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January 09 2005 By virtueonline The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience - by Ron Sider

Not surprisingly, the movement's numbers translated into political influence. And the renewal movement was so confident of its beliefs and claims that it persuaded the nation's top political leader to have the government work more closely with religious social service organizations to solve the nation's horrendous social problems. Members of the renewal movement knew that miraculous moral transformation of character frequently happened when broken persons embraced the great religion.

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January 09 2005 By virtueonline A Brief Analysis of the Windsor Report - by Walter Little

Section 2 of the Windsor Report quotes extensively from the Epistle to the Ephesians to conclude that, “The church, sharing in God's mission to the world through the fact of its corporate life, must live out that holiness which anticipates God's final rescue of the world from the powers and corruptions of evil.” The paragraph which follows, however, makes it clear that the call to corporate holiness of the Epistle to the Ephesians is not the subject of the report.

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January 07 2005 By virtueonline Three Things the Christian Must Do in 2005 - by David Carson

Only the mercy of God is keeping us from His righteous judgements.

Three things

In the Spirit one can be very hopeful about the future as we know that Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, has already made a public humiliation of all the powers of darkness. His kingdom will never end and He is coming again! But as 2005 dawns, humanly speaking, it seems difficult to be optimistic about what the New Year will hold for Canada and the world.

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January 05 2005 By virtueonline God and the Tsunami: From Death Comes Life - by David Roseberry

The Bible does not flinch in addressing the question of suffering. From Job to Jesus, the question of suffering, evil, the will of God, and the realities of life are at the forefront of the biblical witness. There is no single answer, but from a biblical perspective, bad things happen to good people for the same reason they happen to bad people: because we live in a thoroughly broken world.

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January 04 2005 By virtueonline Tsunami and the Gospel - by C. FitzSimons Allison

"Is He saying to us, as we watch scenes of such sudden and unimaginable suffering and death, that unless we repent we shall likewise perish? It is difficult to make sense of the text short of saying "yes" to this question. The key to the sustaining hope in these conditions is Thomas Cranmer's wisdom about repentance, what he called 'renewing the power to love'."

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January 04 2005 By virtueonline TSUNAMI: "We find our life with God"

No persons of “faith”, who have not themselves been a part of a social conflagration – now well-studied in recent memory, from World War II to Rwanda, with many human and “natural” disasters in between -- dare dismiss the depth of woundedness, sometimes unto mental death, that is bound up with going through and surviving these events.

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January 01 2005 By virtueonline Tsunami, Sovereignty, and Mercy - by John Piper

1. Satan is not ultimate, God is.

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December 31 2004 By virtueonline Causing traditional churches to grow - by Peter Toon

Importantly, the pendulum’s movement is indicating that for the first time in a long time the “evangelicals” are beginning to recognize that the basic and real purpose of “a service of worship” is simply to offer worship – as praise, thanksgiving, confession, petition and intercession, but chiefly praise – to the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ. Further, to see that all genuine ministry & mission flow from and surround such holy, God-centered, corporate worship.

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December 30 2004 By virtueonline KISSING JUDASES: How the Episcopal leaders have betrayed their own faith

This theme of correcting, improving, updating, reinterpreting, reinventing, and streamlining ideas about God emerged as a powerful and deliberate movement in the Christian church in the eighteenth century, in response to Enlightenment attacks on faith and Enlightenment views of progress.

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December 25 2004 By virtueonline The Post Windsor World of 815 - by Bill Atwood

That fall, the Archbishop of Canterbury called an emergency meeting of the Primates to deal with what the Episcopal Church had done. In their discussion it was made abundantly clear that the Anglican Communion would be “torn at its fabric” if ECUSA proceeded with the consecration of a bishop in a same-sex relationship. Even the Presiding Bishop of ECUSA signed the report, recognizing the gravity of the situation. He then went on to be the chief consecrator in New Hampshire.

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