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July 29 2005 By virtueonline The Coming Church War in Ecclesiastical Courts - by Brad Drell

Chess pieces are being moved on the periphery of the board, and we had better be watching. Be sure to let conservative deputations to general convention and bishops know what is going on.

I had a few choice things to say about it on the HOBD listserv:

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July 27 2005 By virtueonline A Burglary at an Episcopal Church in Connecticut? - By Raymond Dague

I do not know what the legal situation is with St. John's Church, but most Episcopal Churches in New York are religious corporations which are independent of the diocese. They may be a member of the diocese, but as religious corporations they have independent legal existence. If a bishop here did what Bishop Smith did in Connecticut - seize a parish without any civil court proceedings - he would face something more serious than violating his own church canons in wrongly deposing a priest.

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July 27 2005 By virtueonline Bishops in the mire - by Ruth Gledhill

* Its pronouncement on "gay marriage", in response to the 2004 Civil Partnerships Act which comes into force in December, states that clergy can register their partnerships as long as they pledge chastity.

The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement - which reckons that more than 750 partnerships could involve one or more gay clergymen or women - has condemned the bishops' statement as consistent with the Church's "double dealing, duplicity and disregard for decency".

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July 26 2005 By virtueonline Master of the House, Keeper of the Zoo - by Michael Carreker

The inhibition of Fr. Hansen means that he is suspended from acting as a priest for six months unless the reasons for the inhibition can be cleared up before then. If at the end of six months, the bishop concludes that the inhibition was justified, he proceeds with formal deposition and removes the priest from the ministry.

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July 26 2005 By virtueonline To Set Our Hope on Christ: ECUSA's Hermeneutical Shift - by George N. Gray, Jr.,

The traditional interpretation of the hermeneutical principle of truth, meaning the ultimate reality or conformity to fact, has been under assault for much of the twentieth century. Western culture has increasingly conformed the traditional principle of truth to the principle of relativism. ECUSA began such a cultural transition in earnest during the turbulent 1960's. It is essential for all readers to understand that ECUSA' s To Set Our Hope on Christ fully adopts this new cultural reality.

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July 23 2005 By virtueonline CONNECTICUT: To Bishop Smith: 'You sir are a hypocrite'

Hypocrisy: Entitling your Bishop's Column from the April-May edition of Good News: "Life! . . . Together" and then proceeding to tear St. John's apart;

Hypocrisy: stating that marriage is between one man and one woman and then advocating the blessing of same-sex unions and installing as "priest-in-charge" a woman who openly advocates same-sex unions.

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July 22 2005 By virtueonline FLIPPING THE ANGLICAN BIRD - by Christopher S. Johnson

Bishop Smith Bishop inhibited the Rev Mark Hansen, rector of St John's, Bristol, Connecticut, for failing to abide by the diocese's sabbatical guidelines -- and by doing so, the diocese claims, pastorally neglecting his congregation.

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July 21 2005 By virtueonline PLANO RECTOR TO BISHOP SMITH: "Surely there is another way..."

This is the way people should behave ... especially if they are leaders in the church! Paul says in Galatians 6:10 "Therefore, as we have the opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers."

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July 21 2005 By virtueonline What holds the Anglican Communion together? - by Bishop Jack Iker

2. The Lambeth Conference - This is the gathering of all Anglican Bishops that takes place once every 10 years, convened by the Archbishop of Canterbury. He decides who is to be invited. Usually, it has been all diocesan bishops in good standing in the Communion who are asked to attend, but in 1998 the invitation also went to all suffragan and assisting bishops. No decision has been made for the 2008 Conference.

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July 21 2005 By virtueonline The First Sunday of the Thieves - by Anonymous

Friends of the bishop came - they know the game - bump up the numbers - people like the former dean of the cathedral. The media didn't look at all the suits milling around.

Right off, anyone from St. John's would know, 'cause our family doesn't generally wear suits, we're more casual than that. They never asked the questions. If they had they would have known.

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