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October 11 2019 By virtueonline Grandson of Guinness beer founder shares what must be done to save American freedoms

Each of these ideas is under assault in America (and around the world!). Guinness states that the chaos of the French Revolution is playing itself out in America today, and is threatening to prevail worldwide. "And that will be disastrous for freedom. That's why it is so important that Americans realize where we are... and don't throw away their heritage!"

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October 08 2019 By virtueonline Seeing the World Change in Front of your Eyes: a week in North Carolina and New Wineskins 2019

We actually had three events to attend at Ridgecrest Conference Center in North Carolina: a member-care workshop for Anglican Frontier Missions (Monday--Wednesday), the AFM pre-conference (Thursday), and the New Wineskins conference itself (Friday--Sunday). All in all it was seven days in a row in the attractive but secluded Southern Baptist enclave.

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October 07 2019 By virtueonline Behold now the Kingdom!

One of the speakers at New Wineskins for both the Saturday night session I mentioned above, and for the pre-conference Conference on the Persecuted Church for which I was a co-leader, was the Rt. Reverend Andudu Adam Elnail, the Bishop of Kadugli and Nuba Mountains, Episcopal Church of Sudan. Bishop Andudu is a dear friend, and I knew his testimony would be deeply moving to all those gathered in those western North Carolina mountains.

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Central to that movement, in the beginning, was the task of revisiting the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. It is fair to say nearly sixty years later that the experience of the Holy Spirit's empowerment, as a substantial part of the Christian Life, is now considered normative. Even among movements long hostile to the experience of the early (and late) Pentecostals, the reality is no longer denied.

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October 04 2019 By virtueonline "Embrace Risk for God's Glory": Amidst Global Persecution, Anglicans Mark Spread of Mission

Mandryk and Wall spoke at New Wineskins for Global Mission, a triennial gathering of mission agencies, relief and development groups, seminaries, clergy and laity. The conference drew more than 1,200 registrants to the mountains of western North Carolina September 26-29, along with a parallel youth event and nearly two dozen pre-conferences hosted by various Anglican ministry groups.

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October 03 2019 By virtueonline The Anglican Communion and false teaching

Why is there false teaching in the Anglican Communion? The main beliefs found in secular humanism, and how this has infiltrated the church.

How do you know if your church has embraced false teaching? Some examples of 'other gospels' which reflect secular thinking rather than the teaching of the bible.

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September 25 2019 By virtueonline Why I Joined the Free Church of England

I bought the line then that the Church of England was 'the best boat to fish from'. I saw ministers I respected being really fruitful for Christ in the CofE, so it seemed natural for me to go to the same denomination as my evangelical leaders.

Also, the biblically-faithful legacy of the Book of Common Prayer and the 39 Articles of Religion was and still is the official doctrine of the CofE, and so an evangelical could join it with spiritual integrity.

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September 25 2019 By virtueonline 'Michael Green, by his friends': Book Review

The book is organised chronologically, but not in a strict way -- this allows some degree of overview of the decades when dealing with the various themes of Michael's life. A timeline after J.John's foreword and Julia Cameron's brief introduction is very helpful in setting the key stages of Michael's life against important events in the nation's history.

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September 24 2019 By virtueonline The long, harrowing, bloody history of persecution of Christians

As is well known, Christianity was born in a hemorrhage of blood -- first Christ's, then almost all his apostles'. Roman and Islamic Christian persecution is fairly well known, but Sookhdeo's accounts from India, Africa, Southeast Asia, China and other parts of the Orient may be news to many. Some of the treatment is sketchy because so little is known of what actually took place due to the paucity of historical sources from early ages and far-flung places.

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September 21 2019 By virtueonline When All Hope Is Lost: Secularism Can't Provide Any Adequate Hope

But he says it is unrealistic to hope that catastrophe is preventable, and he goes on to say that even as this denial makes sense psychologically -- and he writes, "Despite the outrageous fact that I'll soon be dead forever, I live in the present, not the future." He goes on to decry both major political parties in the United States. He says that the Republican Party is in denial against science. That's his accusation.

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