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March 14 2024 By dvirtue AI Demonic: A Spiritual Exploration of AI

Still, what would be the point? Whole books have been written already, and by now you either agree or you don't. And nothing I can say here would be anything like as extreme as the impact that the digital revolution has had on our cultures, minds, and souls in just a few short years. Everything has changed, and yet the real changes are only just beginning. By the time they are finished, unless we pay attention, we may barely be human at all.

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March 09 2024 By dvirtue Should the Church generate a £1 billion fund for slavery reparations?

But you wouldn't know any of that from the report of the Oversight Group that the Commissioners set up to advise on the use of a £100m investment fund that had already committed to. Reading the report, you would get the impression that the historical chattel slave trade was the cause of all the world's racist ills, and that the Church of England was responsible for all of this.

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March 08 2024 By dvirtue PROPHETS OF FRAGMENTATION

In the UK our government appears more interested in spending £8million a day housing illegal immigrants than helping homeless citizens, even veterans. Farmers across Europe, the people who produce the food on our tables, are treated as environmental vandals and forced out of business. In the US the woke military regards white working-class Southerners, the social group which has traditionally produced soldiers for its armies, as problematic.

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March 03 2024 By dvirtue Be Not Blown About By Every Fad

Mike Sabo highlights this dynamic well in his recent piece about the cage-stage phenomenon. "Theological cage-stagers can become puffed up with an assortment of facts but have little wisdom... They spend their days in fruitless 'debates' in Facebook groups, hammering away on their phones as dust gathers on their Bibles." With an abundance of knowledge at our fingertips, many are able to parrot and mimic the newfound argument.

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March 02 2024 By dvirtue A DECIDEDLY DIABOLICAL SYNOD -- (PART 3)

Our sustained strategy for enabling the English to worship themselves - the Royal Supremacy over the Church, Parliamentary Democracy and, finally, the General Synod, is bearing great fruit. Since our triumphant suppression of the Book of Common Prayer, our English Anglican clients have long been accustomed to cherishing their infernal dreams rather than worrying about deceitful lusts, appetites, devices and desires.

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February 28 2024 By dvirtue Self-acceptance in Christ - Part 2

From our Great Generation legacy, my family received a strong work ethic and biblical morality that laid the foundation for our success in the world. The unfortunate side-effect of this legacy is that it also created the burden of a performance-based sense of self-worth and a susceptibility to a works-oriented (instead of grace-oriented) soteriology. American Christians too easily accept the idea that we were saved only to serve and succeed.

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February 23 2024 By dvirtue WAR AND REMEMBRANCE

The wars in Ukraine and now Gaza call to mind the events of nearly 50 years ago. We supposedly are no longer engaged in the "forever wars" of the Middle East, yet if you look at the map, American men and material are involved in the area that can be described as the "Middle East": east of Greenwich and midway between the equator and the North Pole.

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February 22 2024 By dvirtue Self-acceptance in Christ – Part 1

In 1984 I was attending Fuller Theological Seminary, working toward graduate degrees in both the School of Psychology and the School of Theology... and I was wrestling (both personally and academically) with this issue of self-esteem. What I discovered in both my study of theology and clinical research in the behavioral sciences was a mixed bag of expert opinions, with a lot of hints but no unequivocal answers to my questions.

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February 21 2024 By dvirtue PLEDGES AND PRINCIPLES

Appeals that God loves a cheerful giver, that we should give--not until it feels good--but until it hurts, that even Jesus paid deference to the Temple's receipts from the widow (Mark 12: 41-44; Luke 21: 1-4) have fallen on deaf ears. If, as Lenin said, capitalists will sell the rope with which the communists will hang them, I refuse to pay into church coffers merely to prolong their slide into the Sheol of oblivion.

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February 13 2024 By dvirtue Preaching to a dwindling choir

That final echo of doubt hints to a broader drift. Until the middle of the last century, there were several foundations like Filsell's across New York, choir schools where boys were sculpted into singers. The Saint Thomas Choir School is the sole survivor, making it the last church-affiliated choir boarding school in North America.

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