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As Eye See It
July 24 2020 By dvirtue WHY IS THERE SO MUCH EVIL TODAY?

But of course, when God created angels and humans who were free, he took a risk--that these creatures would abuse their freedom. They might rebel against him and go their own way in pride and selfishness.

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July 19 2020 By dvirtue Why N.T. Wright Misfires on American Church Racism

Now it says some very good things that must be said by any minister of the gospel and especially by theologians. First and most importantly, that we should bring a gospel perspective to bear on this turmoil and not repeat the secular nostrums of various groups. And that at the center of a gospel perspective is Paul's vision of a differentiated unity in the Body of Christ that transcends old creation boundaries.

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July 18 2020 By dvirtue Evil Evangelicals?

Sutton approvingly quotes one author asserting that Evangelical Christian nationalism "includes assumptions of nativism, white supremacy, patriarchy, and heteronormativity, along with divine sanction for authoritarian control and militarism. It is as ethnic and political as it is religious." They want to "create boundaries of group membership around race and the right of white Americans to segregate themselves from minorities."

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July 16 2020 By dvirtue There is no justification for turning Hagia Sophia into a mosque

When the armies of Islam swept through the Middle East, sharia law permitted the conquered peoples, Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians, to retain their places of worship, provided they sought permission from Muslim rulers to repair them. They could not display any signs of their faith outside the buildings, nor could they ring bells to call their people to worship. They were not allowed to build new places of worship.

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July 15 2020 By dvirtue Harper's letter against 'cancel culture' is welcome and overdue

The next step must be to go beyond the concern for the "cancel culture," and call for a thorough examination of all the major differences between the ideals of the American experiment and the claims and demands of the progressive left. In essence, America's choice is between the ideas and ideals of 1776 and the American Revolution versus those that have come down from 1789 and the French Revolution.

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July 14 2020 By dvirtue THE THREE STRANDS: A GLOBAL VIEW

More troubling is the way that institutional momentum in the Anglican Communion sucks up a tremendous amount of energy in maintenance. There are countless meetings and commissions, and a staggering number of councils, synods, and gatherings that are not Gospel-focused.

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July 12 2020 By dvirtue Anglican support for Israel's claim to West Bank

This is not "annexation." According to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, "Annexation by use of force of territory of another state" is a "grave crime of aggression." It means an offensive war against another state in which the state being invaded has its territory seized. Think of Russia's annexation of Crimea in 2014 and Turkey's invasion of Cyprus in 1974. But Israel regained control of the West Bank in 1967 after a defensive war and when the West Bank was not a state.

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July 10 2020 By dvirtue The CofE's second-in-command who doesn't understand Christianity

Cottrell may write beautifully and poetically; he also uses abusive and intemperate language when speaking to clergy under him. In the Times, Cottrell is described as 'a liberal moderniser who peppers his talks to his clergy with phrases such as "what the bloody hell" and "who gives a toss?"' Cottrell's use of disdainful language in a manner liable to delight the trendy but offend the faithful reveals the inner man's attitudes.

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July 09 2020 By dvirtue For the Good of the Order: A Plea for Charity on the Ordination of Women

I read everything I could get my hands on. I was not yet confirmed as an Anglican, let alone having a theology of the priesthood, even less as a woman. I read the autobiographies of the Philadelphia Eleven (the eleven women ordained to the priesthood irregularly and as an act of defiance in 1974), and anything else on women priests I could get my hands on. I kept a journal, and I prayed.

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Contemporary ideas such as political correctness, postmodernism, multiculturalism, identity politics, tribal politics, the sexual Revolution, the rage for socialism, and critical theory, are all ideas that have nothing to do with the American Revolution. They come down from the French Revolution, and they carry titanic consequences for the future of America and freedom. These ideas are not about uniting society. They advance by dividing society into deeper and deeper factions.

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