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March 08 2022 By dvirtue The religious roots of Ukrainian resistance - George Weigel

During a March 3 press conference in Moscow, Lavrov continued to defend the Russian "special military operation" (not "war") in Ukraine as an effort to "demilitarize" and "de-Nazify" that country, and promised that the "operation" would continue until the "weapons and infrastructure that threaten" Russia are destroyed.

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March 06 2022 By dvirtue 10 Ways the Church Can Better Prepare to Fight Today's Suicide Epidemic

(1) Identify In-House Experts.

The very first step is to identify and consult in-house experts. Most churches have a family physician, general internist, emergency doctor, psychiatrist, psychiatric social worker, psychiatric nurse, or school counselor among them who could share suicide prevention resources and guidance.

(2) Begin a Small-Group Study.

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March 03 2022 By dvirtue Ukraine: no grave is large enough to contain the spirit of freedom

People say Putin is mad, but he really is not. Others say he's badly miscalculated, and will be removed. But he didn't, and he won't be. At least not soon: he is in this for the long haul. It is a war he must win, and the West will let him: Ukraine's freedom is the price of Europe's freedom -- or the rest of Europe's freedom. We know it, but don't say it. And Putin knows it, so he will continue to the end. Ukraine will be re-absorbed into the Russian fold, come what may.

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March 03 2022 By dvirtue Why white evangelical Christians are Putin's biggest American fan base

At this year's Conservative Political Action Conference, which wrapped up over the weekend, Lauren Witzke, a GOP candidate for the Senate in Delaware, said: "Here's the deal. Russia is a Christian nationalist nation. They're actually Russian Orthodox. ... I identify more with Putin's Christian values than I do with Joe Biden."

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March 02 2022 By dvirtue Putin's wrath shows the danger in cosying up to 'Christian' autocrats

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia has not criticised the invasion, even though it has already cost hundreds of lives and could turn Kyiv, the birthplace of Russian Orthodoxy, into a smoking wasteland. He merely issued a brief and bland appeal for prayer for peace: "I call on all parties to the conflict to do everything possible to avoid civilian casualties.".

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March 01 2022 By dvirtue Ukrainian Invasion: Messianic Jewish Spiritual Landscape

The largest Messianic synagogue in the world is in Kiev. Kiev Jewish Messianic Congregation has over 2,000 congregants, comprised of both Jews and Gentiles.[2] Another Messianic synagogue in Odessa, Ukraine that has over 400 attendees.[3]

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February 28 2022 By dvirtue The Culture War Is Eclipsed by The Struggle for Life in The Midst of Death

War has come to the Ukraine. Guess what is not important? He/she ... them/their ... zie, zim, zir, zis gender pronouns.

War has come to the Ukraine. Guess what's not important? Rainbow colors.

War has come to the Ukraine. Guess what's not important? Pride parades.

War has come to the Ukraine. Guess what is not important? Gender identity.

War has come to the Ukraine. Guess what's not important? Men participating in women's sports.

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February 26 2022 By dvirtue War comes to the Ukraine: Why not pray for Vladimir Putin?

As a result, Franklin ran into a buzz saw of criticism. And he got more than "angry comments."

It's all too easy to become critical of another, particularly in this age of the Internet, social media and the dark web, rather than think: "That's a good idea," and offer a prayer for Vladimir Putin as he invades a neighboring nation.

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February 17 2022 By dvirtue A Faithful Way To Understand And Engage Critical Theories

Critical theories are no longer just matters of academic interest. Graduates from elite universities tend to lead our most powerful cultural and political institutions. In their rhetoric, critical theories are confidently marching into culture and politics. Adherents of critical theories are most likely showing up in your church, the school where your children learn, and your city council meeting. They are certainly in your neighborhood.

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February 03 2022 By dvirtue The Two Litmus Tests: Christian Orthodoxy in the Moral Realm of the Culture Wars

For example: "All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work." (2 Timothy 3:16)

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