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April 17 2021 By dvirtue Episcopal Priest-Scientist: Possibility "Mom doesn't like us best"

Conrad connects virtually with scientists around the country and at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California for several shifts a week, monitoring sensors that she helped design as they transmit data about the Martian environment.

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April 09 2021 By dvirtue Jonathan Fletcher and the CofE: here's another fine mess

As Martin Sewell said recently on the Archbishop Cranmer blog:

"If you are looking for a clear expose of those who were complicit in the abuse by their silence, by looking the other way, or by closing their minds to the obvious, you will not find it. Names are not named: this was not permitted by the terms of reference set by Emmanuel Wimbledon.

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On Sunday 4 April, William Taylor made an apology at the beginning of the St Helen's worship service (here). In it he welcomed the private admonitions that had been made to him in the previous week. Ours was one of them. We sent a letter last week which made clear that, regardless of what he may do on Sunday, we intended to make a public response in the near future.

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April 05 2021 By dvirtue Group want new look into case of late Bishop George Bell

They handed out pamphlets headed "Justice for George Bell" which hundreds of Sunday morning churchgoers accepted as they left the service.

Some rejected the pamphlets and openly disagreed with the vigil.

The group is calling for a re-examination of the evidence which led to the church apologising last October to the woman who wrote to the Archbishop in 2013 to say she had been abused.

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April 05 2021 By dvirtue The Archbishop of Canterbury's Easter Sermon 2021

Easter calls time on the lie. The women in Mark's gospel had believed the lie -- going to the tomb to anoint a dead body. Yet all their fears were based on a false assumption about the power of death and an inadequate understanding of the power of God.

Instead right there in the grave were signs of resurrection. The action of God was revealed through angels who greeted them, reassured them, and told them that Jesus of Nazareth had been raised.

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April 02 2021 By dvirtue COME, LET US CONFER: with a Maundy Thursday Update

It is not my intention to enter into the intricacies of this matter, except to make the point that NONE of the participants are advocating the positions taken by the Episcopal Church USA. The Anglican Church in North America has been clear in its teaching on sexuality, employing the specific language of 1998 Lambeth Resolution I.10:

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April 01 2021 By dvirtue GAFCON pressed from all sides

So why the misunderstanding? One explanation may be the tendency in African traditional culture to see homosexual attraction and practice as the same thing, the one leading to the other. It is significant that the Nigerian Primate flatly states: 'A Gay is a Gay, they cannot be rightly described otherwise' and no distinction is visible in his statement between orientation and practice, contrary to the foundational Lambeth Conference Resolution I.10 of 1998.

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March 30 2021 By dvirtue An anti-Jewish Jesus in Holy Week?

Part of the problem has been a mistranslation of a word in John’s gospel. Because of this mistranslation, John’s gospel has been thought to be anti-semitic by scholars because it often depicts “the Jews” as resisting Jesus. But the word translated as “Jews” is Iudaioi, which can also be rendered “Judeans,” that is, the leaders in Jerusalem, the capital of Judaea.

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March 29 2021 By dvirtue Accessing the Throne of Grace: A Good Friday Meditation

This is the 'stone which was rejected by you builders, which has become the chief cornerstone'. Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved. (Acts 4:11-12)

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March 27 2021 By dvirtue 'Progressive' Christianity: Even Shallower Than the Evangelical Faith I Left

How My Faith Crumbled

The Christian tradition I grew up in--for all the wonderful things it gave me--was not prepared for a generation of kids with access to high-speed internet. Not that the critiques of the Bible we discovered online were new, but they were now at the fingertips of curious folks who grew up in evangelical bubbles. Like me. The answers given in church seemed shallow compared to the legitimate critiques that were a Google search or YouTube video away.

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