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Falls Church reports abuse investigation into ex-youth leader

Falls Church reports abuse investigation into ex-youth leader

By Press Release
January 18, 2024995

Last fall, The Falls Church Anglican retained an outside independent entity to investigate credible reports of sexual abuse by an employee of the church from 1990-2002 who served as the youth director between 1990-1999.

The investigation is proceeding, and dozens of interviews have been conducted as we seek to understand the truth, despite the passage of time. If you have information, please contact the investigation team at confidentialFCA@islerdare.com

We have also reached out to law enforcement and stand ready to assist or support any processes that law enforcement may seek to pursue.

The leadership of The Falls Church Anglican is deeply grieved by this situation. We acknowledge that the type of conduct we are investigating can have long-lasting impact on those affected, and our goal is not only to bring forth the truth, but also to provide care for those affected. We realize nothing we say or do can change the past, but we pray that through the power of the Holy Spirit and by shining light into the darkness, healing will occur.

While we do not know the exact timeline, TFCA's rector hopes to provide an update to the congregation in February. Please contact specialcommittee@tfcanglican.org if you have questions about this matter.

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