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MSI's website names Harvey as one of its board members and as president of DKT International, which he founded in 1989.

"When unscrupulous associations and funding sources come to light, they help us to see the whole picture in greater detail and with deeper understanding," Dave Brennan, director of pro-life Brephos, told Church Militant.

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May 12 2020 By virtueonline COVID-19 and the End of the World: 2 Peter 3:3-13

The Bible gives us a different set of lenses through which to view things. And there are two key earthshattering events in particular which it speaks of which puts everything into their proper perspective.

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May 12 2020 By virtueonline Struggling to Understand...

When I first visited rural Mexico many years ago, I was amazed at how often I would come across small homemade shrines at a crossroad or at the edge of a small village. Often it would be a simple cross or a crucifix. Sometimes it would be a crude statue of Mary or a local saint. Often, it would be some other figure or symbol that seemed to hearken back to a pre-Christian past. Around the small shrine one would find "offerings" that had been left.

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May 11 2020 By virtueonline THOUGHTS ON THE NEW ANGLICAN REFORMATION: From Augustine to Alfred --- Part 9

By the end of the fifth century, everything necessary for the life of the Christian Church was long in place in what the Roman Empire called Britain. There were thriving communities of faith surviving, and missionary zeal had not died out. The upbringing of Patrick (d.461) in Cumbria, and the missionary church planting of Ninian (d.432) in Scotland are two of the evidences, though others could be adduced.

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May 09 2020 By virtueonline The Widening Gap Between Republicans and Democrats Isn't Just Political, It's Theological

Going back at least 10 years, you have research coming out from figures such as Robert Putnam of Harvard University indicating that finding out whether a voter had attended church the Sunday before the vote is the leading indicator of how that voter would vote and did vote, that with particular reference to presidential campaigns. But as you're looking at the situation now, the point that is rightly observed by Thomas B.

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May 05 2020 By virtueonline The Church is digging its own grave and Welby and Cottrell are the chief gravediggers

The nominated Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell, also saw no need for church buildings to be open or used, unlike the local supermarket. After all, he reasoned, while he needed to go to the local store for food, he didn't need to go to church for God because God 'makes house calls', and there is a direct connection from 'God's heart' to his.

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May 01 2020 By virtueonline Attorney General Barr orders investigation of state and local government crackdowns on religious liberties during the COVID-19 pandemic

These kinds of restrictions have been necessary in order to stop the spread of a deadly disease but there is no denying that they have imposed tremendous burdens on the daily lives of all Americans.

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April 30 2020 By virtueonline Why Is Anglicanism a Gateway to Catholicism?

For those of us who are Anglicans, the question is not simply why this or that conversion to Rome happens. The question goes deeper: what is it about Anglicanism that makes it so susceptible to conversions to the Catholic Church? There are conversions to Rome by Lutherans, Methodists, and Presbyterians, but not nearly so many. Why is Anglicanism so vulnerable?

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April 28 2020 By virtueonline New Methodism's Inevitable Challenge

The agonies of the United Methodist Church and their roots in Methodist history teach an important lesson. The dominant culture has little need for nominally Christian chaplains. Let the dead bury the dead, as Jesus teaches. We need an approach to cultural engagement and sexual ethics that is anchored by Methodism's founding mission to "spread scriptural holiness," rather than one that drifts along with and is determined by the prevailing cultural moment.

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April 28 2020 By virtueonline President Museveni of Uganda: "During war, don't insist on freedom"

"During a war, you don't argue about opening your business. You close your shop (if you have the time), and run for your life. You pray to outlive the war so that you can return to your business (that's if it has not been looted or destroyed by mortar fire.

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