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What is interesting about the Bishop's address, however, is not only the conclusion that he reaches, but the argument that he employs in order to get there. In this response to his address I shall explore why the argument that he puts forward is unconvincing, and why, therefore, it does not provide grounds for the Church of England to amend its teaching on marriage in the way that he suggests.

Why inclusion is code.

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June 28 2021 By dvirtue I BELIEVE...

Much is made these days with regard to the issue of identity. We now speak of "identity politics" in which groups of voters are targeted based upon closely shared racial, cultural and/or experiential commonalities. At its core, nationalism posits a unique identity based upon allegiance to the supposed uniqueness or qualities of the nation state to which one belongs. Many find their sense of identity in the social class to which they belong or to which they aspire.

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June 27 2021 By dvirtue WOKEISM IS NOT NEW

Fast forward to 1996, and it appears that little has changed. The mail brings a copy of the Episcopal Church's 137-page "Resource For a National Dialogue on Anti-Racism," which it is encouraging parishes to use to observe Martin Luther King Day on January 20. Racial division is of course a serious subject, and religious denominations, more than government, are suited to take a pre-eminent role in alleviating such divisions.

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June 23 2021 By dvirtue MAINSTREAM

This struggle between the mainstream and more strident voices has been taking place in most denominations and associations over the course of the last forty years and is continuing to the present time as we have seen in the recent debates and fractures of the UMC and the SBC. These fractures and debates have been of long standing. While the latest examples of this phenomena may be exacerbated by the current toxic mix of faith and politics, I suspect that the root cause is deeper.

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June 18 2021 By dvirtue Famed theologian points to 'demonic ideology' behind critical race theory, BLM movement -- but says a great awakening is on its way

In his latest book, "Fault Lines: The Social Justice Movement and Evangelicalism's Looming Catastrophe," the theologian states that he believes topics such as CRT and anti-racism are flash points in an ongoing spiritual war across the world and specifically in the United States.

Baucham released the book -- currently the No. 1 best-seller in Amazon's Christian Personal Growth section -- in April.

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What is the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC)?

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June 15 2021 By dvirtue Bishop Michael Nazir Ali, a voice in the wilderness

The go-ahead Bishop for Urban Life and Faith (how long before we have a Bishop for Clubbing, Glue-sniffing and Fornication . . . perhaps there is one already?) says that Bishop Michael's approach 'shows no sensitivity to the need for good interfaith relations. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs are learning to respect one another's paths to God and to live in harmony. The demand for the evangelisation of people of other faiths contributes nothing to our communities.'

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June 14 2021 By dvirtue SYDNEY: Anglican church must rethink doctrine that has left a trail of devastated lives

At Moorewomen, the group for the wives of clergy in training at Moore Theological College, the same themes also recurred regularly -- never say no to his demands for sex, never expect him to miss a ministry opportunity to help care for a sick child, never complain, always be ready to give and give and give, as that was our contribution to the work of God's kingdom.

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June 11 2021 By dvirtue Welcome to the Sexual Counter Reformation -- AP

Pagan Paradise

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June 10 2021 By dvirtue AAC Report to Provincial Council, June 2021

As a Founding Partner of the ACNA, the AAC has from the inception of the ACNA supported its growth and development as a Province. In the past year, the AAC has provided the following:

Leadership Development

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