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July 02 2005 By virtueonline A statement on the meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council

At its meeting this spring, the Council of General Synod considered the request contained in the communiqué issued last February by the Primates of the Anglican Communion that the Anglican Church of Canada "voluntarily withdraw" its members from this meeting of the ACC. After considerable debate, CoGS decided that we should send our three members to the meeting, but that they should not participate in the proceedings. According, Bishop Sue Moxley, Rev.

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June 29 2005 By virtueonline JERUSALEM: Reawakening The Teachings of Contempt

Despite repeated assertions that they have removed all traces of anti-Semitism from their theology, the leadership of mainline Protestant denominations in the US have helped breathe new life into the teachings of contempt for Jews in their indiscriminate support for Palestinian theologians such as Naim Ateek, a former Anglican canon who serves as president of the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center.

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June 29 2005 By virtueonline A church that seems beyond healing - by Muriel Porter

By the barest of majorities, the triennial meeting of the international Anglican Consultative Council, which ended yesterday in Nottingham, England, has effectively banished the Americans and Canadians over their support of same-sex unions and gay clergy. Ironically, the harsh decision was only possible because the North Americans had voluntarily removed themselves from the vote.

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June 28 2005 By virtueonline The Anglicans lose their way - by Melanie Phillips

The document uncritically reproduced the Arab propaganda version of Israel's history and the present circumstances of the Middle East conflict, presenting the Arab perpetrators of genocidal mass murder as victims and their real victims as oppressors merely for trying to defend themselves.

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June 27 2005 By virtueonline To Set our Hope on Christ: "It Stinks," says orthodox ECUSA theologian

While noting the concern about conservatives not being politically savvy or involved, may I humbly suggest that many of us need to begin looking to the future rather than fighting rearguard actions. Conservatives inside the Episcopal Church need to be tough in upcoming political and legal battles, but honestly there is no point in further theological "dialogue."

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Fertile ground for damaging a rival denomination.

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June 22 2005 By virtueonline NOTTINGHAM: Presidential Address at ACC-13 - by Archbishop Rown Williams

This week it will be of the greatest importance that we remember to ask, whenever we say anything, whether we are doing more than talking to ourselves - and to ask what will be heard in what we say here and how far it helps or hinders the communicating of the gospel of Jesus.

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June 19 2005 By virtueonline John Sentamu: Judge who fled Amin becomes first black archbishop in C of E

The appointment of a cleric who has spent years campaigning for better representation of ethnic minorities in the church will delight the millions of Anglicans in Africa. Only 92 of 11,000 clergy in the Church of England are from ethnic minorities.

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June 16 2005 By virtueonline CANADA: Anglican evangelist and author Marney Patterson quits church

When General Synod passed the motion to "affirm the integrity and sanctity of committed adult same sex relationships" it, thereby, clearly, extended to all those who did not, and could not, agree with that motion to do one of two things namely: (1) to accept the motion as a true expression of the will of the church, and to support it in putting into effect both the letter and the spirit of the motion, or (2) those who could not support the motion were invited to live with it within the church

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June 15 2005 By virtueonline A Communion On The Edge - by Auburn Traycik

And if the liberals were rocked by what was widely seen as another blow to their liberal revisionist cause--the election of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as the new Pope--they are hiding it well.

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