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As Eye See It
January 10 2004 By virtueonline WESTERN NEW YORK: "You Have Your Opinion, You Will Not Change Mine"

Over and over Parishioners stood in the sanctuary to give their own personal faith statements and their opinions of their Bishop's decision at General Convention. Some mentioned that the many letters sent before General Convention appealing to the Bishop to carefully consider his vote had gone unanswered. The bishops reply was that he was too busy to answer these letters.

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January 06 2004 By virtueonline Layman writes Bishop Lee Regarding His Recent Actions

Much has happened in the life of the church since I shook
your hand at Olivet Episcopal Church's 150-year anniversary earlier in
2003. As part of our family's ministry to historic re-enactors (see ), Rev. Harper
had asked us to help with preparations and we were there in 1850
clothing (I have attached a photo from the event). I was touched when

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