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May 31 2019 By dvirtue CANADA: Same-sex marriage supporters will not be happy until you agree with them

Every Saturday, my wife, Danelle, reads my sermon and every Sunday she helps me vest before worship. She is my partner in all things and I could not fully live into either my vocation as a priest or my vocation as a parent without her by my side. I did not grow up dreaming of being a mother, yet unexpectedly becoming the parent of a teenager was a heaven-sent gift. Every day my prayers of thanksgiving begin thus, "Thank you for my wife and daughter; thank you for our family."

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May 31 2019 By dvirtue 'Church of England' School Endorses Transitioning for 8-Year-Old

Headteacher Ceri Lee Daniels, who invited Mermaids to conduct a training day after a pupil said he was transitioning from a boy to a girl, ignored legal advice from the governors asking her to exercise caution and to inform parents.

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May 28 2019 By dvirtue Indian Christians fear more persecution as Narendra Modi wins the general election on the doctrine of Hindu Nationalism

The voters were swayed by the use of religion and pompous religious observance by the Prime Minister to attract and influence the majority population. There was a code of conduct based on court orders that banned the parties from using religion and caste during their election propaganda towards political mobilisation. The Election Commission capitulated before the PM, even when his speeches and activities were seen clearly aimed to arouse the religious sentiments of the majority.

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May 27 2019 By dvirtue FROM A SHEPHERD'S HEART: A message from Archbishop Foley Beach

Jesus calls each of his followers to be about the business of disciple-making -- helping others follow Jesus as He leads them in their lives. When a person is born-again, she or he is like a new baby in this world. A baby must be cared for, loved, fed, cleaned, disciplined, and nurtured until such a time she or he can walk on her or his own. The Kingdom of God is similar. We need to be taught to walk the talk: How do you worship? How do you pray? How do you read and study the Bible?

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May 26 2019 By dvirtue The Impossible Future of Christians in the Middle East

But they also lived amid constant danger. "Everybody who was working with the United States military--they get killed," Catrin said. Evan had been injured by an explosion near a U.S. Army base in Mosul in 2004. Catrin worried about him driving back and forth to the base along highways that cross some of the most contested land in Iraq. Even after he stopped working for the military, they feared he might be a victim of violence.

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May 23 2019 By dvirtue Opposing Muslim immigration is a "responsible exercise" of patriotism, says Cardinal Burke

Challenging Pope Francis' position on Muslim migration and the Vatican's refusal to bestow a papal blessing on Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini because of his policies on immigration, Burke spoke of Muslim migrants in Italy, France, Germany and the U.S. who resist "the legitimate authority of the state" and set up "their own legal order."

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Many in those days believed the revolution would lead to a time of flourishing in Iranian society. The new regime made great promises about rights and economic progress, as Iran was finally free from the influence of the West. The laws of man would be replaced by the laws of God, they claimed. Under the Republic, conversion to any other religion was considered apostasy and could be punished with death.

Door Opens

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May 22 2019 By dvirtue The Tragedy of Gender Insanity

The tragic case, described in Wednesday's New England Journal of Medicine, points to larger issues about assigning labels or making assumptions in a society increasingly confronting gender variations in sports , entertainment and government . In medicine, there's a similar danger of missing diseases such as sickle cell and cystic fibrosis that largely affect specific racial groups, the authors write.

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May 18 2019 By dvirtue Anglican Patrimony in Moscow

The organizer of the Moscow Ordinariate group was an Anglican for 10 years and is an OLW
Ordinariate member, with many others in the group being attracted to the Anglican Patrimony, having
over the years traveled to the UK and joining Ordinariate communities for worship.

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May 16 2019 By dvirtue GAFCON AND ACC-17: A Response to Andrew Atherstone

Atherstone and Goddard, for instance, edited Good Disagreement? Grace and Truth in a Divided Church (2015), and wrote in the lead essay: "On some issues, 'good disagreement' will mean renewed efforts to hold together despite inevitable strains. On other issues, it may require discipline, differentiation, and even separation among professing..." (page 19). Dr.

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