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As Eye See It
December 30 2020 By dvirtue Bible Based Concerns for a Biden Administration or Any Other

2. The LGBTQ agenda which seeks to cancel all who morally opposes this agenda as haters and their views as hate speech. This agenda includes forcing private creative art businesses to give their services to support gay marriages and other celebrations making the believer violate conscience. It also requires biological men to be given access to women's dressing rooms, or in schools to the shower rooms of the girls.

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December 27 2020 By dvirtue Apologetics for Santa Claus

So, very early, I had mixed feelings about Santa Claus. During a period of instability as a young adult, I experienced the idea (with strong negative emotion) that Santa was invented by (and was an extension of) Satan; their names are an anagram after all, with the exact same letters in a different order.

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December 27 2020 By dvirtue Time Split in Two

We live in a tumultuous time with civil unrest, resistant disease, and economic uncertainty. Time is never static and demands that we keep pace or be left behind. The time when Jesus came was no different. Crops failed, people revolted against their tyrannical oppressors, and there was always the fear of leprosy which isolated people before killing them off.

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December 23 2020 By dvirtue Bishops, Safeguarding and Jonathan Fletcher

They have already been shared in the public domain. But the fact of an inhibition on Fletcher's ministry was important because of his powerful and influential hold over so many clergy and institutions at the time. He had for decades enjoyed real power. This he possessed through patronage, wealth, social charisma and a huge range of contacts. In particular, there was an entire generation of evangelical clergy, now in their 50s, who looked to him as their mentor.

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December 19 2020 By dvirtue Medical and Mercy Ministry at a Refugee Camp in the Diocese of Kaduna, Nigeria

In 2019 and 2020, this violence has reached a crescendo in Kaduna state. Many IDP camps have sprung up overnight in areas near our rural clinic there. This is the story of our mission of bringing medical care and humanitarian help to one of these IDP camps.

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December 19 2020 By dvirtue The Incarnation is for ever and not just for Christmas

The writer to the Hebrews, however, views Jesus with bifocal vision, seeing Jesus in depth. We are introduced to the Son's divinity at the very outset in chapter 1 and verse 3, 'The Son is the radiance of God's glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word.' That is who the Son was and is and ever will be- God.

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December 17 2020 By dvirtue Jericho march in DC: Coming-out party for a movement journalists haven't really covered

Not so fast.

Turn your attention to the folks attending a "Jericho march" in Washington DC last Saturday where a mix of evangelical Protestants, Catholics and Messianic Jews claimed that President Trump had indeed won the election (but it was stolen) and that somehow, miraculously, God would see to it that he, not Joe Biden, will be inaugurated next month. This might require use of military force or militias.

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December 16 2020 By dvirtue Sydney Evangelical Anglican Rector Calls Fellow Evangelicals to Repentance

Sadly, the testimony that reaches my ears on a regular basis tells me that we often do not manage our own culture and systems well. We are not very good at managing the operations of power and authority. And I am aware how I personally have contributed to and benefitted from this culture. I know that I have mishandled my power. Are we really committed to own ongoing [edit:] repentance as individuals as as a result, reformation as an institution?

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December 11 2020 By dvirtue COVID-19 Where is God in all this?

The authors have had the courage to address media headlines that require a response, such as professional carers refusing to care in the absence of PPE (personal protective equipment), and families being prevented from visiting and 'being there' for their much-loved relatives. The reader is given known facts relating to COVID-19 along with insight around challenges clinicians are facing, where the rules relating to care are frequently updated.

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December 02 2020 By dvirtue The Early Church on Property, Riches, and Poverty -- A Response

The major problem with this objection, however, is that it smuggles in the idea that the earliest Christians believed private property morally belonged to whoever held legal right to it. While the texts of the New Testament do not have strong, explicit claims about private property, the witness of Christian leaders writing in the few hundred years following the first generation of the apostles is incredibly clear: God has a different idea of what belongs to whom than modern Americans do.

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