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Africa Anglican Bishops Communique

Africa Anglican Bishops Communique

African Anglican women bishops, after a gathering in Kenya from 8-14 January, released a communique emphasizing the need for authentic women's leadership, and calling on the church to stop its silence on gender inequalities.

Ecumenical movement
16 January 2024

Church and Ecumenical Relations

Just Community of Women and Men

We, the Africa Anglican Women Bishops, in our inaugural 'Africa Anglican Sisters Journeying Together' gathering held at St. Julian's Retreat Centre, Limuru Kenya from Monday 8th to 14th January 2024 under the theme:

"African Anglican Women Bishops embarking on a journey of faith: defying conventions and leading with Grace"

Under the scriptural guidance of Proverbs 27:17, "As Iron sharpens iron so one person sharpens another", we humbly adopt the inspiring message of Archbishop Dr. Jackson Ole Sapit to us:

Women of faith shall continually be instruments of hope, transforming the world and offering thoughtful and practical leadership in various issues that affect society; Women of faith are placed at the core of progressive communities and their voices add valuable contributions to build a stronger Church;

The church must remain vocal in highlighting the reforming and transforming power women hold as agents of change.

Christianity is essentially a 'women's movement' and we are responsible for the growth of the church. We the six Africa Anglican Bishops offer the following reflections:

Re-defining the church

The church needs to acknowledge, encourage, empower, and commission lay people in the ministry of the church to reach all people in their spheres of influence; and promote wholesomeness.

Moral and ethical leadership

In our presentations this week, they highlighted the deficit of moral leadership in the church and we commit ourselves to embody, embrace, promote moral and ethical leadership.

Tripple threat of Gender-Based Violence, teenage pregnancies and HIV/AIDS

For far too long, the voice of the church has been silent on gender inequalities that have been worsened by endemic cases of gender-based violence (GBV), teenage pregnancies and HIV/AIDS. We note that the affected are our congregants who could be described as perpetrators and survivors of the aforementioned triple threats and demand of us to intervene.

Women Leadership empowerment

There is urgent need for authentic women's leadership, empowerment and mentoring. We are grateful to women and men who have been instrumental through prayer and synodical processes to make it possible for the election and consecration of women bishops in Africa. We commit ourselves to create opportunities of empowerment and mentorship for women and men in our dioceses who are discerning vocations.

Climate Justice

We remain well aware that our actions as human beings have impacted negatively to the climate. We commit ourselves and our dioceses to be good stewards of God's creation through our teaching, preaching and formation to decelerate the impact of climate disasters across Africa.


As Africa Anglican Bishops, we reaffirm our commitment to moral and ethical leadership as shepherds of all God's people. We look forward to collaborating with all Anglican Bishops, Clergy, and all people in their spheres of influence.

Lastly, "...up to this point the Lord has helped us"., I Samuel 7:12 (NLT)

Approved and signed by:

Rt. Rev. Dr. Emily Onyango
Diocese of Bondo, Kenya

Rt. Rev. Filomena Tete Estevão
Diocese of Bom Pasteur (The Good Shepherd), Angola

Rt. Rev. Elizabeth Awut
Diocese of Rumbek, South Sudan

Rt. Rev. Dr. Vicentia Kgabe
Diocese of Lesotho, Southern Africa

Rt. Rev. Rose Okeno
Diocese of Butere, Kenya

Rt. Rev. Dalcy Badeli Dlamini
Diocese of Eswatini, Southern Africa

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