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December 23 2022 By dvirtue THE GIVE AND TAKE OF HEADLINES

However, how the various headlines are written reflect the political bend of the headline writer.


Vatican Removes Anti-Abortion Activist From the Priesthood (New York Times) …

Anti-abortion advocate Frank Pavone losing priesthood over social media posts (Washington Examiner) …

Vatican dismisses Trump-supporting, anti-abortion leader from priesthood (Reuters) …

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December 23 2022 By dvirtue Archbishop's silence on same-sex 'marriage' is weak leadership

The Church of England is on the precipice of radical, anti-Biblical change. In just a matter of months, it could formally bless sexual immorality.

It should be clear to Church of England leadership how much of a mistake this would be -- indeed, a failure. If the CofE formally approves of sin, not only will it make true mission more difficult, it will become far easier to label faithful Christians 'extreme'.

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December 23 2022 By dvirtue THE KIND OF CHRISTIAN WE ALL NEED IN 2023

These same questions frame our American Anglican Council resources that address clergy care and wellness, clergy leadership, and church revitalization in North America. Not much changed since I wrote these words exactly a year ago.

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December 14 2022 By dvirtue Transgender Phenomena in Children and Adolescents -- Medical and Psychological Aspects

The first challenge we face is terminology. The language around gender, sex, gender identity, transgender, gender dysphoria and gender incongruence is confusing. It is important to know the facts and to distinguish the concepts.

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December 08 2022 By dvirtue 'People Are Running From You, Mr. President. Can't You See?

Ladies and gentlemen,

You have to agree that the phrase "the defendant's last word" sounds very somber as if after I speak they'll sew my mouth shut and forbid me from ever speaking again.

Everyone understands that this is precisely the point. I am being isolated from society and imprisoned because they want me to remain silent, as our parliament is no longer a place for discussion and Russia must now silently agree with any measures its government takes.

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"I do solemnly declare my belief in the Faith which is revealed in Holy Scripture and set forth in
the Catholic Creeds and to which the historic formularies, namely the Thirty-nine Articles of
Religion, the Book of Common Prayer, and the Ordering of Bishops, Priests, and Deacons as
published in 1662, bear witness; and in public prayer and the administration of the Sacraments,

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November 13 2022 By dvirtue REPARATIONS: WHO PAYS WHOM?

What would happen, in reality, would be poor black people paying money to rich black people unless the reparations were means tested. Even then, what are the qualifying criteria for receiving reparations? How black does one have to be? Should we prove our lineage? I'm mixed-race; should my white mother give my black father a cash payout? Of course not. How do we know our ancestors were slaves and not slave traders themselves?

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Supported by several ex-Anglican clergy who are now priests in the Catholic Ordinariate, the orthodox converts have been savagely attacked by revisionist Catholics for "fueling fear" because of an "anti-synodal mindset" tainted by an association with Anglicanism.

Synodal Skullduggery

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November 09 2022 By dvirtue Danforth: an Ultimate Concern of Politics is Idolatrous

The Rev. Adam Hamilton, prominent in the denomination's self-described "Centrist" movement, serves as pastor for the Church of the Resurrection.

Hamilton gave opening remarks, sharing a church campaign: "be Just, be kind, be humble," based upon Micah 6:8. It is a campaign promoting Christians' role in reconciliation in the community and country.

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November 05 2022 By dvirtue Bishops openly repudiate the teaching of the Church of England

Their theological arguments have been debunked time after time by genuine scholars; Jesus himself clearly upheld the sexual ethics of the Old Testament while demonstrating grace and offering forgiveness to all who sought it.

For many years it has been clear that the driving force behind these revisionists is the not study of scripture, nor listening to the Holy Spirit but a relentless desire to mirror society's values.

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