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As Eye See It
November 28 2005 By virtueonline Battle rages, God winning - by Norman Henderson

The ABC's comments are also quite encouraging at:

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November 23 2005 By virtueonline LONDON: Fired Cleric Makes Case to Archbishop of Caterbury

This was written after he wrote to me threatening to remove my licence. I trust this enclosed letter speaks for itself. Naturally I am concerned that when he then wrote to me on 7 November a letter (copied to you and to others) revoking my licence, he made no attempt to answer any of the substantial points made in my letter of 3 November.

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November 22 2005 By virtueonline APA: Archbishop Grundorf Comments on the new Covenant Union with Nigeria

The Meeting was held during the week of December 5, 2005. Bishops Matthew Obadayo and Ikeche Nwosou from Nigeria represented the Primate and Bishops Ray Sutton and James West represented REC/APA. Both Bishop Riches and I thought it would be a good idea that we attend the meeting to meet these two men and be available as resource persons for our representative bodies.

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November 19 2005 By virtueonline Middle East Bishop distances himself from Primates letter to Williams

I attended the Global South Encounter in Egypt with some reluctance, but felt that it was appropriate to be there because the meeting was taking place in the Province of which I am President Bishop. I wished, further, to be supportive of my colleague, the Bishop in Egypt, who was the host of the Encounter.

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Church representatives call this a 'sensible compromise'. To many observers it looks like a mess aimed mainly at keeping sweet the Church's own matrimony of convenience.

That's fine if you think the Church is there mainly to give the state comfort and a religious gloss. But the true cost is a loss of integrity in witness and prophetic engagement, turning pastoral care into collusion.

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November 18 2005 By virtueonline REC: Theologian Comments on Nigerian Covenant with REC & APA

These meetings resulted in a unanimously agreed upon report with a covenant union document recommended for final approval by the House of Bishops of the Church of Nigeria, and the Council of Bishops and General Committees of the REC/APA. Having received ecclesial approval of the report/covenant, the Archbishop and Presiding Bishops were able to act with the support of their churches.

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November 17 2005 By virtueonline "Anglicans were Blind but now they see," Bishop Robinson Cavilcanti

I would like, from the deep of my heart, to than very much the organizers of this Congress for the invitation to be with you here, representing the Diocese of Recife, in this important and crucial moment for the life and for the future of the Anglican Communion, particularly in North-America. With this noble gesture from yours we feel loved and, we feel part of this expression as a family of God's people.

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November 16 2005 By virtueonline "Hope and a Future" at Pittsburgh - by Peter Toon

Yet the way ahead for this volunteer, enthusiastic army was not made wholly clear. The goal it is to reach, the route it is to take, the weapons it is to use, the polity it is to assume and the formularies (under the Word of God written) it is to adopt were left (deliberately?) vague or unmentioned. Why?

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November 16 2005 By virtueonline ARCHBISHOP SAYS NO TO SAME SEX BLESSINGS

NOTE: To read the entire article, use the following URL to jump to the Global South Anglican site.

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November 15 2005 By virtueonline Put Not Your Trust in Windsor - by Stephen Noll

So in October 2004, there was considerable anticipation that something decisive might come forth. The 93-page Report did present, on first reading, an indictment of the actions of the Episcopal Church USA and the Anglican Church of Canada. It called on those churches to "express regret" for their actions and to effect a "moratorium" on any further consecration of homosexuals or blessing of their partnerships.

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