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September 29 2021 By dvirtue The Climate Crisis: A Sober Assessment is Needed of What Humans Can and Cannot Do

Later, in another pastorate he was to give up both a salary and health care for my mother, stricken with Parkinson's Disease, because the church voted to start a so-called Christian school to avoid desegregation. His resignation, with no immediate job in sight, emanated from his sober self-assessment that he had failed this congregation somehow in not getting through to them that all humans are equal before God, had long-term repercussions.

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September 29 2021 By dvirtue When will Christians learn from the unending engagement cycle of evangelicalism and race?

But the story doesn't stop there. Historian Grant Wacker notes that as the civil rights movement intensified, Graham distanced himself from King by attempting to chart a moderate path. Decades later, Graham himself would speak of his lack of engagement in the civil rights movement as one of his great regrets.

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September 28 2021 By dvirtue If GAFCON Is Merely A Conference, What Is The Point?

"that the provinces of GAFCON should retain the historic practice of the consecration only of men as bishops until and unless a strong consensus to change emerges after prayer, consultation and continued study of Scripture among the GAFCON Fellowship." (emphasis added)
• The GAFCON Primates reaffirmed this recommendation in their 2019 Communique from Sydney.

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September 28 2021 By dvirtue WALES: No laughing matter

"Suitability, character, gifts - that was why Joanna was elected as Bishop."

Those words must be ringing in the ears of anyone who really cares about the Church in Wales as their spiritual home. It is no longer a laughing matter.

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September 28 2021 By dvirtue GOOD THEOLOGY

Just as there are no born masters of theology, there are also no born teachers of theology. Now, I understand that there are those who will describe someone as a "gifted teacher". Most of the time, however, they are usually saying that the person in question is a charismatic speaker. That is, they hold people's attention while they are speaking. They tell funny stories that are memorable. They may even be able to move people to tears.

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September 27 2021 By dvirtue Larger Than an Orange by Lucy Burns review -- a poignant account of an abortion

The story begins in 2017 with Burns, then 26, telling a medical professional that she wants to have an abortion. That professional becomes One -- the first in a long list of people who know about the abortion. Burns becomes obsessed with counting these people: Two is her sexual partner; Three and Four friends. None has a name -- her relationships with them are redefined in light of what is happening to her.

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September 27 2021 By dvirtue Religious belief really does seem to draw the sting of poverty

But that has turned out not to be true. Abundant evidence suggests the relationship between status and mental health is stronger, not weaker, in rich countries than in poor ones. Ms Berkessel, who studies the psychological effects of religion, noticed that economic development is also inversely correlated with religiosity--the richer a country, the more godless it tends to be. Perhaps that was driving the change?

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September 24 2021 By dvirtue NEW ZEALAND: Confessing Anglican Bishop Condemns Prohibition of Conversion Practices

3. However, I respectfully submit that the Bill as it stands fails to achieve its objectives and goes too far in the following respects:
a. The Bill elevates state-mandated values above those of parents. Parents or legal guardians, especially those of faith, will risk criminal liability for raising their children according to their beliefs, ethics and conscience.
b. The Bill is contrary to fundamental rights and personal autonomy.

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September 20 2021 By dvirtue What should we make of the Church in Wales' gay marriage blessings?

There are at least three reasons for this. The first is the very powerful current of secular culture; the second is the obscurity of language where words have multiple meanings; and the third is confusion over what the spiritual significance of sex and sexual acts are.

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September 20 2021 By dvirtue OBSERVATIONS

The second mark of these early believers was their embrace of the teachings of Christ. I use the word "embrace" advisedly as this was not mere intellectual assent to the reality of the life and teaching of Christ. They actually believed that his life was to be imitated and that his teaching was to form their lives and to inform their behavior. As a result of this, the Early Christians were renowned for their kindness and the measured tone of their discourse.

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