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February 20 2023 By dvirtue THOUGHTS ON THE ASBURY AWAKENING - President Timothy Tennent

I have been reticent to write blogs, or make a lot of public statements about this outpouring at Asbury because it is always better to stand in awe of something than to talk about something. I have been in Hughes auditorium or Estes, or both, every day and night, and it is like stepping into a flowing spiritual river. You sense the presence and power of God working in people's lives.

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The first was between Martin Lloyd Jones and John Stott in the 1960s. Lloyd Jones warned that faithful evangelicals could never capture the national Church for the Gospel. Stott insisted they could. Stott won the arguments and there followed a powerful evangelical renewal, launched by evangelists like David Watson, Michael Green and perhaps most famously Nicky Gumbel and his Alpha course. Stott was proved right.

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February 19 2023 By dvirtue Bishops' same-sex blessing plans are a "Dog's dinner" - Rev Ian Paul interview with Tony Rucinski

He says the Bishops were "extremely unclear" on how to "reconcile the tensions" between these two positions. In fact, he goes on, they failed to offer any "theological rationale for what they're doing". The Bishops, Ian says, were attempting to separate the Church's definition of Holy Matrimony from civil marriage. But, he points out, "no-one believes in that differentiation".

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February 16 2023 By dvirtue PUT NOT YOUR TRUST IN CLAUSE (g): A North American Perspective

Ian Paul argues that the issue facing the Church of England is ultimately theological and that "there is no institutional unity apart from theological coherence." He writes:

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Abp Gosselin went on to say that leadership as a Bishop in the Church requires contending "earnestly for the faith entrusted once for all to the saints," and as such demands that we do not abandon either the clear teaching of the Holy Scriptures or the historic interpretation that has been delivered by the Apostles through Christ's faithful Bishops throughout Church history.

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February 12 2023 By dvirtue "CofE has Formally Rejected God's Design for Sex and Marriage" -- Gafcon Leadership

Gafcon Great Britain and Europe, together with Gafcon Global, laments this departure from "the faith once delivered to the saints", and stands in solidarity with faithful clergy and laity in the Church of England who find themselves out of communion with those supposedly in spiritual oversight over them. We pray for those who are perhaps shocked, grieving, and insecure, with difficult decisions to make in the near future about how to ensure a safe ecclesial home.

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February 11 2023 By dvirtue Gay blessings 'at odds with Scripture' -- Lord Carey of Clifton

The Church of England will be out of step with the majority of the Anglican Communion, the Roman Catholic Church, the Orthodox Churches united with Constantinople, and the many Orthodox Churches of the Middle East... it will be out of step with the Bible. .....the step a shift away from the foundational roots of the scriptures. I urge the bishops to think again ....before they return in July.

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February 11 2023 By dvirtue IS THERE ANY CONTRA-MUNDUM?

Bishop Alexander of Alexandria and his deacon Athanasius realized that this heresy contradicts the doctrine of salvation. In response, they stood firm at the council of Nicaea (325 AD), and defeated the Arian heresy. Arius did not give up but he continued to spread his heresy even after Athanasius became the bishop of Alexandria in 328 AD.

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February 10 2023 By dvirtue EFAC statement on General Synod vote

For the moment we would commend to you as members of the EFAC Global family this declaration:

We declare that the Church of England, in making this change, has departed from the faith which is revealed in the holy scriptures and set forth in the catholic creeds to which the historic formularies of the Church of England bear witness.

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