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As Eye See It

The heartbreak resulted from the failure of the General Synod to neuter its canon with respect to marriage of a man and a woman.

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July 18 2019 By virtueonline Truro report launched to Ambassadors, FCO staff, NGO leaders and clergy

Dr Habib Malik from Lebanon, the son of Dr Charles Malik who drew up article 18 of the UN Charter of Human Rights, which guarantees religious freedom and the right to convert, argued that that article, on which Saudi Arabia abstained but did not oppose, was the rock on which to build the case for FORB.

The elephant in the room was named by Christy Anastas, of i61 collective which works for reconciliation and bridge building with a particular focus on the Middle East.

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July 16 2019 By virtueonline Statement from House of Bishops renders Marriage Canon vote null and void

The vote was meaningless. Worse, it was a hoax, a deception, a lie, an exercise which, if it succeeded, would legitimise same sex marriage and, if it failed, still legitimise same-sex marriage.

Why would anyone take anything this preposterous excuse for a church does or says seriously?

Looking on the bright side, the motion to stop using single use plastic passed; that means no nametags in 2022.

From here:

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July 11 2019 By virtueonline THE PRINCE OF THIS WORLD: The Failed Usurper

In his incurable vanity and futile effort satan has the compulsion to blot out all consciousness of God, his Name, and every notion of his Person.

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July 09 2019 By virtueonline The Archbishop of Kenya Interviewed

The Anglican Church in Kenya is very large with 9% of the population stating they belonged to it in a recent survey, making it the second largest denomination in Kenya, after the Catholic Church, with nearly 5m adherents. The church is very engaged in all kinds of excellent and innovative social projects without in any way losing its evangelistic distinctiveness. He mentioned that the church in Kenya started by missionaries had four buildings: a church, a dispensary, a school and a garden.

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July 09 2019 By virtueonline THE MORAL COLLAPSE OF BRITAIN

Our story since creation is epic in its series of episode upon episode of human wickedness, defiance of divine wisdom and law, abuse of our Maker's gifts, misuse of our God-given faculties and functions, and wanton destruction of all things good, conceptual and physical. Our record is exceedingly reprehensible. Our world is ruined. Our souls are lost when we raise our consciences Godward by his enabling.

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July 06 2019 By virtueonline Orthodox England - fact or fiction? A reply to Simon Dennerly's "ROCOR rewrites history to convert Anglicans"

By contrast, the author's historical assertion, can easily be refuted. To begin with, it must be remembered that the immediate effects of the Great Schism of 1054, as opposed to its long-term ramifications, are commonly overestimated in popular literature on the topic.

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July 05 2019 By virtueonline How should we respond when a church leader is guilty of abuse?

This acknowledges that false accusations are sometimes levelled at church leaders. This paper is written for a situation where the facts have been established. The particular kinds of alleged behaviour to which I have been asked to respond are of two kinds. The first is where a church leader has asked a number of other men, individually one at a time, to join him in private and naked massages.

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July 05 2019 By virtueonline There is no such thing as 'spiritual abuse'

There is no sex involved in this recent manipulation, but an abuse of power there certainly is, and an unwelcome degree of psychological pressure to accompany it. One would have to be very naive not to see persistent texting of a victim as a form of continued abuse by somebody who holds a senior position in the same closed group and who may themselves have been a victim of similar abuse.

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July 01 2019 By virtueonline The Vision For Human Freedom And Dignity--Biblical And Catholic

As I have written and shared elsewhere, I believe the question of what constitutes true human freedom and dignity lies at the heart of the once-every-500-year Reformation that we are in right now. The question might be phrased around the issues of authority that have been at the heart of every 500-year reformation: Where does the authority lie in defining the issue of our day?

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