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November 19 2023 By dvirtue Gerald McDermott on Why the Land Promises Belong to Ethnic Israel

For most Christians and Jews since the fourth century, the answer has been no and no. No major interpreters found such a promise there, and it wouldn't matter anyway. For what determined doctrine toward the people and land of Israel was tradition's interpretation of biblical texts, not the texts themselves.

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November 18 2023 By dvirtue English Anglicans--hit the lifeboats

The distinction between same-sex blessings and redefining matrimony is facile, and it masks the taste of the lethal spiritual poison. The sort of conservative and semi-biblically-conscious can supposedly find momentary comfort in the category of matrimony remaining sacrosanct -- for a little while. As someone else quite rightly quipped, "You bless it, you bought it."

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November 17 2023 By dvirtue OXFORD, UK: A Statement from Vaughan Roberts Vicar of St. Ebbe's regarding the decisions of the General Synod

I also stressed that, despite the difference over the Bible's teaching about sex and marriage, "there is no disagreement about the great dignity of all people, made in God's image and deeply loved by him. We all affirm the importance of welcoming everyone to our churches, whatever their sexuality or relational circumstances." Please do read the rest of that statement (see below), which says most of what I want to say again now.

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November 17 2023 By dvirtue The Kingdom of Mammon v. The Kingdom of God

The proposed rule prohibits an Illinois lawyer from "engag[ing] in conduct in the practice of law that the lawyer knows or reasonably should know is harassment or discrimination on the basis of race, color, ancestry, sex, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, military or veteran status, marital status, military or veteran status, pregnancy, or socioeconomic status." Cutting through the legal jargon, the c

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November 15 2023 By virtueonline From London to Cape Town: Displays of Antisemitic Intimidation and Violence.

Another report by the ACDP (African Christian Democratic Party) noted that when the police tried to intervene the disrupters pelted the police with bottles and other projectiles. These disruptors quite openly showed their allegiance by displaying not only Palestinian flags but also the black ISIS Jihadist flag. Death threats were shouted.

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November 13 2023 By virtueonline Texas Catholic bishop receives the Bishop Love Treatment

Joseph Strickland was born on Halloween 1958. He was born and bred in Texas and his entire ordained ministry has been lived out in the Lone Star state.

Initially he was ordained a priest in 1985 for the Catholic Diocese of Dallas. The Catholic Diocese of Tyler was carved out of the Diocese of Dallas in 1987 and Fr. Strickland became the new diocese's vocation director.

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November 11 2023 By dvirtue Global Methodists and Anglicans: a Complementary Geography

But while each of these four denominations shares common history with mainline Protestantism, their geographic distribution is distinct. Christians within these traditions can realize a fruitful ecumenical partnership with one another through this complementary geographic presence.

Congregations in the ACNA are disproportionately located in either major metropolitan areas, including urban cores, or in college towns.

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The speeches came in torrents. Paul Marshall laid waste, in short order, to monopoly capitalism, crony capitalism, and woke capitalism. Jonathan Haidt, Erica Komisar, and Warren Farrell, author of The Boy Crisis, itemized the ways in which childrearing in the West had gone wrong and the possible corrections. French financier Charles Gave branded central bankers as a bunch of useless and terrifying criminals.

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November 03 2023 By dvirtue Israel is at WAR!

People died, including civilians ...

The USS Arizona still remains at the bottom of the shallow harbor with her 1,177 crew members. Her sunken hull can be seen below the surface and her Number 3 gun turret barbette pokes above the water line. A second visible gun barbette remains submerged. Oil continues to slowly seep from her damaged fuel tanks.

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November 02 2023 By dvirtue For All the Saints

Toward the top of this 30' limestone stele the inscribed names of those who had given their lives for the freedom of all had worn away. Closer to eye level, the names inscribed were recognizable. Ringing that town square is an Appellate Courthouse, two churches and the mansion of a one-time politician which when built was the largest house in Illinois.

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