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September 08 2020 By dvirtue WHO ARE WE? WHERE ARE WE? -- Confidence in a time of crisis

I came to faith under Evangelical leaders such as John Stott, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, J.I. Packer, Carl Henry and Francis Schaeffer. To be evangelical was defined theologically, not politically or culturally, and these were people of deep devotion and absolute integrity. Previous generations of my family were friends of John Wesley, William Wilberforce, the Earl of Shaftesbury, William and Catherine Booth, Hudson Taylor, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, D.L.

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September 08 2020 By dvirtue Christianity versus Cultural Fundamentalism

Douglas Murray, author of "The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity" pinpoints the massive changes that have occurred over the past twenty years in how virtue is perceived. For centuries Judeo-Christian principles dominated western culture, especially among democracies. Even those who were non-religious accepted what C. S. Lewis identified as Natural Law as the basis for morality.

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September 04 2020 By dvirtue Abusing Scripture for Personal or Political Purposes

I am flabbergasted that any true Christian could so abuse Scripture. That they do strongly supports my suspicion that many American Christians are Americans first and Christians second. And as a Christian theologian I believe you cannot be a Christian and change the very words of Scripture to support a political agenda or nationalism.

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September 02 2020 By dvirtue What Happens at Liberty Doesn't Stay at Liberty

My first glimpse into Liberty's regional influence happened roughly 20 years ago, when I came to visit the man who would later become my husband. He'd lived his whole life in rural southwest Virginia, where the primary force in his spiritual formation was a small Baptist church that still sits atop a knoll just off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Driving through the countryside those years ago, I was entranced by the passing forests and hills dotted with small farms and rock churches.

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September 01 2020 By dvirtue JESUS AND RELIGIOUS ABUSE: Preventing the Development of Legalistic Cults and Empire Building

Jesus stood up to religious abuse and demanded change. Why should we do less? Jesus was so focused on this problem that it was the only social evil against which he ever developed a platform. It was the only cultural problem that he repeatedly exposed and opposed. Jesus took no public stand that we know of against racism, class warfare, terrorism, military occupation, corruption in government, the institution of slavery, or the exploitation of women.

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August 24 2020 By dvirtue GOAL and The Church of Uganda School Prevention Projects

In 2015 and 2016 Dr. David Whiters from GOAL continued the training introducing recovery coaching, recovery houses, and recovery walks. Some of those, Albert, Isharaza and others who were trained went on to start treatment centers in Uganda.

By 2017 Tom and Ellen Zamaria had joined as GOAL missionaries, staying at UCU, joining the Recovery Walk, visiting local schools, meeting with local recovery groups, and speaking at a Diocesan Convention.

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August 24 2020 By dvirtue The Heresy of Christian Nationalism

Speaking for myself, it is for this reason that I have to reject Christian nationalism in all of its forms and varieties, regardless of whether its messaging comes from a mega-church pulpit or from the current occupant of the White House. The reason why I have to reject it is that it is not a theological position, but wholly political and, in most cases, excessively partisan.

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August 20 2020 By dvirtue WALES: Barry Morgan rides again

It is a pity that Morgan's new commitment to religious freedoms did not extend to Orthodox Anglicans in Wales who were quickly shown the door for not supporting his programme of secularising the Church in Wales.

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August 20 2020 By dvirtue You don't have to be a contrarian to question and resist Group Think

But my fear of going mad goes back to when I got ill as a child.

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August 17 2020 By dvirtue Over Half of the Church Doesn't Believe the Gospel

Now, I had just become a Christian months prior, and I was devouring resources and Scripture simply because I had lived my life up to that point as someone wholly devoted to a secular worldview. Everything came crashing down for me, which, in one sense was quite easy because when I converted, I understood that coming to Christ meant a total overhaul of everything I knew, believed, and practiced. For me, it was a paradigm shift.

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