we might expect in his Ecclesiastical History (324 or before), but in his The Proof of the Gospel, that in preaching the Name of Jesus: "some have crossed the Ocean and reached the Isles of Britain." Eusebius further confirms this when he writes in his Life of Constantine that Christianity had been received in many lands, including Britain, and "that the number of churches is far greater in the regions I have enumerated than in any other."[1]

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November 13 2019 By virtueonline The whole gospel addresses the world's wrong thinking, not just the church's comfort

I have questions in my mind which are not immediately addressed here: Is there any connection between this understanding of the church as community oriented towards Christ, and the godlessness and confusion in the wider world?

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November 07 2019 By virtueonline Blaming Religious Right for Christian Decline

Religious Right fixtures get the spotlight because of their politics, but there's little evidence that churches grow or decline based on political stances or national media attention that's negative or positive. Evangelicalism, especially Pentecostalism, should have declined after the widely broadcast televangelist scandals of the late 1980s.

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