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As Eye See It
March 08 2023 By dvirtue TO LIVE AND DIE AS A BISHOP

Toward the end of his tenure, Montgomery didn't enjoy the full support of his clergy. Twenty years in the job will do that to you and he was running out of tricks to keep the diocese afloat with funds from Miriam Hoover--the Brooke Astor of Chicago. Griswold, a scion of Mainline Philadelphia, St. Paul's in Concord NH, Harvard, General Theological Seminary and Oxford, was perceived as a breath of fresh air. Be careful what you wish for.

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March 08 2023 By dvirtue GAFCON: THE PRIMATES COUNCIL: Thesis 10

This was the spirit which most attendees brought to GAFCON 2008. So there was great rejoicing as the eight Primates present – Peter Akinola of Nigeria, Henry Orombi of Uganda, Emmanuel Kolini of Rwanda, Benjamin Nzimbi of Kenya, Valentine Mokiwa of Tanzania, Bernard Malango of Central Africa, Justice Akrofi of West Africa, and Greg Venables of the Southern Cone of South America – walked solemnly to the front of the Assembly and signed the final Statement.

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March 06 2023 By dvirtue GAFCON: THE DECLARATION OF FAITH: Thesis 9

The Old Testament prophets are backward-looking as well as forward-looking, or perhaps better, they look through the lens of the past to envision God's future for His people. The same Jeremiah who foresees a new Covenant calls on the people to "stand by the roads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is; and walk in it" (Jeremiah 6:16).

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March 04 2023 By dvirtue THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES

The prevailing powerful ideas that drove modernism such as scientific materialism (which denied the existence of the spiritual realm and promoted the conceit that science can explain everything), individual autonomy, the narrative of unstoppable progress, all contributed to the devaluing of the supernatural. The historical-critical method in Biblical Studies was arguably a development made possible by modernism.

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March 02 2023 By dvirtue GAFCON: THE PROPHETIC INDICTMENT: Thesis 8

--Scholars and bishops from the Theological Resource Group (who produced the pre-Conference book) exchanged ideas via email during the month prior to the Conference. Some of these ideas were incorporated into the Statement, but the final version is significantly richer and more comprehensive than any earlier strand.

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February 25 2023 By dvirtue Split or Stay? Encouragement for Anglican Pastors

I was born into, grew up in, and was ordained by the Episcopal Church. But years ago, I (along with our congregation in Washington, DC) wrestled through the decision to stay or leave. Much more troubling than our denomination's embrace of the contemporary sexual ethic was their clear retreat from historic Christian orthodoxy. In the hardest, most expensive decision we've ever made, we withdrew and joined many others in forming the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA).

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February 24 2023 By dvirtue AN ANGLICAN I REMAIN

Unfortunately, some who call themselves "Anglican" have departed from this confession, aimlessly wandering the trails of modernism, process theology, feminism, and social activism. These give Anglicanism a bad name. They leave a foul smell wherever they go. It is no wonder that some seek to escape the reek.

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February 22 2023 By dvirtue THE ROAD TO GAFCON: Thesis 6

The focus here is on the Gafcon movement, but it does not intend to diminish the parallel and overlapping work of the Global South Anglican Fellowship (as it was then called). In particular, the development of an Anglican Communion Covenant, which was temporarily hijacked by the Communion establishment, has been revived by the Global South Fellowship in recent years.

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February 20 2023 By dvirtue THOUGHTS ON THE ASBURY AWAKENING - President Timothy Tennent

I have been reticent to write blogs, or make a lot of public statements about this outpouring at Asbury because it is always better to stand in awe of something than to talk about something. I have been in Hughes auditorium or Estes, or both, every day and night, and it is like stepping into a flowing spiritual river. You sense the presence and power of God working in people's lives.

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